Disney's Magic Kingdoms

Does anyone play the Disney’s Magic Kingdoms game for iPhone and iPad (it’s mainly on Apple products, don’t know if one any others, since my mom and I tried on a Samsung phone once and it’s not available there)? It’s pretty fun and very addicting. Kinda like the old Facebook game FarmVille in that you send characters to do tasks that will take an extended amount of time; the main difference from FarmVille being that there actually is a plot and story to Magic Kingdoms.

Didn’t know whether to place this in the Disney Forum, Off-Topic Forum, or any of the Pixar forums, since in the game there are Pixar characters from 3 different movies. In the Character Book, here are the movies/shows/cartoons you can welcome characters from so far (it’s a new game, and some characters are listed as “Coming Soon”, so that means that more characters and unlockables may be added as time goes on):

Mickey and Friends
Toy Story
Monsters, Inc.
Peter Pan (only Tinkerbell, however)

So, let’s see if there are any other Magic Kingdoms fans out there! :smiley:

My brother had it on his (Samsung) tablet, but he told me he as going to delete it. He didn’t like it very much. I’ve seen bits of it and those kinds of games are not my cup of tea.

I haven’t exactly played the game yet, but I might start playing it soon…I’ve seen in-app video ads of it while trying to get free spins over on Thought Bubbles. (Wait, did you just say “WALL-E” on that list?)