-Dangerous Keepings-

Hello, hello! Thanks to all the great readers I had for my first story “Personal Affairs” I decided to write another Cars fic. This one revolves around Holley and Finn and is set just over a year after Cars 2. Holley has already discovered feelings for Finn but she is nervous about it and the fact that they are co-workers only complicates things. You may be wondering how this will be different from my previous work. Well, I have extended the chapter lengths (although there will be fewer), added more action and have titled my chapters this time. So, whether you’ve read my work or not I really hope you’ll give this one a read and see what you think! :slight_smile:



“I’d like to thank you, Miss Shiftwell,” said Finn in his refined and audacious voice.

“For what?” Holley inquired politely.

“For accompanying me on a dinner outing, it was quite splendid,” he replied.

Holley smiled bashfully and bit back a giggle. She’d become accustomed to her partner’s eloquent behaviour over time, but she wondered if he’d ever heard the phrase ‘chivalry is dead’. Well, even if he had, it probably took no effect on him. He held things like manners, proper etiquette and treating every female like a lady very high in his beliefs.

And it humoured her that he referred to their restaurant visit as a ‘dinner outing’. Why didn’t he come out and say it? After all, a ‘private business meeting’ that was spent swapping stories, sharing laughter and speaking of everything not business related was better classified as a date.

Her smile grew at the thought. A date…with Finn McMissile. Or at least she thought of it as a date. Just like she pretended they were more than co-workers. It was getting hard to remember the time when she used to work alongside him and didn’t feel butterflies in her tank.

Ever since cracking the Allinol case, she’d returned on several occasions with him to Radiator Springs to meet with Mater. She’d given the tow truck his promised date but it was quickly found between the two of them that they could be no more than friends. Mater was a friendly guy but obviously was happier as a bachelor. She wanted a steady relationship but there was no way of forcing feelings that didn’t exist.

Holley was disappointed that they’d fallen through but took it upon herself to contact Mater’s long-lost lover, Doreen. While it was a running joke with the town that Holley was his girlfriend, they all knew (except the little blue forklift that didn’t seem to understand English as well) that Mater had better eyes for Doreen. She lived out of town but frequently stopped in to stir up romance with him again, and Holley didn’t know anything more adorable than the pair of them.

That left her alone though. Holley was 25 and was yet to find a suitable match for herself. While she firmly believed in finding love at any age, it didn’t keep away the nagging in her heart. She saw so many happy couples at every turn and she desired to feel like them, to have an intimate relationship of her own.

It was late October and they were making their way through the chilling streets of England together, Holley watched admiringly at the grace and ease in Finn’s every move. You would never guess how old he was, for age had no power over him. His greenish-grey eyes were so alert and intelligent that she found it difficult to look into them more than a few seconds for fear that he could see right through her. An endless amount of cars had asked her what the hardest part of her job was, and she wished she could tell them the truth; having a crush on your super-spy colleague.

She sighed with exasperation. Finn said friendships were tricky in their line of work, but love was even worse. There was nothing she could do; she’d just have to live with her feelings for him. Until she found a way to tell him she’d just continue dreaming that he was hers. Someday she’d call him ‘Finny’…outside of her mind that was.

Not much longer they reached their residence. It had been just over a year since they’d become permanent partners, and they were each given condos in a high-profile building reserved for spies like themselves and well-known celebrities.

They rode the elevator to one of the upper-most levels and Finn escorted her down the hall to her room. It was only a few doors down from his room, but Finn never failed to be a gentlecar.

“Dinner was lovely, Finn.”

“Indeed, it was. I bid you a goodnight then, Miss Shiftwell.”

“You know, you could call me Holley,” she offered.

He paused a moment before saying, “Yes…I suppose I could…”

“But you won’t, will you?” Holley asked knowingly.

Finn met her eyes with slight alarm, “Ah, you’ve caught my rue. It’s just…it wouldn’t feel so out of place and-.”

“Oh, you little devil,” Holley teased, “You don’t have to explain yourself to me, I understand. It was only a thought.”

Finn smiled weakly, “Well, it would be most unprofessional of me to do so.”

His comment hurt to hear but she nodded and said shortly, “Of course. Goodnight, Finn.”

He flashed a brief grin and said, “Goodnight,” before driving towards his room.

If he thought that was wrong, oh, how unprofessional it would be for him to find out his co-worker was madly in love with him…

Inside her room Holley immediately headed for her computer. Finn and she had only been receiving minor missions lately and she was hoping for an alert from headquarters giving them a bigger case. Instead she found a pending request from Radiator Springs. She accepted and watched as the computer’s web cam initiated. An image appeared on the screen and she could see Sally Carrera looking back at her.

“Sally?” Holley asked, squinting to get a better view of the digital picture. Sally had to be on her personal computer, most likely in her and McQueen’s house. The room around her was very dark and Holley could see that all the curtains had been drawn.

“Holley! Yeah, it’s me!” Sally greeted. Her voice was pleasant but Holley couldn’t help noticing a hint of desperation behind it.

“Where are you? Is everything alright?” Holley enquired with worry.

“Well, I need to ask you a favour. McQueen’s being a little paranoid so he thought maybe I should ask you from our house instead of the lobby. He’s worried somebody might overhear. It’s just that…there are some shady looking cars hanging around town. They’ve been here for a few days actually. Sheriff can’t don’t anything about it though, I mean, they haven’t caused any problems. They just sort of loiter about,” Sally explained carefully.

“What do they look like? Is it the lemons?”

“No, no…it’s a group of black and grey Audis. Nobody knows them, and we haven’t heard them talk much. They’re civil enough, but after that whole shenanigan at the Grand Prix we’re a bit concerned about Mater’s safety. We don’t know what they’re doing here and their sketchy behaviour makes us think they’re out for him. McQueen hardly lets me leave the house anymore and he spends all his time following Mater like a hitched trailer.”

Holley nodded gently, “Do you want Finn and I to come check it out?”

“Well, if you guys wouldn’t mind. Or at least just scare them out of town. We don’t know what else to do,” Sally said timidly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let Finn know and we’ll get over there as quick as we can,” she reassured the Porsche.

“Thanks so much, Holley. We would really appreciate that. Don’t drop whatever you’re doing though, we can hold out if-.”

“It’s fine, Sally. In fact, I’d love a case outside of London for a change,” Holley admitted.

“OK, thanks again. I’ll talk to you soon!” Sally smiled with relief.

“Bye for now,” Holley said as she watched Sally’s tire extend forward for the keyboard to end the web conversation.

However, Sally unknowingly missed the button and Holley could still see her every move. She observed Sally reverse further back into the room and vaguely heard a familiar voice. She could see McQueen enter the picture and heard him speak softly to his long-time girlfriend.

“Yeah, Holley said she’d come by with Finn,” Sally answered him in a soothing tone.

Holley continued to watch the pair and listened while McQueen replied in a hushed voice, “Sally…I’m scared. What if something happens to Mater? What if they’re out for you? With Doc already gone…I don’t think I could live without either of you!”

“Oh, Stickers! Shhh, everything will be OK, I swear,” Sally cooed, kissing him lightly on the fender. She promised him, but Holley could hear the uneasiness in her voice. Sally had almost lost McQueen in the Grand Prix and she knew the wrenching feeling he had all too well. How she could sit back and watch her loved one continue to charge across tracks at over 200mph still stunned Holley. No different than watching your secret lover swerve through flying bullets, she figured.

Holley promptly turned off the computer and moved to stare out the window. The Radiator Springs populace were proud and brave cars. But brave cars they were, they hid behind masks, shadowing their fear. She knew there was no time to wait.

First chapter, not always that exciting. I hope it was enough to get you interested though. Oh, and of course there will be some [i]minor[/i] Sally/McQueen. Please let me know if you want to read more! Thanks!

Nice first chapter! I’m very interested to see what’s going on with Mater. I’m actually quite supprised to see Holley is 25. She kind of felt a bit younger to me.

Oooh,suspense but I can expect that from you… :stuck_out_tongue: 8D One thing that kinda bothers me though, the Sally calling Lightning “McQueen” thing,but other than that,Awsome!! :slight_smile:

I nearly cheered out loud when I saw that you’d posted the first chapter. Reading it didn’t disappoint me either; so far it’s as good as Personal Affairs. I can hardly wait to read more! :smiley:

Really good. I am excited to see what happens next. :smiley:

You posted this faster than I thought you would! You just keep rolling, don’t you? :wink: I never do well reviewing first chapters but so far, so great! I was really interested in seeing how you would write Holley and Finn’s characters and I think you write them really well; especially Finn and his extreme suaveness and eloquent British language. :laughing: I noticed two or three grammar/spelling mistakes but no need on picking you out on those, it happens. I also like how Mater is now with Doreen, that’s so cute and is like a big flashback sort of shout-out to the first Cars.

“…for age had no power over him.”

“…friendships were tricky in their line of work, but love was even worse.”

^^^ I see the dearly loved (by me, at least) creative phrases are back! I’m serious, I wish I could have a little book filled with all these little things you write. <3

I’m excited to see who these Audis (nice car choice, by the way. I love those cars.) are and how they fit in this story and to…just read more! Hahahaha. 8D I have a feeling this will be full of awesome suspense and action and I have no doubt that it will not dissapoint! :smiley:

Wow! Thanks so much everyone! I wasn’t expecting so many comments this early, but your support is amazing! Ballboi: Yeah, I think it sounds a bit high but I don’t think going through spy-school would be anything quick, so I thought she would be of an older age. CarsLuver: Yes, I know you don’t like that but I have never imagined her calling him ‘Stickers’ every single time. Sounds a bit too mushy for her. SallyMcQueen: Thank you so much. I noticed after the few grammar errors, so my apologies that I didn’t clean those up. :blush: I’m thrilled that you think I captured Finn’s personality, honestly I was quite nervous about whether I had done him justice or not. And your comment about my creative phrase, :smiley: I’m really flattered, so thank you! On to the next chapter now! (Oh, and if I didn’t address you personally it is simply because I had no other response to your comment besides ‘thank you’)


Holley didn’t stop to think, she sprang into action. ‘Look before you leap’ Finn always told her, for that seemed to be her greatest fault. He was right, but that didn’t stop her from bolting down the hall and knocking on his door at nearly midnight.

Finn had not yet retired to bed and opened the door quickly to be met with his panting partner.

“Miss Shiftwell? What are you doing here at such a late hour?” he puzzled.

“It’s important, Finn. Please, may I?”

“Oh, yes, come in!” Finn reversed to allow her into the room and waited until the door clicked shut to speak. “What is it?”

“Do you remember Sally?” Holley asked?

He thought a moment, “Miss Carrera? Yes, I do, I never forget a face.”

“Well, she called me a short while ago. Something strange is going on in Radiator Springs. She said a group of suspicious Audis showed up last week. They’re a bit worried that these cars are out for Mater. So, I told her that we’d swing by and check it out. I think we should leave right now, there isn’t time to waste,” Holley explained in a rush.

“Now, Miss Shiftwell, hold it right there. I understand that Sir Mater is a good friend of yours but that doesn’t mean we can just take off like that,” his voice was gentle but his words stood firm.

“Finn! That’s just it; we have to make exceptions for friends! I know you don’t believe in friendship as a spy, but we just have to go!” Holley pleaded boldly against the elder car.

“I never said friendship was impossible…simply dangerous.” But as he said it he thought about one of his best friends; Leland Turbo. Oh, what he would have given to have been there to defend his now deceased friend! He could still remember in excruciating detail the red cube which had once been a living car.

He looked into Holley’s eyes, jade tinted in the fluorescent lightning and begging for his approval. He didn’t like to get caught up in emotions, but the feeling she was radiating broke him down.

“Alright then, we’ll leave immediately.”

“Oh, thank you, Finn! Come, let’s go then,” Holley said turning swiftly towards the door.

“Miss Shiftwell! Where are you going?” Finn demanded causing her to halt with confusion.

“I thought-?”

“No, we can’t take the door. They’ve got cameras out there you know, and seeing us sneak out this late will raise attention.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a wanted car, Miss Shiftwell. Ever since Leland was killed that put me next on the chopping block,” he said in a way that made it sound much less serious of a fact than it really was. As if driving around with an invisible target on your back happened to everyone.

“Finn…surely you can’t mean that,” Holley said in denial, though she knew Finn was never one to tell her anything but the truth.

“Don’t act like you’ve been oblivious to the notion. I most certainly mean it! It’s not that I didn’t see it coming either; in fact, I should be honoured to have the title. I suppose that means I’m mighty good at my job now doesn’t it? No matter though, it just makes for more precautions.”

Holley was quiet for a second while Finn’s words settled with her. She’d never taken the time to really think about the constant potential danger Finn was in. He was one of, if not the top British agent that C.H.R.O.M.E. had. It had never crossed her mind that Finn McMissile was anything less than invincible.

“How do you propose we exit then?” Holley finally questioned him. She wasn’t going to wait until morning, so he’d better have an alternate plan.

“By golly, I thought you were more imaginative than that. We’ll take the back balcony.”

Holley fluttered her eyes with embarrassment, “Oh…yes.”

Finn flicked on his headlights and turned out the room’s lights as Holley did the same. Once the room was dark he opened the sliding doors that led onto the balcony, allowing a cold draft to enter the room. Holley shivered while she waited for Finn to connect his grapple hook to the open balcony’s edge.

“Now, get on my back,” he ordered when it was secured tightly.

Holley’s heart skipped a beat as she stuttered, “W-what?”

“I assure you, Miss Shiftwell, I can carry your weight.”

“N-no,” she stammered again, “I can just fly down.”

“Nonsense! It isn’t that far and somebody would hear you,” Finn said matter-of-factly.

Holley gulped with nervousness and fought to keep the rising excitement and tension at bay. She hadn’t made physical contact with him except for the odd brush through the crowded streets of London. The thought of being so close to him made her anxious but also thrilled.

Finn laughed lightly and Holley’s heart stopped for a minute, “I thought you wanted to leave? Don’t hesitate anymore will you?”

Holley bobbed her head vigorously and slowly heaved herself onto her partner’s back, praying that her tires weren’t shaking. She waited to hear the older car moan from the pressure of her weight, but when he didn’t she gently sank down on her tires to rest more comfortably. Finn inched carefully to the edge of the platform and rolled off it to begin their descent. Holley looked up to watch the thick wire extend as they lowered further down the building. Her heart pounded so loudly she feared Finn would feel it through her undercarriage.

As soon as Finn’s tires hit the ground she climbed off in a hurry. Finn retracted the grapple and turned to face his flustered partner. This wasn’t the first time Holley had acted out of character around him in the past few months. It seemed to be happening more and more often, and a sneaking feeling was overcoming him. Could it be that she was attracted to him like he suspected? No, he wouldn’t dare think about that, despite wanting to.

“Everything OK, Miss-?” he started to prod.

“I wish you would stop asking me that! I am quite fine, thank you,” Holley said sharply.

“Well, if you say so. It’s just, for a moment I would think you looked almost…embarrassed.”

“Now what on Earth would I be embarrassed about?” she said hotly in attempt to cover her rising fear of having her secret revealed.

“Precisely what I would like to know…” Finn replied coolly ignoring the tension of her voice.

Holley frowned, “Oh, enough of this! I wouldn’t think you a car to dawdle on such silly things.”

Finn smiled slyly and answered in a tone that practically dripped with charm, “I am not making assumptions, my dear. I am merely being observant.”

She shot and annoyed look on him and huffed. How he could mess with her mind sometimes! “Finn, please, do let us carry on before daylight breaks.”

He was silent for a minute; he was observing her, no doubt. Her heart continued to thud as she wondered whether he was picking up on her inner feelings. But if he did see it, he didn’t bring it up but simply said, “Very well, I’ll call Siddeley.”

I think the spelling is all good in this one! Now, those of you who know me may have taken the part where she climbed onto his back to sound suggestive (since I tend to weave innuendos in at any chance  :sunglasses: ) but it was NOT meant to sound that way at all! This story is only rated K+ which basically means it only contains very mild language and violence. Now that I have that all cleared up, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I look forward to any comments you may have! Thanks for reading!

Great chapter MissCarrera! Loved the entire Finn and Holley conversation that went on. Very interested in seeing what goes on in Chapter 3 with Mater.

Thanks! I actually wrote this chapter before I wrote any other chapter. It was my inspiration/starting point I guess you could say. :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, Mater will be in the next chapter.

Great Chapter! My favorite part was when Holley convinces Finn to investigate Radiator Springs.

I liked this chapter, MC! :slight_smile: It was really entertaining and I can see the story start to take shape of it’s own now.

I like how Finn says “Miss Carrera?”- I immediately thought "Ha, that’s her username! That’s funny righ’ der. :laughing: " I actually forgot to mention this in your first chapter but I like how Sally is now interacting with the spies as I think she eventually would, especially with Holley. But of course, we didn’t get to see that in the movie so I think it’s pretty neat.

I think Finn mulling over Leland as a way of him making exceptions for friends was brilliant. When he says that line, “Friendships are dangerous…” in the movie, I always immediately thought of his apparent friendship with Mr. Turbo. What’s brilliant also is with what happened to Leland leaving Finn as the next target, I never thought of that but it does make perfect sense.

Hahahaha, I know you try to weasel in innuendos every chance you get so when I got to that part, I was like “What?! She didn’t warn me of this! Do I dare read more…? :open_mouth: timidly scrolls down8D But I see now that it was not meant to be suggestive, I can still see Holley getting flustered about it. So, Finn does notice Holley’s behavior and suspects she likes him. That was one of the things I was looking for in this chapter, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he has feelings back, no? :wink:

My last note: Are you sure you’re not British?! Or have a lot of British friends? Watch British TV, maybe? Because Finn and Holley’s English language and mannerism is just so spot-on. I don’t even have to try and imagine the accent, it just comes naturally with their dialogue. For instance, “Oh, enough of this! I wouldn’t think you a car to dawdle on such silly things.”. Only a Brit would say that. 8D So, I just wanted to let you know that I noticed that and wanted to applaud you for it.

I’m really excited to see what happens when they arrive in Radiator Springs and overall, now that I’ve seen what you can do as a writer, I’m so looking forward to see where you take this story! Update soon! :slight_smile:

MissCarrera: She could call him “Lightning”…

pixarmilan: You are a new reader of mine so thanks so much for your reviews so far!
SallyMcQueen: The bit where I wrote ‘Miss Carrera’ was actually on purpose. Since I did that in my last story (not on purpose) I thought it would be cool to do it again. 8D That is hilarious that you were expecting something provocative! LOL! Yes, I would warn you, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t wanna read it. :wink: As for your question about me being British…I am not! My only background is Canadian and French. I love British accents but I do not watch British shows, I have read 3 books with British characters and I have one British pen-pal. Other than that I do not indulge in British ways or anything else. I’m really thrilled that you think I’ve got that part down though because it was a bit of a challenge. I have only gotten one British phrase (which I use in this chapter) from my pen-pal, other than that I make it up myself. :stuck_out_tongue:
CarsLuver: Oh, well, most people call him by his surname but I guess it is a personal preference.

On to the chapter though! And I lied, Mater is not in this chapter, sorry!


“That’s everything, you’re all set to go!” a young, royal blue Mazda said from behind his giant computer screen. Duncan Grafferson was his name and he worked much like a secretary for C.H.R.O.M.E. After calling Siddeley, Holley and Finn had arrived at the coveted headquarters to inform Duncan of their departure. He handled the tedious job of entering their location and other necessary information into the intricate master system.

“Thanks so much, Duncan. We shouldn’t be gone anymore than a couple of weeks I hope,” Holley estimated.

“Sure thing. You take care, Holley,” Duncan said giving her his best smile.

Holley was a budding female and there was nothing to complain about when it came to her appearance. Graduating top of her class, she obviously had the brains to match her sleek body as well. What male wouldn’t try to impress a girl like that?

“I appreciate it but you seem to be forgetting that I have Finn McMissile by my side,” Holley reminded him as she cast her eyes almost adoringly upon her partner.

Finn stirred as Holley’s comment and muttered something about being flattered.

Go on, bask in it you old bloke. Don’t forget you’ll be dead long before me though, Duncan thought jealously.

Finn could see the young car was agitated and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it. “I believe Siddeley is waiting for us already, shall we go?”

Holley’s eyes flashed back to attentiveness when he spoke and she responded eagerly, “Oh, yes. Speak soon, Duncan!”

Duncan shot Finn another threatening and dirty look before smiling grandly again, “Have a good flight. Goodbye, Holley.”

Holley called one last goodbye before driving away with Finn into the distance. Duncan grumbled to himself with distaste. Finn McMissile, if his name didn’t belong to C.H.R.O.M.E. he’d hate the guy.

Holley and Finn boarded Siddeley from C.H.R.O.M.E.’s private jet runway as always. Siddeley was a fine fellow but he didn’t talk much during flights since his focus was set on the sky. Once they became comfortable aboard the aircraft Finn decided to strike up conversation first.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say that Duncan may very well fancy you,” he said smoothly.

“Ha! Finn, don’t be preposterous,” Holley shot back.

“Don’t you think so?”

“No, I don’t. Why, Duncan doesn’t treat me any different that you do,” she reasoned.

Finn’s lips tightened to an indefinite, hidden smirk as he said, “Ah, indeed, he doesn’t treat you any different than I.”

“Exactly, I’m glad you can see my point,” she returned.

Oh, I see alright. I see that you’re as blind as a car without headlights when it comes to romance, aren’t you? Finn found himself thinking, He knew Holley was a bright girl, but she was book-smart and still had much to learn about the opposite gender. He was willing to teach her, but first she needed to learn that he wooed her through implications, not blatant actions.

Who was he kidding though? He was more than ten years older than her! And it wasn’t right for him to have an affectionate desire for his co-worker! While being partners made dropping subtle hints a lot easier, it didn’t make fore the simplest dating scenario.

At last he found the courage to ask her what he’d wondered time a many, “Miss Shiftwell…how is it that a female of your class and breeding is still single?”

Holley’s eyes smarted and she didn’t meet his gaze, “It just hasn’t worked out I suppose. There isn’t much time with my occupation either.”

“You’re a very attractive lady though, I’m sure you could catch any boy of your liking if you tried,” Finn said quietly.

Holley didn’t flinch or react in any way to his comment. She stared thoughtfully at the carpeted flooring before answering him, “Well, thank you. And I have tried. Perhaps not hard enough I guess. But…but…Finn, would you shame me for saying something a bit…whimsical?”

“I would never shun you for speaking a word.”

“Well, after Mater and I…broke up, if you will, I spoke with Sally and Flo. I was feeling pretty disappointed in my ability to hold a relationship but the told me something truly comforting. They said; you can find love yourself, but only true love can find you. So, I don’t look anymore. I hold onto whatever romantic feelings I get and hope that I’ve found the right one.”

She couldn’t believe she had just told him all that. Yes, they were close, but here she was pouring her heart out to him. Finn just made things so easy to talk about. Her eyes shifted over to where he was parked and found that he was beaming happily at her.

Finn felt moved by her words. He’d been through his share of heart-breaks and he could only hope that he’d have someone by his side when he was through with being a field agent. He watched Holley flutter her eyes in that way he found most irresistible. He hoped that somebody could be her, just maybe. He bore his eyes deep into hers and in his genteel manner told her softly, “That is an excellent theory to live by, Miss Shiftwell. I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for one day.”

The phrase I used from my friend was 'speak soon'. She always used to say that instead of 'talk to you later' or 'see you soon' and I just thought it was the cutest thing.  :stuck_out_tongue:  Hopefully this was a good chapter but I promise the next one will be more exciting.

Seemed kind of short but I liked it! It’s alright that you didn’t put Mater in there. I’m gonna guess that Duncan is a new secret agent who is going to join forces with Finn and Holley.

Yeah, it was a bit shorter than the rest. Thanks for sharing your guess as well! :smiley:

This was quite a good chapter! I loved the scene with Duncan. And then how Holley is oblivious of Duncan fancying her. Looking forward for the next chapter. :smiley:

8D Duncan is coming off as a bit of a hit, eh? Well, thank you very much!

[quote="MissCarrera":1rv0ybmg]Yes, I would warn you, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t wanna read it. :wink: [/quote:1rv0ybmg]

Ahhh, you got me. :wink: As for the British thing, well jeez! You’re just a natural. Every chapter is just full of this way of speaking and I love it. It’s going to blow me away every time, I swear. :shock:

Awww, Holley and Finn didn’t get to R. Springs yet! :-( But this chapter was really good story-wise! I like this Duncan guy and his infatuation with Holley. I can definitely picture this nerdy little Mazda all googly-eyed for Holley and all jellin’ (Told you I would start using it! :wink:) of Finn. It’s so cute the fact that she doesn’t even notice. :roll:

"[i:1rv0ybmg]Go on, bask in it you old bloke. Don’t forget you’ll be dead long before me though,[/i:1rv0ybmg] Duncan thought jealously."

Bahahahahahaha, ^^^ made me laugh so hard. 8D

"Speak soon!" sounds like the cutest thing ever, I’m going to start saying that now. (Like what happened with jellin’. :wink:)

I like the fact that Holley is kind of oblivious to the opposite gender, she actually seems like the type of girl who would be like that and it adds sort of a different view on her character, maybe even more realistic.

So, Finn [i:1rv0ybmg]does[/i:1rv0ybmg] have feelings for Holley too! Yay, now we know! :D But of course, Finn being Finn, he’s going to have an internal battle with himself over his feelings and deny them, etc. :-\ I’m really interested in seeing how they express their feelings for each other but that’s kind of way down the road.

[i:1rv0ybmg]They said; you can find love yourself, but only true love can find you.[/i:1rv0ybmg]

I never heard ^^^ before, I really like it. I mean, it’s true for one thing. I can’t wait to see Holley and Finn back in R. Springs and what’s going on with these mysterious Audis, update soon! :D

Hahaha! Oh, he be jellin’ alright! 8D And I’m happy that you liked that quote of mine (about true love) I thought it was quite meaningful myself. Next chapter is here!


The trip from England to Arizona was a long one, so both Finn and Holley spent due enough time sleeping. There was a good amount of time lag between their departure and destination so it was around late evening when they finally touched down. Arriving back in Radiator Springs for the first time in months, they were shocked to find the town looking desolate. A few tourists hummed about on the main strip but the Southern town seemed lack-lustre, and deprived of its liveliness.

They were soon greeted by McQueen and Mater, the only residents who appeared to roam freely. McQueen looked greatly relieved to find the two spies while Mater was ecstatic at the unexpected visit.

“Miss Holley! McQueen ain’t told me that you two was comin’!”

Holley smiled at his cheerfulness but couldn’t help noticing how the other townsfolk hovered quietly from behind their shops. “It is excellent to see you again too!”

“Holley, why don’t you hang out with Mater for a little while? Finn, you can come over to the house if you like,” McQueen said casually, hoping that she would catch his intent.

Holley nodded at his suggestion and as they parted she whispered quickly, “I’ll keep my eyes peeled.”

After an hour or so, Holley burst into the McQueen household breathing heavily.

Sally approached her side and asked with concern, “Are you alright, Holley?”

Holley slowed her breathing and listened while McQueen laughed and took the words from her mouth, “Mater sure can tire a car out!”

Finn joined in with a chuckle knowing that McQueen was right. There wasn’t much that could easily wind Holley, but that tow truck did it every time.

When she could speak again, Holley asked, “Well, should we get back to business then?”

“Did you spot any of them out there, Miss Shiftwell?”

She shook her hood, “No. Do you guys have any idea where they are staying?”

Finn’s lips turned down, “Miss Carrera and I were just discussing that actually…”

“They haven’t checked into the motel and no one knows where they go at night,” Sally finished his train of thought.

“M-hmm…And McQueen, you’re out of the house more than Sally, how many would you say are in their clan?”

“I really don’t know…maybe five? They all look so similar it’s hard to tall. They hang out all over the place but they don’t say a word.”

Holley took in this new information and concluded, “I guess we’ll have to try having a search for their sleeping quarters tomorrow when they’re out.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Finn agreed.

Sally and McQueen, who were simply happy for the presence of their spy friends, didn’t object to the idea either.

“Well, I haven’t been out of the house for quite some time. How would you two feel about joining McQueen and I for a drink or two at Wheel Well?” Sally prompted politely.

Unsure of what Finn would think of the idea, Holley decided to let him answer. To her surprise, he accepted gracefully with a, “We’d love to.”

Up at Wheel Well the two couples shared a table close to the cliff’s edge with a beautiful view. The sun had disappeared soon after their arrival and now the only light came from the bar area and the warm flames of the table centerpiece candles. This was where Holley had spent her first date with Mater, and to be parked close to Finn this time felt awkward. But it was a good awkward, one she could get used to.

The four cars were lost in a deep conversation when their date was disturbed. All of a sudden, Holley heard murderous screams from the bar followed by the sound of shattering glass. She jerked with alarm from the table to get a better view. In the darkness she could see the flooding of cars from the bar amidst numerous, yelling voices and high-pitched female wails.

Holley’s gun dropped out from her front tire and she crawled forward with curiosity. Something was going on, but she didn’t know what to expect. She watched in shock as a group of stocky black Audis emerged from the bar and heard crackling from within. Before she could think the entire bar was ablaze and the fire began leaping towards nearby tables.

She moved closer to fire her gun but the Audis had already slipped away into the mob of hysterical cars trying to escape from the growing flames. Cars pushed viciously around her from all sides but she managed to spin back around to face her table. Through the black air she caught glimpse of Sally and McQueen clinging fearfully to each other. She searched desperately for Finn but didn’t find his face anywhere. She would just have to fend for herself right now.

With not even enough time to plan her next move, there came a loud whooshing sound above the roaring fire. Whipping around to her right she peered up into the starry sky to see a small helicopter. Finn hung limply from a series of cables that reeled him up into its open door.

“Finn! Finn! No…NO! FINN!!!” Holley screamed breathlessly. This couldn’t be happening, it simply couldn’t. Holley surged forward but felt herself being held back. She struggled fiercely and attempted to trigger her gun, only to find it had been torn off. She screamed his name over and over until she felt her windpipe would start bleeding.

Her vision grew cloudy on the outside and quickly moved inwards until she saw nothing but white smoke. Still fighting against the forceful tires holding her back, she began coughing profusely. Then she felt her body relax and go numb as her surroundings faded to nothingness.

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