Fanfiction Ideas

I was wondering, I have two great ideas for fanfictions, but I don’t know which sounds better to do. I might do all of them in time, but I’d like to hear some feedback and see which idea readers would look forward too.

A humanization parody.

Another humanization parody.

Potential spin-off.

Any thoughts?

These all sound great! The FN humanization, especially. I myself have no idea how I would do that, so that’s probably the one that intrigues me most. And I adore the logos you’ve made for them!
On a random note, I’m trying to come up with a humanized MU parody as well :slight_smile: But trust me, it’ll be different than yours, I’m sure.

Seafood sounds the best, since it is really the only movie out of all of these that I’ve watched. the third one sounds too cliche, and the second one might be promising, if I get a chance to watch Monsters U.

Although, Seafood might tread along some dangerous euthanism’s about the fish being eaten and cooked alive.

OWP: I had the prologue to SeaFood written, but guess I kinda forgot about it. If I do go ahead with it, I’m not sure if it should be on here with a warning or linked off-site to FanFiction, due to some of the more heavy action/violence/peril/crime themes that would take place in it (nothing gory or disgusting, just a lot of danger and action) but I might pick it up again. I’ve actually been leaning towards Omicron Kappa Rulez!, but I’m facing the same situation, especially with how some scenes would translate into human form [spoil](such as Mike in the door lab)[/spoil].

somethingguy912: On the contrary, SeaFood is only what I called the human parody of Finding Nemo, not about the fist actually being eaten! As for Campus Life, it’s a spin-off focusing on the MU sororities, namely Python Nu Kappa. I’ve been actually trying to come up with a human Monsters, Inc. too, which would be titled Michael and James: Energy Harvesters!!.

And if you get the chance soon, watch MU. In my opinion, it just made it to #2 on my Pixar’s Best list.

Well, good for you, but I have certain disagreements about it being “Pixar’s #2 Best”. I don’t understand the premise of a prequel to begin with, since the main story from the original already prevails that the two protagonists will be friends and that the original system is not working.

Seafood sounds very cool after hearing more about it! I can understand your concerns about the intensity of it; that’s specifically why I myself haven’t been able to figure out a humanization yet. I also really really like the idea of Energy Harvesters :slight_smile:
And no need to hate, somethingguy, you haven’t seen MU yet, and I promise you it is truly one of the best movies ever :mrgreen:

^As you know, I’m actually working on Energy Harvesters already. Seeing as I’m on an MU kick, I have been considering a fanfiction in which I make up the initiations for the other frats/sororities, since we have seen what Oozma Kappa’s is like in the movie already, so why not speculate on the initiations of the others?

I might give Omicron Kappa Rulez! some thought for the summer, or whenever I finish my current story. :smiley: I’ve also got a WALL-E one-shot I wrote a while back that I want to post up here, but I might divided it into three parts, since it’s over 12 pages long.