Easter eggs in Skins

I was wondering if there were any hidden little bonuses in the Pixar Planet skins, and if there will be any in the WALL•E skin?

What do you mean easter eggs? Like You click on something and something special happens?

Yeah, like that. Many websites have these, and I was wondering if there are any in the PP skins.

I don’t think there are any easter eggs in the current skins available. It would be cool to have a few in the WALLE one, But I think that would mean a little more work.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want any easter eggs in my skin O.o they would make my clothes no longer fit properly!

Ahahahahahahahaha! Sorry but that gave me a really good laugh. Lmao

While it would be cool, it’s not something I’d need to have. I probably wouldnt notice unless someone pointed them out to me anyway.