Ding's Videos (Reuploading "The Axiom" on piano!)

Update (6/28/12): You may have noticed that clicking my old links in this thread will lead to nonexistant videos. Unfortunately, I am an idiot and accidentally deleted my old Youtube account (soundsofsil3nce) about a year ago, along with all my other videos. I was extremely upset at first, especially considering that particular account held over half a decade’s worth of videos, and thus had much sentimental value behind it. To my delight, I recently discovered that I had backed up nearly all of those videos onto a flash drive a few years ago, and thus I will try to re-upload them. As of now, the only Pixar related videos from the past that I still have are the one of me playing “The Axiom” from WALL-E on the piano and also the Cars music video. I will first upload the piano one, seeing as it just was WALL-E’s 4th anniversary.

WALL•E - “The Axiom” on Piano (Originally uploaded 2 years ago)

Just for old time’s sake, here is the original thread I posted:

Hey everyone! This is my first video. Well, it’s not a “real” video in a sense, because it’s actually just a me playing “The Axiom” from Wall-E on the piano, but I figured that this is the right place to post this because there was no sub-forum for music and this technically still a video. I played from sheet music that I got from another guy on Youtube who arranged it. I originally wanted to post this on the 27th, because that was Wall-E’s birthday, but my computer was being a jerk and kept crashing whenever I tried to render it in HD. That’s why it’s a few days late, and not in HD. Oh well, better late than never!

I’m going to stop rambling now. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

[url]- YouTube
(Sorry, couldn’t resist the end!) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m probably going to do more Pixar piano/saxophone covers soon. Oh, and expect some “legit stuff” too! I’m starting a Wall-E fan trailer soon also.

Wow, excellent piano skills there, bud! I’m impressed (cos’ I play the piano too, but the only songs I’ve mastered are ‘Be Our Guest’ and ‘Put on Your Sunday Clothes’ which rely on simple repetition and chords).

You also have good editing skills. I liked how you faded in and out and overlayed the footage over each other so the viewer gets this seamless transition between your live performance and the film’s visuals. What program do you use?

It is, to say the least, awesome sauce. Well done. Oh, and I had a feeling there was going to be something at the end, and it got me! xD

Thanks! I used Sony Vegas Studio. It does cost money, but at least it’s nothing compared to the small fortune that Vegas Pro costs! I was aiming to make it look like how in music videos and movies, they have multiple cameras set up at different angles, and they cut to different angles of the same event happening in real time. Well I don’t exactly have multiple cameras, so all I did was film once for the audio, then record me playing from different angles and re-sync with editing. Pretty unorthdox, but it does make it look a lot fancier than it actually is! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really glad you liked it!

It’s awesome. Can we expect more like this?

You bet! I already have “Married Life” and “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” down on piano. I’m just trying to add in a saxophone part into both, so I’m working on transposing/figuring out by ear. And I might just actually sing for You’ve Got A Friend In Me, so you’ve been warned! I’m going to try to get some music video/fan trailer stuff done also.

Ok, don’t forget to tell us when they are complete :smiley:

wow, that was actually really good! A lot of people who do cover videos don’t usually put that much work into a video, and it definitely paid off in your case, I wish more cover videos were like this, I really liked it. Like, your really good at playing piano and like TDIT, it was really well edited too. It all flowed together really well. I’m looking forward to more from you, keep it up!

Me likes. You play very well, and like mo said, you put a lot of effort into the video. Most people just have one shot of their hands through the entire vid, but you had different angles, and clips from WALL·E, and it really made the video stand out! Be sure to tell us when you post more videos :smiley:

Thanks, mo and you too, Evil Genius! I hope you don’t mind, but my next video is actually not going to be piano/music related. I’ve always wanted to make a fan trailer for WALL-E even before I found PP. I’ve been putting it off for far too long, and even though many people have done the same exact thing already, I still want to give a shot at making a trailer. I actually finally started today, so hopefully it’ll be up sometime this week!

Sounds good! But you’ll probably have to remind me to watch it, I’m extremely forgetful ;-o

So as some of you may (or may) know, me and Jess (x3haijessiex3) are officially a couple, and we have been since August 28th!

That means that today marks us been together for a full month! <3 :smiley:

Now, I know that doesn’t seem like much, but I absolutely love her to death and I wouldn’t have any other way. She really is the girl of my dreams, and is perfect in my eyes. She’s just as musical as me, she plays the guitar, she’s the only person I know that likes Pixar and Cars as much as me, her voice is like an angel, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone, and I really think that’s awesome! Basically, we’re perfect for each other. <3

So baby, if you’re reading this, I just wanna tell you that I love you so much! Time together just never seems quite enough, because it seems like I’m always busy, but I just want you to know that I’ll always keep you in my heart.

So I made a video for you. I know it isn’t much, especially since you’ve made all those drawings and sang songs of us, but I hope that you still like it!

[url]- YouTube

Love you!

PS: It’s a lot better in 720p and full screen! :wink:

Oh my god. You had me crying. I’m speechless. So what I did before I played the video, was record my reaction. :unamused: Don’t make fun of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my god. Baby!!! :smiley:

I’m just going to upload the video. x) Wait!!!

I’m so glad you like it, Jess! Haha, you recorded your reaction? I can’t wait to see it baby! :smiley:

It’s uploading right now. <3 I took out my camera right before I played it to get my exact reaction. :slight_smile: I don’t look that amazing because I was crying. :unamused: But I was bursting with happiness. I’m so speechless.

Oh, another pairing.

I don’t believe this can actually happen.

Hugs for you, guys :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile: hugs

Edit: Baby here is my reaction video. x)
It may still be processing, so if it is just wait a little bit more.
Watch it in the highest quality you can right now, because when it’s processing it looks like junk.

Thanks, Spirit of Adventure! :smiley:

Jess, I just watched the video. I gotta say, it was pretty awesome seeing you slowly fall for it, then try to regain composure afterward! It was almost like I was actually there watching it with you. <3 Haha, I should’ve filmed a “Reaction to your reaction” video. :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you liked it though, I only wish I could do more, despite living several state lines away! :frowning:

Reaction to my reaction? xD aww! <3 It was the best thing to ever happen to me. I never had someone do something like that for me. The thing that made me tear was the fact that you put everything you knew about me into that. You knew about Cars. You knew about Owl City. But most of all, the way you put the scenes together made me see how much you seriously care about me. It was telling a story. Our story. It went exactly with the song. The way it starts off with Lightning looking at Sally for the first time. <3 How 00:47-00:53 was like me and you liking each other from afar because it looks like Sally and Lightning just watching each other. Then 00:55-1:00 when they’re talking to each other nervously, like we used to. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" /> When it says “Home, among these mountain tops, can be so awfully dull.” (like the mountains when you snowboard) and you see Sally sighing. :slight_smile: Then “New York shopping malls distract me so I stay inside” and it shows Lightning snapping out of his daydream. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/grinandwink.gif” alt=“;-D” title="Grin and

Wink" /> “Sing the world goodbye” and Lightning falls. 8D “I am floating away” and you show just an aerial view of the road to the town. “Lost in a silent ballet…” and you put the beautiful way Lightning looked Sally. “I’m dreaming you’re out in the blue and I am right beside you.” and you show Lightning driving next to Sally. <3 Then at 2:45 “Are you there, or are you just a decoy dream in my head?” that was a tear jerker! The way you showed Lightning and Sally through the race scene cuddling. The waterfall scene went PERFECT with the lyrics. <3 Then the fadeout with them cuddling again. <3

This whole video just went with me and you in such an amazing way. I loved it. You just made my life. I love you. <3 So much.

Huh? Wow, I must really keep up with the romantic updates on this site. :open_mouth: Out of curiousity, have you seen each other in person or at least on Skype before? :smiley:

As for the video, wow… that was just spectacular. That’s not an overstatement. I really do mean it. You know, I’ve seen so many Cars music vids, but most of them use rock or rap music in attempt to be cool or hip. The fact that you used Owl City, which is a synthpop semi-cult/mainstream band is a bold and refreshing approach. And the editing is so calm and peaceful… I didn’t realise there were so many beautiful slow pans and dollies in Cars… and watching it as a whole is strangely hypnotic and mesmerising.

I really love it. This is the best Cars music video in recent memory, and one of the best of all-time. It’s about time a new Cars fan editor came along. Great work!

I’ve seen him in videos and he’s seens me in videos. :slight_smile: We never saw each other in person. :frowning: One day! We’ve been on Skype and heard each other’s voices. I would go on again but my mom isn’t allowing me to go on it again yet because of something really dumb my brother did. But yeah, we’ve been together for a month and a day! :slight_smile: