Fact: Tangled is a far better movie than Frozen

thefederalist.com/2014/05/16/fac … an-frozen/

Thoughts? Personally, I agree. I have thought this ever since my second viewing. And bravo on his opinion about Hans. Yes perfect!

I agree with every word of that, except for the part about the “middling score.” He pretty much put into words what I have been thinking for the past few months.

I was just reading this (and a Buzzfeed article on the same subject) last night (my sister went crazy for it).

Loved it, but I wish he went into a bit more detail. He just glosses over a lot of these. For instance, when he points out Olaf makes no sense. I know what he’s talking about (at least, I assume. Making snow =/= making life), but people reading this to see a different point of view most likely won’t, and may end up just completely dismissing his points if they aren’t backed up.

Bonus: If he went into detail about Olaf, he could spin off into a whole new, more major complaint about how Elsa’s powers pretty much act like a Green Lantern ring (they can make anything), when it really doesn’t match up with what they’re supposed to be.

I like a few score cues. Much like Lion King, the issue is that the score and songs do not connect. But in this movie I prefer the songs, and in LK I prefer the score. Villainess, that bit did confuse me. I did not know if he meant Olaf appearing, or how he looks.