Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, or South Park ?

I’m going with South Park because instead of using comedic timing, which is what cheaters (like the modern episodes of Family Guy), South Park uses…just good writing.


Futurama=close second…I THINK. Everything on this list is good in one way or another, whether it be pure food for thought like South Park, or great delivery like Family Guy. So it’s hard to choose.

Well, I love the Simpsons. Few of the new episodes are heartwarming and funny but does not live up to its wonderful past- the family values and devotion.

Family Guy has good moments of smart humor, but seriously, they cheat. In fact, I will not be surprise if we find out the writers are just manatees swimming around in their tanks taking idea balls…

I can’t really judge Futurama, I don’t watch the show much. Though I have seen funny episodes.

It took curiosity to get me into South Park. I just wanted to see how laugable it was. And when I watched it, I was amazed at its social relevance. The humor can be childish, but the premises and themes are genuis satire. Many times it crosses the line: for example, even though I am a Christian, I actually found the Scientology episode very offending. I actually laugh with some of jokes of Jesus. There was even one episode where the writers Parker and Stone actually exhibited their understanding of Christianity despite being strong agnostics themselves. Not to mention the truth they exposed about Family Guy…

It’s a tied for Simpsons and South Park.

i dont know between futurama and the simpsons .love family guy and south park but those two are great and my favorite lines are :frowning:Futurama) Leela: …and you were stepping on them for fun!
Bender:(stares blankly at Leela.)
(the Simpsons)Homer:i love it there!You’re like a baby.

I’m not allowed to watch any of those LOLZ

I don’t watch it cause it’s not my kind of humor, but the town that Family Guy takes place in is based after my home town.

I love all of them!

The Simpsons: Clever jokes and writing,charecters. Makes me laugh.

Futurama: It’s good but not great.

Family Guy: Makes me laugh .

South Park: Very funny and memorable jokes.

#1: South Park
#2: Family Guy
#3: The Simpsons
#4: Futurama

futurama wins it for me, so many quotable moments and brilliant characters.
I love the other 3 as well, although I prefer seasons 1-3 of family guy. I wouldn’t of minded American dad being in the poll because I think thats my second favourite after futurama.

Oh, The Simpsons, all the way. Honestly, while I can’t comment on the recent “decline” as I haven’t seen any of the newer episodes, I always thought it was a very steady show. And I normally don’t enjoy adult-aimed animations. The writing was always solid, pop culture references were enough to be like “Hey, I know that guy!” instead of bombarding us with them to the point where it isn’t funny if you don’t get it, and the main cast was actually pretty sympathetic.

Simpsons all the way.

South Park is just terrible. I find the humour too crude for my tastes., and it pretty much relies on the shock-value of it’s jokes/storylines.

The Simpsons is a great animated classic that can pretty much be enjoyed by the whole family, not like with South Park, which is not even remotely child appropriate.

Just voicing my opinion,not hating on South Park, my sister watches it all the time so I have had to sit through a few episodes.

Too crude? Shock Value? South Park is by far the most creative out of any of the choices given. It’s TV-MA, it’s not meant to be for people under 18. Making something child appropriate doesn’t make something good and that is why I hate The Simpsons. I see it as being too childish.

Not trying to insult or offend anyone.
I just don’t find South Park funny at all.

Neither do I… in fact, I find it mostly just offensive. :confused:
And Simpsons is a whole different matter… they insult anything and everything, so you can’t feel like you’re getting picked on. :laughing:

South Park isn’t creative. They just cram in whatever is in the news headlines.

^Exactly!! I enjoy a good pop culture joke, but the episodes just aren’t gonna age well when that’s all they rely on. There needs to be some fresh material too.

South Park. You have to be actally smart to figure out some of their joke. I like Family Guy too, but a 7 year old could figure them out not counting the s** jokes. I also like The Simpons anf Futurama too. But South Park tops it off I think.

Not even seven year olds. Half the jokes are about obscure celebrities and figures that know one really knows. Those ones fly over most peoples heads.

South Park is my favorite. I’ts a very smart show, and it actually makes one think. It’s also funny and shocking!

I like the Simpsons and Futurama alright.

Yep. On the season final they joked on the Penn State s** scandal.

It’d have to be a tie between The Simpsons and Futurama. I like how Futurama is targeted at an older demographic than The Simpsons which gives the writers a looser reign on what they can say and do, but nothing beats a classic episode of The Simpsons.

I don’t mind Family Guy, if I’m channel surfing and it’s on TV I’ll watch it without any problems. It annoys me how popular is is among teenage boys though, there was a period 2 or 3 years ago when everyone in my class was constantly impersonating Quagmire. Out of the 3 Seth MacFarlane shows I prefer American Dad to Family Guy, and Family Guy to The Cleveland Show.

I hate South Park though. The lazy animation, bad voice acting, in-your-face plots… I can’t sit through an entire episode without feeling like I’m becoming stupider and stupider watching it.

I’d have to9 say none.

I like Family Guy as I watch that show more often than the rest. However, i do sometimes find Family Guy’s jokes kind of stupid.