DisneyDutchess' Attempts at Sigs and Avatars

Ok so this is my first time trying this soo… here we go.


A Sig:

If you have any comments, please feel free to!

If you have any request, my only condition is that you give me a picture to work with.


The Disney Dutchess

These are really cool, disneydutchess! You’ve captured Woody’s hilarious expression in the first avatar, and the phrase for the For the Birds one really suits the looks on their faces. :laughing: And yay for a Geri signature! Loving his smug grin. I like how you use simple texts and colours to make the message clear and have more of an impact, and I’m looking forward to seeing your next batch of avatars and signatures!

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them. A new batch will be comming soon!

disneydutchess: Ooh, you look like you’re well off to a great start! :smiley: I have to say, that one of Woody is pretty much awesome. That face is seriously hilarious…! :laughing:

Keep up the good work! Trust me, if you keep at it long enough, you’ll end up surprising yourself with the things you can do in the future. :wink: I learned that lesson first-hand… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see the next batch of stuff you’ve got for us!!

little chef

thanks little chef!! :smiley:

disneydutchess: No problem! :wink: Will you be doing anything Up related soon, or do you think you’ll wait until you see the movie? That’s what I’ve been doing, because I really want to know what it’s about before I start making stuff for it, you know?

little chef

I wont be doing anything UP! related until I see it but when i do i will make an UP! set of avvies and sigs.

disneydutchess: Ooh, those look really sweet. Keep it up.

I love the look of the first Woody one… :laughing:
And that smile of Geri’s put with just one simple word of victory…it’s a nice fit.
I think that “Oh Crap” with For the Birds would’ve fit better for a shot of when they look down from the telephone line and realize they’re about to be catapulted into the sky…but I won’t be too picky about it, this shot really fits, too.
Not bad for a first effort!

I love ‘Ha ha ha’ because Woody’s eyes are nearly rolled back into their sockets! :slight_smile:
And I don’t think many people have done sigs to Geri’s Game (although I remember one had an avatar of Geri, I forgot who).
Anyway, looking forward to the Up graphics!

Batch #2:

a sig that is pretty basic.

and now the avatars:

The Bug Love avatar looks really cute and I love the line “Bound when you’re Down”. Really clever disneydutchess.

Here’s my new sig. Just made it in Biology class.

Up Sigs!

^ this one is an inside joke between my friends

They all look really cool, fun, and cute disneydutchess. Really nice work. My favorite is the facepalm one.

You really do make nice designs especially your avatars. I would love to see an avatar of Buzz Lightyear. :slight_smile:

I do think you made a your sig designs quite large. Some forums don’t allow those sigs with that sizes. Try to control their sizes. :slight_smile:

I could rate yours: 3/5