~Family Tidings~

Hello! MissCarrera, the fan fiction maniac here! I know I already have a story going but I decided to release my next one earlier than planned. This story is the sequel to my very first fic, “Personal Affairs”. Now, if you haven’t read that one you can click the link in my sig to read it here on PP or you can find it on FFN. Let me say this though, you do NOT have to pre-read that story in order to understand this one. It will make more sense, and have more of a flow/connection if you do but it will read just fine without it. This one focuses more on Lightning and just like the last has a 13+ rating for mild language and suggestive/implicit innuendos. It is going to be a lot shorter than the original but I thought it would be fun to write anyways. I’ll stop chattering now and get on with the story…



“Oh, and come see the master bedroom!” Sally’s voice echoed down the hall.

McQueen’s parents, Jane and Anthony, had come to Radiator Springs for a short visit before the new racing season. After the initial get-together at Flo’s, Sally had insisted on giving Jane the grand tour of their new home. It was a custom-built and stately house on the outskirts of town with welcoming windows and clean grey brick. Ever since moving into it one month ago Sally had hailed the place like a piece of Heaven on Earth.

As the ladies’ voices disappeared to the upper floor, McQueen turned to the black Corvette at his side. “Girls and their houses, huh?” he chuckled.

“Ah, it’s your first place together, give her a break. Your mother was the same way. It’s not the house they’re really flaunting, more like the fact that you’re living together. It’ll wear off in time,” Anthony reassured him with certainty.

He didn’t want it to end though. Sally hadn’t stopped smiling since she set one tire in the house. She practically glowed with happiness. To see her so joyful made him share the feeling. As a male, it felt good to provide for his wife and keep her pleased. She’d turned sweeter on him than honey over sugar. She drenched him in “I love you” and let him push it further than make-out sessions more often. He didn’t want all that to stop!

“So, I know this is a bit out-there, but have you thought about kids yet? You know your mother would love to be a grandma…and I might not mind being a grandpa myself.”

McQueen jumped at the question and looked over at Anthony with surprise. He’d expected to hear that line soon, but not from his father of all cars! “Well, I, um…let’s just say I’ve thought about it, but talking about it is something entirely different.”

“I understand. Hey, I’m not trying to pressure you, but if you decide you want to then-.”

“I do,” McQueen interrupted Anthony’s trail of speech. “Really, I do, Dad. It’s just that…I don’t know how Sally will take it. She doesn’t have any siblings either so I’m not even sure if she likes children. And I haven’t got the slightest clue how to bring it up to her,” he explained averting his eyes to the carpet. He never liked to feel vulnerable and the idea of telling her made him feel very vulnerable.

“Don’t worry about it, son. You’re supposed to ask her those kinds of things. She is your wife after all. If you can’t talk to her then you aren’t going to have a very successful marriage,” the Corvette encouraged and his son’s eyes lifted from the floor.

“But do you think it’s too soon? We only got married like six months ago. What if she thinks I’m being too pushy? And how can I ever work a family and racing?” he questioned nervously. There was too much he needed to know!

“You’ve known Sally for more than just those six months,” his father reminded, “You’ll never know what she thinks unless you ask. As for handling a family and racing; you can do it. Your mother and I did, I’ll bet you’ll do an even better job.”

“Thanks, Dad. I think I will ask her about it. This is what I want so I’ll just have to go for it,” he nodded with defiance.

Anthony smiled back at him, “Now you just have to pick the right time to tell her. Judging by the light in her eyes, it won’t be hard to find the perfect moment.”

So, that was chapter one. Short, I know, but that's how many of the chapters from PA were. See, if you had read the original you would know that Sally and Lightning were recently married and little things like that but hopefully it still made sense. Maybe I'll get some comments from you guys? That would be great!  :smiley:

Great start for this fan-fic so far! It’s alright that you decided to make it short.

Thanks, Ballboi, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Your welcome. I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

What an awesome way to start the sequel, I love it!

I love how Sally is all giddy-happy about the house. “Girls and their houses, huh?”- So true, especially with decorating. My mother goes all Martha Stewart on our house all the time. 8D

Oh, of course Lightning doesn’t want Sally to stop being overly joyful and happy. You know, for her. o_0 :wink:

I love this father-and-son, man-to-man talk that Lightning and Anthony have. It surprised me that his dad was the one to ask him about kids when I totally expected his mother to be all like, “I want to be a grandma!” as most moms are. :unamused:

I think it’s really different that Lightning is the one to be nervous to ask Sally about kids; usually it’s the girl that’s the one, but I like it. I love seeing the soft sides of the great Lightning McQueen. <3

Well, I already love this story. No doubt about that. It’s a great start, MC, and I’m excited to read more, especially how Lightning asks Sally about children. That’s going to be good. :wink:

Thank you! Really pleased to hear that you think it was a good start!

Hehehehe! You know it! :mrgreen:

Really short one this time. I know you guys don’t like that much but that’s just how this story is going to be. Sorry! Here it is anyways…


Three days later McQueen’s parents were gone back to their lives in New York. Sally was still buzzing around ‘happy as a tornado in a trailer par’ as Mater would say. Speaking of Mater, he was the very car that parked across from McQueen while he sipped his fuel in front of Mater’s beaten shed. He was still thinking deeply about having a baby car. Well, he’d never have one if he didn’t bring the thought to Sally. It was killing him to hold it inside as it gnawed away at his mind.

He loved Sally. They talked about everything together. Now that Sally knew about McQueen’s past she didn’t hesitate to ask him anything really. He tried to imagine the way she investigated him. She was always gentle about it, and she used a different tone of voice. Sometimes she went about it in a subtle but prompting way. Other times she was direct but never quite demanding.

It was so easy for her to shed light on a topic, but this…this was different. You couldn’t just flat out ask a girl for a baby, even if she was your wife. And McQueen knew he couldn’t live much longer not knowing if he could someday be a father. He would just have to find the courage. The start of the new race season was fast approaching and he wouldn’t see her much then. He couldn’t ask her over the phone either, that would just be cowardly. He’d have to make the effort, very soon.

“Mater, do you know any kids?” McQueen ventured.

Mater stopped sucking back his fuel, “Kids?”

“Yeah…like little cars that aren’t full grown.”

“Sure I do! I got some nieces and nephews out in Texas who is purty young,” Mater nodded with a grin as always.

“You do? Well, how do you like them?” asked McQueen,

“Oh, I love ‘em! Too bad they ain’t came here in a long while. They’re a real fun gang!” his friend exclaimed with excitement.

McQueen smiled at the thought of Mater running about with a group of young relatives. He could bet his bumper that Mater was able to keep up with them too. “Now, Mater…what would you think if Sally and I had kids?”

Mater’s mouth slowly gaped open as he shook his tow cable. His lips grew into a gleeful smile and he slapped a tire against the ground. “Darn tootin’! That would be- be amazin’! Are ya becomin’ a dad, Lightnin’?”

“Shhh! No, no, Mater. I was just…thinking about it, that’s all,” McQueen said nervously. It was hard enough talking about it with his best friend, let alone his wife…

“Oh…Well, I think that would be swell, buddy. Maybe someday I’ll be Uncle Mater to your kids too,” the tow truck replied lowering his eyes. Now that the conversation hadn’t turned out like he expected he was left a bit disappointed.

McQueen’s tank lurched with adrenaline. Had he said too much? What if Mater let something slip? Sally would hear about it in a heart beat! He didn’t want anyone else telling her but himself. He would have to hurry now. He had to bring it up to her before any of the others did; namely Mater.

Uh-oh! Who's it gonna be first, Mater or McQueen? Find out next chappie!  :smiley:

Nice chapter! My guess is going to be Mater.

Out of all your fanfiction, this is my favorite story, just saying. <3

“Happy as a tornado in a trailer par’” 8D Oh my gosh, I say this all the time! Isn’t it so much fun to use?

“You couldn’t just flat out ask a girl for a baby, even if she was your wife.”

I just had to laugh at that because a picture came in my head of a guy randomly asking his wife, “Can I have a baby?!” 8D

I like how frustrated Lightning is getting over this. Like I said, I love seeing this side of him.

Okay, am I the only one who can completely picture “Uncle Mater” with a bunch of neices and nephews? Come on, we all wish we had a uncle like Mater. :smiley: I can also picture Mater being completely crushed about Lightning not being a dad…yet. o_0 :wink:

First, it was the awesome British accents but now you can write awesome hillbilly accents, too?! :open_mouth: You never fail to surprise me.

Oooooo, Mater or McQueen?! Umm, what is Mater, Alex, for $500? :mrgreen:

Wow! You like it that much? And yes, everyone needs an uncle like Mater! I’m really happy that you think the accent is good too. I’m telling you, Southern accent is even harder to write than British, BIG time! So, thank you.

This seriously made me LOL!!! 8D

:-D) Maybe it’s my weird thing of how I always seem to like sequels.

Hey! Nothing weird about that! Glad you’re enjoying it. Next chapter out tomorrow hopefully! :slight_smile:

Yay! On time update! Here ya go! :slight_smile:


That evening McQueen arrived home early to wait for Sally. She was probably still out discussing things with Megan, the girl she’d hired to help manage the motels. Soon he heard a distant engine which he immediately recognized as Sally’s. She entered the house panting lightly. When she caught sight of him she drove over to give him a peck on the fender.

“Flo’s for dinner?” she offered casually.

“Ah…no. Actually, I was wondering if we could stay in tonight?” he answered in hopes that it came off as a simple suggestion.

“Sure! I’ll go get us something to-.”

“Don’t bother,” he cut in swiftly.

She gave him a confused look but stayed planted where she was.

“W-What I mean is, let me get it! McQueen finally stuttered. Without waiting for a response he dashed to the kitchen. Inside the room he paused to collect his thoughts. How could he delicately bring it up? Suppose she wasn’t ready? Or perhaps she never wanted children! He hadn’t thought much of that possibility, but nevertheless it was an option. His tires practically shook with the stress of it all. Why was he getting so worked up about this?!

Sally pushed quietly through the swinging door behind him. “Is something wrong, Stickers?”

McQueen gasped in surprise and spun around to face her imploring green eyes. She seemed more like the girl she had always been, not the overly-exuberant one she had become lately. Had the novelty of having a new house worn off so abruptly? But her voice brought him back to the time he’d told her of his parents’ divorce. It was genuine and understanding, putting him more at ease.

“Nothing is wrong, Sal. It’s just that…there is something I’d like to talk about,” he said boldly. The fear melted away and he felt a tinge of excitement.

She backed away from him a little and asked, “What is it?”

McQueen watched her movement with a puzzled expression. “Where are you going?”

She halted and looked into McQueen’s earnest face. Did he have to say it in this way? “Um…you were saying?”

He bit his lower lip shyly then took a deep breath. She had to know how he felt, and she had to know now. “Sally, I’ve been thinking. Now that we’re married it might be nice to uh…start a family soon.”

Her eyes widened as she began, “Well, Stickers-.”

“If you think it’s too soon then that’s fine. I can wait, but what I’m wondering is-.”

“Stickers, I-,” she started again while he was mid-sentence.

The words tumbled from his lips and he continued, “But I know kids aren’t for everyone. And if you don’t want to get pregnant-.”

“Lightning!” she exclaimed at last. He clamped his mouth closed and awaited her reaction. A smile crept across her bumper as she told him, “I already am.”

Hehehehe! McQueen just got owned!  :stuck_out_tongue:  Well, sort of. I hope you guys liked this chapter because now the secret is out! Thanks for reading!

OMG!!Sally’s preggie!! Wow…I’t be interesting to see how Lightning reacts…I wonder though if it was from that little episode from the third chapter in the first story? :wink:

8D ! You never forgot about that, huh? :wink:

Well…lol 8D :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually read this yesterday but my internet decided to stop working. :-\ So, I had to contain my shipper craziness until NOW! [size=150:9kimue92]OH MY GOSH![/size:9kimue92] She’s already pregnant?! Why didn’t I see that coming?! No really, why didn’t I see that coming? But Awwwwwww, plot twist! I think this is my favorite chapter so far. <3 (There’s only three but you know. o_0) I am [i:9kimue92]so[/i:9kimue92] excited to see Lightning’s reaction, there’s so many different ways he could. :-D

Umm, actually I’m a little confused on this part:

[i:9kimue92]She backed away from him a little and asked, “What is it?”

McQueen watched her movement with a puzzled expression. “Where are you going?”

She halted and looked into McQueen’s earnest face. Did he have to say it in this way? [/i:9kimue92]

Was there a meaning behind that or a certain purpose? No critique just :?:.

[quote="xCarsLuverx":9kimue92]I wonder though if it was from that little episode from the third chapter in the first story? :wink:[/quote:9kimue92]

LOL! 8D Wouldn’t she of had the baby by now?

I can’t stop picture Lightning and Sally with a little baby car now! [size=150:9kimue92]TOO CUTE.[/size:9kimue92] <3

:smiley: Yes! I surprised you! Yeah, I was considering taking that out but basically it was like she thought that McQueen ahd found out already that she was pregnant and wanted to have a little intervention or something with her. Sorry for the confusion! And yeah, she would have already had it if it was from that night. :wink:

Oh! Now that I re-read it knowing that, it makes sense. Don’t apologize! :slight_smile: I actually had a question. I know Doc was alive in Personal Affairs since it had no correlation with the second movie. Is it the same with this one? Is he still alive? I really hope so because I’m like dying from the cuteness of just thinking about, heehee… “Grandpa Doc”. 8D <3

Alrighty, glad it makes sense now. :slight_smile: And yes, Doc is still alive in this one, he just hasn’t came into the story yet. :stuck_out_tongue: