Every Single Pixar Movie Wallpapers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, this is my collection of pixar wallpapers i made, i hope you like them, feel free to use them for your desktop! :slight_smile: let me know if you like them…

Awesome wallpapers buddy, too bad they are too small for my screen. :frowning:

Haha, the Wall•E one is nice, I like where Wall•E is on it, :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you please post higher resolution versions of those? They’re awesome!!!

they are in high res !!! 1440x900 you just need to right clic on the image and open in a new tab or window! I’m glad you like them!

I really like them Fabricio84. Really well done. I actually might use one for my desktop if there is an Incredibles one.

Isn’t the third wallpaper what you’re looking for, TSS? :wink:

Anyway, that’s freakin’ awesome, Fabricio84! I must praise your attention to detail; like in the Nemo pic, the characters cast long, dappled shadows as if they were underwater, and the characters in the Wall-E-paper react to each other. How did you do their shadows, especially the one in Nemo (did you use Photoshop, what effect, procedure, etc.) I’d really love to learn from you how you did that so naturally!

The composite lines are very clean too (no fuzzy edges, bits of background from original piece, etc.). Amazing work! :smiley:

Cool wallpapers! If only there was a Cars one. . .

Haha, diggin the new additions, Nemo and TI, very nice. Keep it up, and I’d like to know how you did the shadows as well, PS, I presume

You’re good at this, Fabricio84! They all look so clean and neat! Keep up the good work. :smiley:

The Toy Story and Bug’s Life ones look a bit crowded, but they’re all really great! Excellent job sir!

God…I LOVE IT! I like the Ratatouille one, obviously, neat, simple yet exquisite…LOL. keep making one though! Hallelujah, Fabricio84!! Now I have the reason to change my old, mundanely Up wallpaper that I use since April to this.

p/s: too bad Up not as good as Ratatouille.

OOOH!!! Now there’s a Cars one!!! :smiley: That’s so cool!!! I’d use it myself, but the wallpaper I have will never get tired out. XD

Oh wow! These are fantastic! I just might have to alternate between them all for my desktop!

Would you be able to make them, 1680x1050??

Nice work, Fabric084! :smiley: Like thedriveintheatre said, I like what you did with the Finding Nemo one, with the lighting so it looks like they’re underwater. I like how you placed some characters on top of the letters, like WALL-E, Jack-Jack, Dash, Russell, & Tuck and Roll. I think the Ratatouille and Monsters, Inc. ones could use a little more, though. Maybe one more character (Waternoose /Skinner). Other than that, this is an impressive graphics collection! I really like the last one, though it is crowded. Maybe it’s because it’s crowded that I like it- it’s full of Pixar’s fun, memorable movie characters! :smiley: Good job, and welcome to the forums.

Wow! Well, I know what my new wallpaper is :wink: ! Great job Fabricio84 :slight_smile: ! They look like they’ve been professionally done.

I love the Incredibles one. Pretty simple, but you do indeed managed to get every family member in there.

I like the Ratatouille one. The minimalistic design is perfect, and your use of remy and emille as ‘i’ and ‘e’ is awesome.

Those are very well done! I am envious! You have a lot of spare time, but you use it productively!