Dentist's Office

Is there a name for it? Like “P. Sherman’s Dental Care” or something like that? :confused:

i never saw one…will look next time we watch FN.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a name for it, either. I’m assuming 42 Wallaby Way is his home address, but as for the actual dental practice, then I’m not sure. I guess they’re usually named after the area that they’re situated in, or after the dentist (if there’s only one dentist in the practice, which seems to be the case). So, something along the lines of what you said, WBoon, sounds pretty plausible.

maybe the address isn’t his home address but his office address…but since nigel found the pair and brought htem to his son they never actually found 42 Wallaby Way…wow. They failed in finding the dentists home?

The only reason I said it was his home address was mainly because I just can’t see why someone would write the name of their work address on a pair of goggles, just in case they got lost. :laughing: I guess he could, if he was sort of obsessed with being a dentist…Or perhaps if he brings his diving gear in with him when he works on people’s mouths, perhaps? Heh.

I always thought that Nigel just brought Dory and Marlin to where he knew Nemo was, ignoring the whole 42 Wallaby Way thing. So yep, they never actually found the address on the goggles, I don’t think.

I think your right…they actually never found 42 East Wallaby Way

But it might have been his address since it was his work. That way it would go where he was most of the day. Just easier to bring home…

Or, his home is his work place. shrugs That could possibly happen if you are like, old and, single.

but then the fish couldn’t be out at night or he might come into the room and see them.

Why would he enter his office at night on a usual basis at all?

to use the bathroom??

Heh, right, forgot about that room. :blush: But still, that doesn’t proves that he doesn’t have a bedroom there. The tank gang never really got out of the tank at night, just create a ritual. :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s true…they could have kept it hidden.

I just can’t see the dentist living next door to his office. :laughing: Anyway, if 42 Wallaby Way were the dentist’s address, then wouldn’t it have ‘dentist’ written on it somewhere, rather than it just being a normal address? If that were his address, it would have the name of his practice on it.

That’s true, it could have been added with a “Dr.” prefix, but that might be just because the dentist, when writing it, was thinking of his address as an official one rather than an address that is located inside a dentist’s office. I mean, how many dentists and doctors do you know that writes their titles on their envelops? Though this one lives in his office, that doesn’t mean he might not be old-fashioned, being a, well, middle-aged guy and all.

WBoon- I only know a couple of doctors personally, but yes, they do write ‘dr.’ on their envelopes as part of their address, even when it’s informal. It might be partly habit, but at the same time, it is technically their official title.

What is it that makes you think that P. Sherman (and I’ve always wondered what the ‘P’ stands for, too :laughing:) lives in the office? Why couldn’t 42, Wallaby Way just have been his home address?

I think it also sort of depends on whether or not he’s by himself in his practice. What I found weird about his arrangement is that he doesn’t have one of those helper people that dentists always seem to have, that just sit there and tap away at the computer and clean up mess every now and then.

You mean “Barbara,” his secretary?

Heh, I’m not sure, just a gut feeling. :laughing:

No, more like someone who is actually there, in the room, when the dentist performs operations and check-ups and stuff. They’re usually the ones that help you rinse out your mouth afterwards, on the ones that type into the computer (in the actual dentist’s office) the weird numbers of your teeth as the dentist says them out.

From my experience, at least. :laughing:

Usually there’s been only one person when I’ve gone (although that was a long time ago)

I replicated the dentist’s fish tank along with all the tank gang characters. Anyone want to see it?