Disney's Night and Day Wallpaper

Hey guys, heres a little something that i made up in celebration of summer and the soon to be released short film. also just a suggestion, if you have 2 screens like i do, i have the sun man on one screen and the night man on the other, makes it look really nice. Also…first post ever whoot.

here are the links:

  1. rapidshare.com/files/392067764/D … 1.jpg.html
  2. rapidshare.com/files/392067765/D … 2.jpg.html
  3. rapidshare.com/files/392067766/D … 3.jpg.html

(If you cant download it, just PM me)



Thanks for the wallpapers! They are great. I loved Day & Night, and can’t wait to see it again.

Unfortunately as my premium account ran out a few weeks back, are you able to re-up these at all to Dropbox or Mediafire or similar? Or if you want to email them to me I can.

Thanks again Markel.

enjoy ! no password


Thanks for the wallpaper.