Do you ever mess up song lyrics?

Do you ever get the words wrong or have a funny story about it?

There’s this song called Voices, and my mom thought they were saying Boar’s head. 8D On Friday night my parents and I were eating out and we were joking about it with her. Later when my mom and I were driving, that song came on! I don’t hear it very often, so it was really funny how it came on the same night we were joking about it. :smiley:

I use to mess up the lyrics to all of Bee Gees songs I love. When I started reading their lyrics on the Internet while listening to their songs, I was blown away by the great lyrics they wrote. I remember my mouth being open when I read the lyrics to How Deep Is Your Love while listening to it. The music, with their voices, and the lyrics together are perfection!

^Oh, the Bee Gees are a GREAT example to this! I still barely know any of the words to half their songs! But yes, How Deep Is Your Love is an incredible song. :smiley:

I’m one of those people can’t hear the words in songs well. I usually concentrate on the song overall and not the words so much unless they stick out or are really clear.

One song I messed up for a long time was Love is like Oxygen by Sweet. It actually says “Love gets you high.” but I always thought it was “Love is like pie.”

Funny, I used to have difficulty understanding certain song’s lyrics, but since I’ve got really into collecting and listening to Bootlegs, I find official releases generally pretty easy to understand.

OMG, I can hear that now!! 8D I love that song.

All the time! I don’t hear the words in alot of song, I usually just know the chorus.

Interesting topic! One of the more recent examples I can think off the top of my head is Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling”. I knew it sounded absurd, but when I first heard it, I thought the chorus went:

“Ooooohhh… sometimes… I gotta go wee wee.”

Yeah, talk about taking the p*ss, haha.

Misheard lyrics are in fact a whole genre in themselves on Youtube.

^^[quote="ellie-jessie-eve":3b3bvij7]All the time! I don’t hear the words in alot of song, I usually just know the chorus.[/quote:3b3bvij7]

This. Then sometimes I think "Okay, I’m going to try and hear what they’re actually saying". begins listening, starts bopping head to the music, starts dancing, realizes he stopped listening to the lyrics. :-\ ;-p

There are times when I can rarely tell song lyrics, I usually have to look them up. In some cases, it may be the reverse where I hear a good song on the radio and search up the lyrics of it to get the song’s name.

Every time!! Except for Disney songs(like it or hate, I know almost every one verbatim), Beatles, and Queen. Sometimes Adele. Any other songs will give me a hard Time.

When I was younger I used to mess up song lyrics a lot more than I do now. For some reason, it is so weird, but I can hear a song on the radio or in passing once or twice, and I know almost all the lyrics to the chorus and maybe even some from the first verse. I can’t explain to you why, and the rest of my family can’t understand how in the world I learn songs so fast. 8D So lyrics don’t often get messed up for me, especially after I read them as I’m listening to the song a couple of times. At that point, they’re pretty much engrained in my mind forever!

The only time I might mess up song lyrics is if I haven’t heard the song in a while. As in, five or six years. It’s not every song, because most of the ones I used to listen to, I can still play it again and start singing every word as if I heard it yesterday. But every now and then, I’ll find myself tripping up on it or forgetting entire verses. It baffles me, because I’m like, “I used to listen to this song practically every day in middle school or whatever. How the heck did I just forget all the words??” :laughing:

little chef

No,i had never mess up a song lyrics anytime.