Edna's Computer Posters

[b]Here is some Computer Posters I




[b]Tell Me what you

think about them! :smiley: [/b]

You know what? Those are pretty cool! I’d grab one if

you made a Ratatoulle signature. :smiley:

I love the one that you have as your

signature right now: the Dash and Edna one. :wink:

Thanks Mitch!!! :smiley:

No problem, Edna!


Say, will you make any Ratatouille signatures? Just curious… :wink:

Sure Mitch,

Wow – thanks, Edna! The words are kind of hard to see, but other than

that…it’s cool. I sized it down a bit so that it fits better in my signature. :wink:

[b]Okay Mitch. Here is a better one Mitch: :smiley:


There we go – much better! Thank you.


Your welcom Mitch!! :smiley:

Nice! :sunglasses:

I really love the one with Dash and Edna in it. :wink:

[b]Thanks LightingandSally!!! :smiley:


Thanks TSS!!! :smiley:

Nice posters- they’ve really caught

the simplicity and style that is Pixar. :smiley:

[b]Thanks Lizardgirl!!! :smiley:


[b]Here is a Dash


[b]Here is a Poster with


Tell me what you think! :smiley:

Edna - Wow – cool Dash signature! I’m betting that [b]The Star

Swordsman[/b] will give a full compliment on that one. :wink:

And ha! That Remy one is great!

I’ve gotta switch signatures now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet Dash poster I

loved how you got 4 pics of Dash in 4 different emotions and 4 different lighting. Wonderful!

Those are neat!

Where did you find the Cars version of Pixar characters? Can you send me them


I Like the Cars ones and the Remy one with the 4


I know where Kinoo, 1st you go to the Cars DVD site, then click on ?Enter showroom?, then

click on ?More Cars? and just click ?next? a few times and there you go. Glad I could help.

Wow! Those signatures are great. I especially like the

touch down Remy one. :smiley: