Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, or South Park ?

Which is better?

  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • Futurama
  • South Park

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Considering this is a very common question everywhere, and always sparks up a debate (especially along with my mates, as loads of them has loads of different opinions), which one do you think’s better and why…
I think that The Simpsons is the don of cartoons, in my opinion the greatest series of all time along with Looney Tunes, although i think the other three are great in their own right :smiley:
but The Simpsons has it all, best possible setting, very clever plots and original sort of humor used in it (mostly the old episodes), has heart, and has a HUGE amount of characters, and nearly all of them have had a load of character development over the years etc.

What do yous think ?

I love South Park more than the other three shows combined, but there is no option for it on the poll. Although it is incredibly offensive, the smart writing and brilliant gags make every episode worth watching. It can also be surprisingly emotional at times, and it actually is effective!

Forgot to put in in man, but it’s in now :slight_smile: (South Park option)


Either Futurama or South Park.

The Simpsons all the way!

The Simpsons was always a better constructed show than Family Guy. It frustrated me how a show as crude and unoriginal as Family Guy could not only be so popular but be talked about like it’s a “successor” to The Simpsons. It’s true that the newer episodes of The Simpsons have gotten downhill themselves, but when compared to the good ones from the first 10 or so seasons I would think it would be painfully obvious that Family Guy’s episodes never had that level of quality. I have not been paying any attention to Family Guy or Seth MacFarlane’s other work anymore anyway (thank goodness), because it’s better for me to just get no influence out of him and ignore that show’s existence than to be one of those people who starts arguments about how bad it is with loyal fans that I’m not going to win against. If that’s the kind of cartoon Seth wants to make for a living, I have no control over that. But I’m going to focus on better things.

The Simpsons (and maybe Futurama, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes) is the only show on the poll here that has triggered any emotions for me besides annoyance. I love it. I can’t understand how anyone can find Family Guy funny at all.

I am a big pop culture person, and I just love how Family Guy manages to reference so many pieces from pop culture, from the most obvious to the most obscure, in an intelligent way. I also find the show to be very funny, especially Stewie.

I don’t find it intelligent at all. I guess I find intelligent humor to be the more subtle references here and there, while the way Family Guy does them is just repetitive and annoying. That’s why I called the show unoriginal, because it’s excessively overused to where the show is driven by it instead of any real creativity. There is nothing original about having visual gags about every five minutes in an episode just to make some completely random, out-of-place joke on some iconic film or star we’ve all seen a million times. There’s nothing original about constantly borrowing other existing characters like Bugs Bunny or Yogi Bear and putting them to public disgrace by killing them on-screen (joke or not, that shows an extreme lack of honor and respect towards the classic cartoons). How are you supposed to even connect with these characters when they’re always trying to get on your nerves and don’t give you a good reason to even care about what they’re doing? That’s why I loved The Simpsons, because that was one of the only adult cartoons with characters I felt I could sympathize with.

The Simpsons, even though Family Guy makes me laugh more often, although sometimes those are forced laughs.

I guess if I had to choose, I would pick Family Guy.

I’ve never actually watched Family Guy before, and I’ve only seen a few episodes of South Park. The only one I watch on a regular basis out of these is The Simpsons, though I prefer the older episodes to the newer ones.

Simpsons Seasons 1-10, Futurama, and South Park are all equally awesome, but I went with South Park. Dunno why.
Not a fan of Family Guy. Barely any of the jokes correspond with the actual plot of the episodes.

I voted South Park. I don’t like the first couple seasons, but after around the 3rd season the show really kind of matured. It may my on the edge and out there, but I love satire, so I really enjoy it!

Family Guy but South Park is a close second. The Simpsons is without a doubt one of the least funniest things I have ever watched. It’s comedy should only be enjoyed by an eight year old.

  1. South Park
  2. Futurama
  3. Simpsons
    Beyond Terrible) Family Guy

Do you mean old episodes or new? For me it’s the writing and the large cast of well-developed characters that always made the show good, not if it’s gut busting funny to people or not. The Simpsons had very intelligent thinking humor, while to me Family Guy is more retarded “in-your-face” shock value type humor (which the fans seem to prefer either cause they don’t want to sit through real storylines in a show or they just don’t get subtle humor). We’re always saying how character and storytelling is one of the things that make Pixar films so great, and I think the same applies to the classic episodes of The Simpsons.

Am I really the only person who voted Futurama their favorite show? :confused:

Yeah, Futurama is my favorite show, but a year ago I would have told you South Park. I still love South Park, but Futurama really came back for me, with the new episodes and all, they’re still really good!

And I used to absolutely love Family Guy… then I graduated from Jr. High School :wink:

Hahaha, I love your comment about Family Guy! I use to always watch it back in jr. High, but then I got over it:

ellie-jessie-eve, haha, I was the same way. I thought it was the greatest show ever and now I watch it and think “jeez, I used to like this garbage?”