Do you think dash is jealous of violet?

Lets face it, superspeed is a lame power, at least compared to violets power, Do you think dash will at some point become jealous of violet? after all, Violet will become more powerfull everyday , and he will not

I never sensed that. To me he seems to really enjoy his powers. I don’t know why he’d feel jealous.

I think Dash is content with his powers. He seems to enjoy it, and I also see no reason why he would be jealous. It would be intresting to see Violet’s power grow while Dash’s super speed just stays constant.

Well , hes an extremately competitive boy I think one day, he will realize that Violet is more powerfull than him.

Or maybe dash will become more powerfull too, he will run faster or something

Comparing their powers is quite a difficult one, though. In some situations Dash would excel whilst Violet would struggle, and others it would be vice versa, so I see no reason why Dash would be jealous of her, even as her powers increase. Dash’s powers suit him really well, too, and by the end of the film his relationship with Violet has matured sufficiently for him to (hopefully) not be jealous of something like that.

Eh, since their powers go with them as people so well, I don’t see him getting jealous of invisibility. Personally, I’d take peed from those two choices.

Well I think that Dash would rather have super speed then be able to turn invisible and generate force fields…super speed fits his personality better, therefore he has no reason to be jealous. :slight_smile:

Yeah and(forgive me), invisibility seems like a girly power to me. I mean, it’s not very “tough”, or offensive. I think he’d prefer speed.

Dash powers match his personality (they all match their respective personalities, actually).

So, no. I’m sure he doesn’t want Violet’s powers. They’re nothing like him.

Exactly!! He’s too violent and outspoken to “disappear”.

I don’t think superspeed is a lame power at all. And in no way is Violet “more powerful” than him. Her powers are very defensive, as in they aren’t that good for directly attacking a powerful enemy, but they can protect her. While superspeed is not as defensive, its more offensive, and he can attack with much more effectiveness then her. That seems to better suit his personality.

And personally I find freezing to be a way cooler (no pun intended) power than superstrength, and Mr. Incredible is supposedly the greatest super in the world or something. Its all in your point of view.

And he’ll “get faster?” The boy can already run faster than the eye can see and on water. How much faster does he need to be?

Yes, I also think Frozone’s got the best powers!

I dont think dash will get jealous at all his powers suit him and plus id rather have super speed then invisibility and forcefields any day i also think dash can improve his powers by using them in new ways like in the scene where hes about to run on water and he gets scared and then he looks down and he is doing it with ease apparently he didnt know he could run on water meaning his powers improved theres always room for improvement i think the next thing he should master is running on walls.

I totally agree with you, YouAreAToy!! :slight_smile:

Yeah hopefully we get a incredibles 2 so we can see dash’s powers improve man i really think they should do incredibles 2 rather then Cars 2 Or Monsters Inc. 2 Which are 2 movies that do not need sequels as much as the incredibles does.

I agree. I’ll see and love those, but neither seemed “sequel material” to me. When they were announced, I was like “What”? Then I was like :imp: . Then I cried for a few days.


Some of your reactions are pretty strong 8D

Well, I’ve been dying for a sequel since I saw the movie, and even more since 2008, so I was very upset that a newer film was receiving a sequel. Not to mention that I thought MI had a wonderful ending. I loved how we saw Sulley’s face, head “Kitty!” then it was over. <3 I’ll see both sequels, I just wish it was my turn. :frowning:

Yes, but the real reason is they need Bird’s involvement to continue that one, and that won’t happen for some years, at least.

So they’re doing another story they think may be good in the meantime.

I know. But I’m still going to be sad for a very long time. :frowning: