Disney Store Limited Edition Beauty and the Beast Replicas

Has anyone bought these? I have Lumiere as seen on my flickr:
flickr.com/photos/48893248@N … 549423965/

For those who haven’t seen these:

disneystore.com/beauty-and-t … 3/1000341/

disneystore.com/beauty-and-t … 1/1000339/

disneystore.com/beauty-and-t … 5/1000351/

Hadn’t seen those, freakin gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I want a Cogsworth baaaaaaaaaadllyyyyyy oh man haha.

Unfortunately, the website is sold out. My local store was sold out as well but my mom found a store in Arizona that would ship to my local store. I only saw Cogsworth once, while I saw the others 3 or 4 times each.

That’s not surprising. I’d be upset by this news except that I know I can’t drop $100 for one. Even though they would be worth it, again they’re stunning.

Poop! I sure don’t have them, but boy are they gorgeous. Lumiere’s already going for a pretty high price on eBay, so it looks like I’ll never own them.

Very pretty! I should get my mother the Mrs. Potts one. When we went to the Animation room at Disney’s California Adventure, the personality said she was Mrs. Potts. So our family make fun of her! It would be a great joke to get that for her, and she loves Disney.

Im working on getting some better pics of my Lumiere, when I do, I’ll post them here

I. Love. THESE!!! I don’t have the money, especially since they’re sold out, though. :frowning:

So nobody else has one of these? I was hoping to find some in hand pictures of the rest of the set.

I don’t have any, no :confused: