Direct Download links

For some reason, the player on the page isn’t working, but here are the direct links to the MP3s so you can still listen to past and present episodes. If you would like to comment about a particular episode, please use their respective threads located in the Radio Pixar section of the forums.

Episode #12: “Up, Up, and Away!”
Episode #11: “Preparing to Take Flight”
Episode #10: “Things Are Looking Up!”
Episode #9: “Floating on Cloud Nine”
Episode #8: “Late to the Party”
Episode #7: “The Second Coming”
Episode #6: “Catching UP”
Episode #5: “Finally Five!”
Episode #4: “Midterms Ate the Co-host!”
Episode #3: “Still Using ‘We’re New at This’ as an Excuse”
Episode #2: “Shootin’ From The Hip”
Episode #1: “It’s Sequelable!”

Thanks for the information, rachel! Very neat!