Debunking+Counter claiming Your Movie Sucks Pixar Reviews

Can you guys help me out please. I’m going to make a 2 part commentary video on YMS’s negative Pixar movie reviews and debunk his claims and prove that he is wrong.I need some of your guys input on this, how should I make the commentary informative and yet entertaining at the same time so I’m not just ranting my brains out while giving out good counterclaims and pointing out his hypocrisies? Here are the links to the videos, give them a whole watch and let me know what points I should add in my commentary video.

Toy Story 3 Review

Inside out review/ how pixar supposedly “Jumped the shark”

I don’t know what to tell you, but I will make my point clear on this and I mean right now–no Pixar movie deserves to EVER be bashed against with negative insults from those kind of people! Not even Cars 2, or Brave, or Monsters University–let alone The Good Dinosaur or that upcoming Finding Dory! Someone needs to teach them a thing or two about just actually enjoying Pixar’s movies like they should WITHOUT complaining so that they’ll think TWICE about what they’re saying! :angry:

Ok, did you see the reviews yet? Any more counterclaims you can think of? Thanks

I’m gonna have to watch them later. It just passed midnight over here.

Alrighty thanks let me know what I should add in the commentary video, thanks

How about I watch the videos first, and then suggest your commentary?

Yup sure thats a great idea! :slight_smile: