Does Ratatouille's rerelease mean we might get a sequel?

So I was looking around online, and found out apparently Pixar is planning on rereleasing this movie in theaters, which you guys already have a thread for (maybe I should be posting this there…).

That is awesome, but I can’t help but wonder, what if this means we’re getting Ratatouille 2?

Think about it, all of Pixar’s rereleases have been followed by sequels, and no sequel has premiered without a rerelease (you guys don’t seem to have a thread for The Incredibles rerelease, but it seems to have been announced alongside Ratatouille). The sole exception is Cars, but Cars is the only Pixar film to get a sequel within the span of 10 years (that, and Toy Story 2, but if you want to get technical that didn’t get a rerelease either). A rerelease would have been rather pointless, five years isn’t that long between movies. Ratatouille came out in 2007, and Pixar’s booked through 2017 at least (probably longer), so a sequel would have at least a ten year gap, five years longer than Cars and Cars 2.

Also, A Bug’s Life has had no rerelease, while also being the only (relatively) old Pixar film to not get a sequel, which seems very odd if they’re simply trying to double dip off all their movies. And I guess its lack of rerelease could just be because it’s apparently the lowest grossing Pixar film, but I can’t tell if that means it actually was a box office disappointment or if it’s just the lowest of the successes. Pixar failure and actual failure are two different things.

And I just realized while typing this up that, aside from Cars, Pixar’s going in release order with their films’ follow ups. Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Ratatouille would be next in that order.

I really don’t want a sequel to happen. Someone assure me I’m just being paranoid and stupid. I deserve a cone of shame, right? o_0

Let me just get this out of the way:

I doubt Pixar has plans for a Ratatouille sequel. The recent announcements of sequels were most likely coincidences (I don’t think Toy Story 4 is confirmed at all however…).

Ratatouile did very well for its own movie. i don’t think it needs a sequel. Although there are many resturant stories they could tell, I think they got their heart filled messaged sent out quite beautifully.

Ratatouille is a well told story with a great ending, I personally think that this movie doesn’t need a sequel.

I’m not really saying it needs a sequel (I don’t think it does either). Most people would probably agree Cars 2, MU, and Cars 3 aren’t/weren’t really necessary, but they were made anyway.

…Did the rerelease ever even happen? I could’ve sworn I remember hearing a lot about it but I don’t remember it ever actually getting the release.

I can’t find any date for when it was supposed to come out, so it’s possible it simple hasn’t happened yet. It’s also possible it was canceled, I’ve heard the other rereleased didn’t make much money.

Yeah, I remember seeing a theater stand or two for 3D Monsters Inc., but I didn’t hear about anyone going to see it. Bummer, but ah well.