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Is this a good idea?

  • yes…they deserve more attention from members and non-members
  • no…they’re fine as they are.
  • I can’t decide…

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I would like to present an idea to the people of Pixar Planet. In my “short” time here at Pixar Planet it has come to my attention that certain areas in the forum are visited by only a few members. One of these areas is the Fan Fiction section. It rarely gets outside views and the highest view story we have is 5460.

If you compare that to other sections you can see the difference…

Pixar Fan Fiction-5460
Toy Story-18442
A Bug’s Life-11802
Monsters Inc.-19415
Finding Nemo-14680
Upcoming Films-9994
Members Inc.-74334!!!

As you can see the Fan Fiction section gets little traffic. We have some of the greatest fictions to Pixar Movies that i have ever read but no one has yet to review them other then a few loyal fiction writers.

What i would like to do is put the fiction section under its own designation in the front page of the forum, Put it on the bottom if you want but just put it someplace where we can see it easier. You could even put a sub-folder (Non-Pixar Fiction) under it just to make the section worth while.

I don’t know how many will support this idea but i do know that soemthing should be done to let members and non-members easily detect our wonderful stories without having to search around for them.

Is this crazy or do i have a good arguement?
What do you think?

I think you have a good argument, Al-Bob. I would really like to see my fanfic, Higher Calling, get more reads and reviews than it currently has. (About 230 views last I checked, I think…) Honestly, as an author, it almost hurts to think that people might be simply skimming through your work (which you poured so much of your heart and time into) and never taking the time to tell you what they think. And not to brag or anything (because I am so not a bragger-type), but that fic is one of the only ones I’ve seen that delves into such a crucial part of such an amazing movie.

More fanfic views, people! Let’s show these authors we appreciate their hard work!!! :smiley:

little chef

That is exactly my point of view…perfect…right on the nail.

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Yes. I am grateful that I have some loyal and interested readers, but still, my fanfics aren’t that popular. I’ve done all that I can to advertise for them (without forcing anyone to read them, of course), and now all I can do is wait.
This decision might help boost it up a bit, even though it still all comes down to an indivisual’s decision whether or not they’re interested.
I say yes, because it’ll help.

And not just from a writer’s perspective. As a reader, I know there’s gotta be some fanfics here that I would have loved to read but don’t know of yet.

And I support the Non-Pixar Fiction concept, also. I know, it’s called Pixar Planet for a reason. But I don’t want to open another account elsewhere for my other fanfics.

I don’t want to be the one who does’nt agree with anyone in this situation, but I am. I think the reason the fandom section does’nt get much veiws, is because someone makes something maybe once a week. Maybe less. I think that the forum that does’nt get the most veiws is the other animation one. That’s just my opinion. Anyways, I’ve been trying to start a fan fiction. I guess I’ve just been too busy.

Surely something that could be wise to do is try and spark people’s interest in making their own fan fiction? Or any kind of writing really, maybe even get into things that are a little collaborative.

I’m very much a silent reader of the fan fiction forum. I never have much to add, but I’d like those who write them to know that i’m reading them. I can never sleep so they all prove as a good and entertaining read for me to get my teeth into when i’m killing a bit of time.

But yes, maybe more people need to be encouraged to write their own fan fiction? Or just fiction in general? There are probably many budding writers on this forum who don’t know exactly how to sink their teeth into something pixar related, as much as they might want to. So expanding the creative writing area of the site might be a good idea. But then this is just a suggestion.

As it goes i’m trying to figure out where i would like to go with a fan fiction I would like to make. Well, it’s partly a fan fiction…more of a loose spin-off from elements of The Incredibles that fade away in the movie, but were things that i found quite interesting to extend upon.

Still, more people should be reading them! As much effort and heart is put into those Fan-fics as there are in every piece of fan art.

Ramble over!

This is partly because it may take people a while to write something. Right now, I’m “on hold” in the middle of my other fanfic (at the best part, too) because I’ve been busy with other things. And also, maybe those authors may not want to continue because they aren’t getting a positive response.

It’s very comforting to know that you are doing this, Mark-E. I’m very sure many of the other authors are glad to hear this as well.

Anyways, I didn’t want to sound like an advertisement for my fic in my first post here, people. I just wanted to make that clear; I was just using it to stress my point, k? :wink:

Again, supporting the whole idea 100%.

little chef

I agree that the fanfiction in the Fanfiction section doesn’t get as much attention as it should, but at the same time I admit that I only sometimes go over there to read the stories. Both writing and reading fanfiction is quite time-consuming, and especially if it’s a long story, you have to be a dedicated reader and keep up to date, which can be difficult. So yep, I agree that the fanfiction deserves more attention, but at the same time there are reasons why it doesn’t get as much attention as the fan art or other sections of the boards. Plus there’s sites like, so if you really do want people to read your stories, that’s always a good idea.

Also, Mark-E has a good idea- making fanfictions more interactive. People could take turns in writing their own sections to a massive Pixar story or something like that, and in turn that would attract more attention to the Fanfiction area.

I don’t think it’s so much of an issue of people not knowing the Fan Fiction section is there, it’s just that FF may not have as much of an audience as other mediums.

Promoting your FF within the forum is a good idea, and I can see you’ve got yours advertised within your signature Al-Bob, which is good. Another good example is thedriveintheatre’s method for advertising here. Every chapter of his fan fiction is an event and he advertises it with his graphics in his signature which makes it more exciting.

But if people aren’t interested, or are more interested in viewing work made in other mediums, then that’s just the way it is. As long as you are doing the best you can do, then don’t take it personally. I really don’t read much FF because other things take up my time here and on the Internet, and I have other mediums that a favour more, like graphics. I work with graphics so like looking at other people’s graphics rather than FF. So, it’s not that I don’t like your writings, or don’t think it’s worth reading. Not at all.

If you want more specialised constructive criticism you can upload your FF to, and if you’ve already done that, then a well-written story will get readers on its own. Having said that, just because you may not have much of response, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people aren’t reading your work, or that it’s bad…

But I don’t think the FF section needs highlighting any more than the other mediums need highlighting. It would clutter up the boards. It already has its own place under the Fandom section, so it’s fine there. And the remember that it’s a lot easier to glance at a bunch of graphics than to take 10 minutes to read a chapter of someone’s FF so that may have something to do with the less views of that section of the forum.

You do present a good argument, although I think they’re ok where they are. It seems fairly reasonable that the movie forums and even the members forum would get the lion’s share of views/posts. If you look at the other fan forums (graphics, artwork, etc) comparatively they dont have as many views/posts as the ones you mentioned either. Although yes, some do have more than fiction.

I try to read some fictions when I can, but I am really discerning about what I read. Of course it does help if there’s a summary somewhere to tell me basically what it’s about and grab my interest. Plus it’s gotta be well written obviously. Why am I so picky? Because it can take me awhile to read whole fan fictions (or even just a chapter, if its long). I dont usually have time to sit and read at the computer, as I’m usually doing other things. So if I do decide to read fiction, I’m really hoping it’s good. As opposed to some of the other forums, like graphics & artwork, where all I have to do is look at an image and decide if I like it.

I support lennonluvr9, rachelcakes1985 and lizardgirl’s opinion that the fan fiction board is alright where it is, under the Fandom section, and that it does not need a separate section to gain more prominence. However, I like BDD’s idea of having a Non-Pixar Fanfiction board. I think there’s a website called Fiction Press that’s sort of like a sister to Fanfiction for original creations. It may be a good idea for this board to be another channel for budding writers to promote their own work outside of the Pixar realm. Better yet, create a Non-Pixar Fanwork section instead of the current single board, and have sub-sections like Non-Pixar Fan Vids, Non-Pixar Graphics and Icons, etc. Although, if that’s too much to ask, I’m fine with the status quo as it is.

But generally, from the point of view of someone who has dabbled in pretty much every artistic venture, namely fanfiction writing (for fans of 24: The Race Against the Time, I’m aware the series is on a hiatus, but I’ll try to relaunch it sometime in March-April, so stay tuned! :wink: ), graphic-making (avatars and signatures) and fan-video editing (all my music videos and spoof trailers), I feel all creative pursuits are equal and should therefore deserve equal treatment.

As rachelcakes1985 astutely observed (You noticed my promotional tactic! :smiley:) and as what Al-Bob and little_chef_eva09 are already doing, creators of fanfics can, ahem, create awareness by doing some sneaky advertising in their sigs/avatars. Half the fun is in “pumping” your audience for the release of your next chapter, whether it be creating a new signature like a movie poster, or coming up with a witty tagline. I’m very interested in the way how movies and TV shows create “event advertising”, so to speak, so I employ their methods in my promos. Yeah, it may look tacky or even desperate, but this is more polite than blatantly bumping my thread with a new post every day, and if it gains me another loyal reader or fan of my work, I wouldn’t really mind. :wink:

I think it’s a good idea. I also think it’s a good idea to encourage others to write like somebody mentioned.

I do read fan fiction but I don’t reply because I have a really hard time describing what I want to…I’m going to try to change that.

I’ve actually really been wanting to write a fan fiction but I haven’t yet for two reasons:

  1. I’m already writing other stories and I don’t know if I’d be able to keep up with another one.

  2. It’s about A Bug’s Life, so I don’t know if anyone would read it.

I guess for now the story will just have to stay in my mind. :laughing:

I do like the idea of a non-pixar story section too-I’d definitely like to read any stories about animals posted there. =3

Member rachelcakes1985 hit the nail right on the head here. The sad fact of the matter is that a healthy majority of those who frequent this forum are either students attending a high school or college/university… or they’re students attending school and/or working a full-time/part-time shift; henceforth, any free time to catch up on extracurricular/personal activities may not be spent reading fan fiction. Of course, this all depends on an individual’s particular tastes, but the issue of time is still apparent.

Personally, I love some of the fan fiction work that I’ve read here (in the past). Heck, I spent plenty of time writing stories myself when I was younger, because I had the time to spare and was devoid of a job. Now-a-days, however, I work a part-time shift, assist a neighbor of mine every weekday morning, aid my mom in attending to my younger sisters, moderate the Pixar Planet forum boards, etc… It may not seem like much, but it does add up.

That said, I do understand and sympathize with you and your argument, Al-Bob. I wish I had more free time to read some of the stories on here, and, when I find the hours, I do read one or two. There are a lot of good fictional tales out there, and people with potential, as has been proven in writing. I just wish that time wasn’t such a pressing factor…

– Mitch

Yep, of course I noticed. :slight_smile: And it’s not “tacky” or “desperate” at all to promote your own works. It’s what adds variety to this forum and half the fun in you releasing a new video or chapter to your fan fiction is experiencing the promotion you whip up concerning its release.