Episode 008 -- Late to the Party

The eighth episode of Radio Pixar is now available. This week: News on WALL-E’s box office returns and the first awards start rolling in for Pixar’s little robot; plus an initial look at Up, and reports from the Totoro Forest Project auction at Pixar headquarters. KyrieEllison from PixarPlanet.com joins the show for a spoiler-free discussion of WALL-E-- all this, plus your emails on this week’s episode of Radio Pixar!

I really, really enjoyed this episode, Nijhazer. I found it really useful how you explained the different [spoil]DVD releases of WALL-E, especially as this will motivate a lot of people to buy the film. I also loved the bit where you said that we should ‘fill our directive’.[/spoil] I just found that humorous. The stuff about [spoil]Up was really cool too- I’m getting more and more excited about this film![/spoil]

The music in the background worked really well in this episode, too. Nice and understated, and with your crisp, clear voice on top, it was an easy listen. I also enjoyed your discussion with KE, who also made some really interesting and concise points. Well worth the wait! :smiley:

That was a great episode Nijhazer ! :smiley:

Great work! This was arguably the best episode yet! :smiley:

Nice! keep on making them :smiley:

I really liked this episode. I’m sorry to hear why it was delayed, but it is perfectly alright, no apologies needed.

NOw this episode was a good one. I think my favorite part was. . . hmmm. . . I don’t know. It was all nice. Keep it up.

Well done Nijhazer! Fantastic podcast :slight_smile:

Aww, thanks lizardgirl! I really enjoyed making the podcast, although my little sister doesn’t think it was very good… oh well. Who cares what she thinks anyway?

Great episode Nijhazer, keep it up! And good job toyou too, KyrieEleison and TSS!

Nice episode! I liked the DVD info since I was a bit confused about the releases beforehand. Great use of background music - a much improvement from last time - I liked the snippets of audio from the WALL•E movie, and other soundtracks. It would be good to get a player where you can rewind and fast forward for Radio Pixar, since there were parts I would have loved to have listened to again without having to restart the whole thing.

I agree about what you guys said about the opening of WALL•E, absolutely stunning. About the product placement, I don’t see what the problem is. The financier of Pixar owns Apple, so it’s just a bit of an in-joke, nothing more.

Just a suggestion for a Radio Pixar competition: maybe to celebrate the release of the DVD you could get listeners to send in recordings of themselves saying “WALL•E!” like he says in the movie and trailer. And the best imitation gets to hear their entry on a competition segment on the show, and wins a copy of the DVD…

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next episode. =)

Aww, dude! I gotta remember to listen to this now! maybe tonight if I dont have to work.

My friend sends me an email and she’s all “you know you were mentioned on Radio Pixar, right?” and I’m all “…EH?!” checking my podcasts like mad.XD Thank you so much for reading my email! 8D It’s kinda funny come to think of it, that pretty much everything I said in that email was addressed at some point earlier in that episode. XD

For example, the DVD thing. I read about the DVDs when the article originally came up. As you can tell from the email, that was basically the exact opposite of what I was expecting the release to be like. I PINCHED MYSELF. I don’t mean as a joke, or to be overdramatic. I mean, I sincerly pinched myself, because this is the kind of stuff cartoon fangirls like me have dreams over. Then when that hurt, I went to my mom and asked her to pinch me. When it still hurt, and went and told the WALL-E fans on Livejournal. XD

You guys totally stumped me with the trivia question! D: Oh well. XD

I have to dissagree with the opinion about Presto though. Maybe I haven’t seen a ton of Looney Toons, and that’s why, but I found it very original. I mean, The idea wit the hats was briliant. It was more like Looney Toons meets Portal to me, with the Pixar backing.

However, as far as the opinion on WALL-E, I totally agree. Don’t worry. I can’t help but gush about it when I talk about it either. Don’t worry about gushing. It deserves it. XD

Agreeing with rachelcakes over the Apple bit. I don’t think their trying to sell anything as much as a fun inside joke. Plus, iPod reference or not, EVE looks REALLY cool. Let people whine. In fact, let people whine about whatever they want. This movie is art, and about love and the fact that people see political issues and ways to be offended over art and love actually supports the message the same people claim is the point. I agree, it’s not. It’s the premise.

…The ending doesn’t make sense? What? People have seriously said that? I felt the movie got to it’s best in the trasition to the second half. Without the second half, the first half fails, IMHO.

I love the merch too. More of those WEVE shirts need to be in adult sizes.

WALL-E for the Oscar! Break the chain of live action only best picture! I think it should win. I really do. No never won. BatB is the only one that’s been nominated. The Oscars are bias, and it needs to end here. It IS a copout. This person you intervied is great and I totally agree with them. Everything they said and you said in return, I agree. It needs to get ready by Febuary. This is the most beautiful movie I’ve seen in years, and it is the best movie of the year.

I like rachel’s imitation idea too, but I bet half the fandom will probably already have the DVD preordered by then, so if there was a prize, maybe something else would be a good idea. I’d just enter for the fun of it personally though.

Dang it! I keep forgetting about this! I gotta make a point to listen to it.

I finally got around to hearing it last week and I enjoyed it! It was certainly the first time I heard there was gonna be a proper DVD release for WALL-E, which made me extremely happy. :smiley:

Hey guys, know you’re busy and all but just wondering if you know a rough date when the next ep will be released? Just got round to listening to this one; really good and reminded me how much I love the Pixar discussion. I think you should bring back the forum topic discussion from earlier eps too, that way you will never be short of stuff to talk about.
Keep up the great work! :smiley: