Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some emotions look like our favorite Pixar characters?

Oh, that would be neat, but is it possible at this point? Anyone know how to do it?

On the topic of emoticons, I like them all besides this one: :slight_smile:
It doesnt really look happy, it’d be nicer if it didn’t have teeth showing.
Just my two cents.

A113 made some EVE emoticons a while back. It would be great if we were allowed to use them, as well as other Pixar-themed smiles, in addition to our usual smilies.

Martin - Yeah, that smiley freaks me out a bit, too. I still use it sometimes, though since there’s not really a general happy one other than that one.

I think Pixar character emoticons would be fantastic to use!

yes, It is entirely possible for an admin to add some emoticons.

Well, if it is possible, will we be using emoticons from one movie or from all 9?

Characters from each movie would be nice. If only knew how to create emiticons, I would have create some of my own.

A113 has done some before. Maybe you could ask him to teach you.

The EVE emoticons that A113 created are quite cute, so I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar to that if it was rendered well. My only complaint is that character emoticons can sometimes turn out to look a bit freaky if poorly created – at least, to me they do. (Have you seen the Yoda emoticons on the Star Wars forum board? shudders)

Other than that, I wouldn’t mind seeing some EVE emoticons. :wink:

martini833 - I agree. That smiley is the freakiest thing on earth, man. It almost looks sinister.

– Mitch

I wouldn’t mind neither, but like Mitch said " if it’s well rendered" … :smiley:

And i’ll Second what you said about this guy : :slight_smile:

I’m glad everyone likes my EVE emoticons.

I’ve got an idea!

What if there was an option in your preferences that would turn on Show Character Emoticons? If this were checked, the emoticons that were related to the skin the user has chosen would be displayed instead of the regular ones.

Of course, there’d have to be lots of emoticons drawn, but we have enough creativity here, i think we could do it.

What do you say? You with me? :smiley:

I love the idea A113. I was think of the same thing. BUt how much work is it to make each and every emoticon?

It depends on how much artwork we can complete.

How long did it take you to do those emoticons?

Eh, probably a few minutes.

Awesome idea A113, if only an admin approved our idea.

It sounds possible, they do it on Muppet Central. They have characters from each Jim Henson show.


I sooooooo want to use character emoticons now. It is Pixar Planet, after all, so we should be able to use Pixar characters for emoticons, right?

I’ll put transparency in if you like so you can get rid of the black aound it.