Episode 2 is FINALLY here!

It should be ready within the next half hour. Any comments criticism or concerns can go here, or of course feel free to e-mail us at RadioPixar@pixarplanet.com. We sure would like to get some voicemails to play on the show, so try sending audio clips of questions we can discuss. In the future I wan to get an e-mail/voicemail segment in the show. Sorry about the quality of the interview, we got some feedback for some strange reason. But rest assured that I and the other editors are working on a solution.


Yes! I have been waiting for this night to come for days!

Oh joyous day! Episode two is finally done! I bow to the great director (and hosts) of the PixarPlanet Podcast!

Status report: 17 minutes left until complete upload! Please note, our bandwidth is running kind of high, and we have until the 11 of October until it resets, so just keep that in mind before downloading directly from our podOmatic page…

EDIT: Status Report: NOW AVAILABLE! (I’m currently downloading it myself via iTunes.)


[b]Hey AJ give us a anothere Status report Please


Look up. :laughing:

Could you give us the link to the new show Please.

I guess if you don’t have iTunes, pixarplanet.podomatic.com/ is always a good choice to go and download the next episode. (or just to listen to it…)


Thanks AJ for the link.

Hello everyone-New to the forums. Nice to be here.

I listened to the first Radio Pixar podcast, and enjoyed it. I think when it picks up some steam and more episodes are under your belt it will attract more outside people to listen and perhaps even to contribute to it.

As an animator and author, I have a somewhat different perspective on all
this stuff. I am a HUGE fan of what Pixar does, but I also know what it takes to create this stuff, and think that some of the guessing about what motivates Pixar and how a descision is made as to which film to do a sequel to, and when, is more involved then what some of the people might think. Hey, it’s always fun to speculate, I do it all
the time, but then I get hit with a large dose of reality and realize that the business world doesn’t always move at the speed I wish it did, as a fan and as an owner of an animation facility.

If anyone has any questions about the animation process, I would be glad to help answer some of your questions.

Good luck to you all, and thanks for all your hard work!

-Perry Harovas


First off, TL does sound a little like Dory. Yes you do. And a really incredible job with the second episode. I was happy to help you guys with the sound editing. Now what I really want to do is audition for the third host spot. Tell me what to do, and I’ll give it my 100% at it.

I would so love to be involved in Radio Pixar in the future. Radio Pixar Show 2 was

I’m listening to it right now – only a few seconds into the thing and I’m already enjoying it!

Great job guys. We really appreciate all the work you do to get this radio show up and running – big thumbs up. :wink:

Renderman - Nice to have you here, sir. I’m rather fond of your name: Harovas. It’s got an interesting “ring” to it. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the wonderful world of pixar planet. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Mitch. First time - ever - that someone liked the sound of my name (including
me!) :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, sir. (Heheh – I have this weird attraction/liking to/for…“intriguing” names.) How do you like the site so far? :slight_smile:

EDIT: The show was awesome!!! :smiley:

Yes, brilliant! I shall go and listen to it now! :smiley:

Great job with editing, you guys. Hahaha, AJ, I love what you picked as the title!! 8D

Dash on the show you your saying that there will be an in depth discussion instead of a fan interview, what is the in depth discussion going to be about?

Seeing as I didn’t actually get to do any editing on this episode due to technical difficulties, I suppose I can comment on it purely as a listener. :slight_smile:

It was, of course, great. Looking at the bullet point summary, I was afraid that it was going to be a little more off-topic and a little less Pixar than I would hope, but it turned out that that wasn’t the case at all, which made me quite glad.

I’m really looking forward to Radio Pixar’s first in-depth discussion! I’m interested to find out what the topic is, too, see if it’s something I might be interested in talking about. :smiley:

TL, this is me commenting. You do sound like Dory. I’m only part-way through the episode, and I’m really enjoying it. Oh, and bawpcwpn, I want your accent.