Did Carl went back to get My Adventure Book?

I know this is a stupid question. But in the credits we see that there’s a My New Adventure Book. Did Carl went back to get the book or was that just for the credits?

I think there was blank space in the original book, so he just filled it with his new memories. Or, it’s a separate album entirely.

For some reason I had a feeling that Carl didn’t even know that his house landed by the fall and didn’t look for it. So I’d say it was a new album. However, he was able to pick it on the way back.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same one. The My Adventure Book seems like it was custom made for/by Ellie and Carl Fredericksen just kept it under his jacket or something. You know, that standard extra Hammerspace all cartoon characters have.

I have seriously wondered about this, and have never come up with a satisfying answer.

The New Adventure Book in the credits is clearly intended to be Ellie’s original Adventure Book, now being filled with the further adventures of Carl and Russell (and Dug).

Sure, from a filmmaking point of view, it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s just an appealing way to show us “what happened next” and reinforce the message of the story.

But, from a storytelling point of view, yeah, where did the book come from? Someone can correct me, but I don’t think we see the book left behind with the contents of the house, nor do we see it again in the house after it’s emptied. No way Carl has it on his person when he goes onto the airship. Even though he throws out everything else, I can’t believe he wouldn’t keep Ellie’s book, which is why I lean toward thinking it stayed in the house. Presumably, Carl’s plan is to fly the house to rescue Russell and Kevin, and escape; I doubt he expected to lose the house completely. Of course, once he and Russell have command of the airship, they could go back and pick up Carl’s Stuff at the falls, including the book, if he left it there (although that would defeat the moral of the story about letting go and moving on). Or they could go looking for the house to recover the book, but then again, that just complicates matters. (And Bob Peterson says in the commentary track that he didn’t take the final shot of the house at the falls literally, but just as symbolic of the idea that Carl’s emotional journey was complete.)

You know, I really believe that we’re not meant (or expected) to take this stuff quite so literally, or think so hard about it - but that’s half the fun. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure he just kept it in the same place Woody kept Big Baby’s locket, the all powerful Cartoon Hammerspace- to be used for future plot devices only.

By the looks of it Carl didn’t go back for anything so it’s most likely he didn’t go back for My Adventure Book.

This is a great comparison, but ideally Big Baby’s locket could fit in Woody’s hat. Even if Carl had his jacket on during the final battle with Muntz, the Adventure Book would be too big to keep hidden without falling out.

I think you’re forgetting that Woody didn’t actually have his hat when he was at Bonnies. And that plastic locket is way to thick to hide under his stitched vest without it being completely noticeable. Again Cartoon Hammerspace.

Also, pretty sure that the Adventure Book was the same one, as stated in the Art Of Up. It looks homemade and I can’t imagine Carl throwing it out, even when he was throwing out all their belongings. It’s way too sentimental not to keep.

I did forget that he didn’t have his hat at Bonnie’s; I apologize. And I never once mentioned the vest, so please don’t put words in my mouth. :smiley:

I never said you said anything about the vest. I was just mentioning it on the off chance someone else mentioned that’s where he might’ve hid it. Which he couldn’t have so yeah.

I was under the assumption that it was a new book. I believe that Carl liked leaving his and Ellie’s house and personal belongings in their dream spot.

I guess it’s a popular book to stay in production for 70 or more years.

Well said 8D I still try to look for Daisy’s locket every time I watch the movie.

From The Art Of Up:

pg 28, The Art of Up, 2009 Chronicle Books

I guess that settles that then. Also, Totally Radical Sig Spirit!

pg 28, The Art of Up, 2009 Chronicle Books
Well that’s that! Thank you for the answer Pixar Builder!

Well that’s that! Thank you for the answer Pixar Builder!
Ok then, Still wonder where he hid it or he just went after the house to get it.

he may have, it meant a lot to him. he could have added stuff to it with Russel and everything