Do you believe in Santa Clause?

Do you believe in Santa Clause?

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I do. I mean, I just refuse to believe he isn’t real. I mean, for years my parents are saying he’s real, then out of the blue you say he’s not! I mean, if he isn’t real, then that means that even though millions of parents tell their kids not to lie, then they themselves would by lying! If Santa is not real, then millions of parents around the world are lying to their kids. So, that kinda knocks off any excuse of why Santa isn’t real.

“Lying” is too much of a negative word, I think. It’s more like spreading a fairy tale, something whimsical that the kids enjoy hearing about and eventually (usually—not always) grow out of.

I was one of those skeptical kids because I lived in an apartment and never had a fireplace, plus I realized fairly early that my parents were the ones buying presents for me.

Well, here’s my take: who’s to say there ain’t a jolly man that flies around the world once a year to give out presents? I don’t really think so, as my mom also told me it was her, but I’m a firm believer that anything is possible. But, if there is a Santa Clause, I like to think of him as the grumpy old man next door that is really all nice and stuff and flys with nine reindeer pulling his beat-up Volkswagen Bug :laughing: .

I don’t see it as lying. When were little, we don’t really see Chritmas as a time for family or the celebraion of Jesus’s birthday. It’s about being happy of what Santa will get us. For Childre, Santa is the spirit of Christmas, without him, their is no Christmas. When they get older and find out it’s not just about present’s, they see that family can slo be the spirit. When I have kid’s, I will tell him their’s a Santa, and when their old enough I’ll them the truth. I want them to have a happy childhood. I did when I knew thoght their was a Santa, and still do now even though I don’t beliave anymore. I found out when I was 9, who for me, that’s around the age of telling them. If it it lying, it’s a good lying. Because you’re making kids happy for a few years, and they can do the same for their kids. Soemtimes lying can be a good thing if it’s used for doinfg something nice.

Nope, I don’t believe in Santa. My parents always told me that he wasn’t real. Although I do believe that a long time ago there was a man named Saint Nicholas who our modern day Santa was based on.

I utterly believed in Santa as a child without a shred of doubt until kids at school put forward he wasn’t real- but then that happens with most kids really (either that or older siblings and… well I WAS the older sibling). My sister and I conducted an ‘experiment’ to be sure though- she added a doll to her list that she sort of wanted but wasn’t that cut up about getting and didn’t tell mum about it and when she didn’t get it that was pretty much it for us.

I remember however one year I stayed up to see Santa while I still believed, sitting on top of the stairs and to this day I swear I can remember seeing a big black boot with the red leg of a pair of trousers and white trim just before I fell asleep (and then woke in my bed the next morning). I was probably just imagining it though.

Belief can be a powerful thing no?


All in all I disagree with calling it lying per say, any more than fairy tales themselves are considered lies. They’re just fiction. Not true or real but you don’t tend to scream in a kids face that “MAGIC ISN’T REAL!” even when you tell them the faerie stories yourself. They’re just stories, and for a time yeah, kids eventually learn the difference in Santa’s case between what is real and what isn’t. It’s in its way a learning experience too in some ways- don’t believe everything you hear. And can prepare for the fact that yeah, beliefs change. Things you believed your whole life can turn out to be wrong- but the world still moves on. And when you do believe in Santa, it’s fun and exciting anyway. Kids tend to believe them for the most part and even without mentioning Santa kids can pick the idea up. All in all its harmless fun.

My sister and I were a little annoyed but we weren’t devastated Santa wasn’t real and didn’t scream “Mummy and Daddy lied to me!”. We’d suspected for a year before hand, weren’t sure and then decided to test it the next year. Though maybe our case was unusual. Maybe not in the most scientifically rigorous way what with only doing it once but heck we were 9 and 10 at the time and it made sense to us. To be fair Christmas isn’t quite the same unless you’re a kid or there are younger members of the family in it though. It’s more ‘,magical’ in general I think when you’ve seen less of them in general even without Santa as a kid.

No, I never did. When I was in preschool, I said he wasn’t, and my mom told me not to tell the kids at school because they will get upset.

Is this even a question? Of COURSE he exists.

^Well, then how about you post some reasons why you believe so?
I’m not trying to argue BTW. I just think it’s best you back up your opinion instead of declaring it as the only truth out of the blue.

Because…he’s real! Haha

Its hard to believe in Santa Claus when you watch your parents order your presents off of Amazon every year.

But yeah, I don’t see it as lying. Its a part of the holiday, born from the story of St. Nicolas. Those parents who tell their kids its not real annoy me. Just let them grow up, they’ll catch on eventually. Why must you crush their dreams like that? Even though everyone in my family understands his non-existence, we never stopped acting like we believe–you know, still setting out cookies and signing some of our presents “from Santa.” Its just enjoying the holiday, nothing more or less.

My mom gives me presents on Christmas morning from “Santa.” It’s her writing :unamused: , but she claims that she has to “help him write.” 8D

This is complicated for me. I know “the truth”", but I sort of still believe by personal choice. Similar to watch Rac said.

I’m exactly the same way, actually!

How do I put this?

Half a year ago I was studying James Montgomery Flagg for AP US History.
So no, I don’t believe in Santa.

I still think the lore is fun though. ;-p

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