Disney Infinity closing down, please help save it

It was recently announced that Disney Infinity is being closed down because it was classified “not profitable enough”.
I don’t have the exact figures, but I think because they were only making 50% of their expected return profit, someone decided that wasn’t enough and had the game cancelled.

What that will mean for an game that requires online server interaction (cloud saves, multiplayer), I don’t know yet.
Odds are high that that those functions will be revoked, crippling those functions and possibly the game as a result.

One of their last hurrahs is to release the Finding Dory playset,
I don’t know about international markets, but EBGames (Australia) has no preorder listing for the Finding Dory playset and the Nemo figure.
They’re usually pretty fast to get their preorders established, especially for Disney Infinity, so that has me more then a little concerned.
I hope whatever the problem is doesn’t stop me from getting my Finding Dory items.

I still don’t have my Frozone DI figure!
Another disappointment is now that the Finding Dory characters have solved the problem of the swimming mechanic, this could have led in time to Ariel (the Little Mermaid) becoming a playable character.
I also wanted Kim Possible characters and there were negiotiations in progress to make some before this happened.
And since they never made any live action Disney television figures/superhumans, I was hoping to get Adam, Bree and Chase (Lab Rats) and Skylar Storm (Mighty Med) as figures.

And there could have been so much more to make, there are so many Disney and Marvel characters, the game could keep adding new ones for a long time to come.
And presumably, they’d add more Pixar based content as time went on and more Pixar movies were made.

If I might make a personal request, please consider signing this petition:
I’m hoping it will help Disney change their minds about ending Disney Infinity.