Fanfiction Question

After much

pondering, I finally decided to join There is just one problem: I can’t find the appropriate

category to place my Ratatouille story in, and there doesn’t seem to be any way for

me to simply create my own category in the “Movies” section.

Could someone help me out, please?

That website is very confusing. :confused:

  • Mitch the Confused

As far as I can

remember, you can suggest new films and categories to, by emailing them, probably, but since Ratatouille

hasn’t actually come out yet, there’s no certainty that they’ll put it up there. They need enough people to

write about it.

Hmm. I see. Well, so much for me becoming a member just so

I could put up my story, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’ll have to find another way to post my

Ratatouille story so that people on here can read it.

Thanks for the

information, lizardgirl. I might e-mail them. :wink:

What you

probably can do is post it in the fanfiction section of Pixar Planet.

Yeah what they said. I havent been to in ages so I cant really

tell what goes on there…

The Star Swordsman: I was thinking of that, but I

was afraid that the chapters of my story would be too long to post. Hmm. Well, I guess I could try it. :confused:

lennonluvr9: Yeah, it’s a confusing place. At least, to me it is. :stuck_out_tongue: is only a really

good website for stories of very popular films and the like, like the Harry Potter series, for example. It’s

very difficult when writing about something that’s unknown, even when four or five other people have, and

you’ve got your own section for it- it seems like if it isn’t a ‘fad’, it isn’t worth it. Hence, I left a while ago- got too popularized for my liking.

Posting it on PP sounds good, though! Give it a

try. :smiley:

Maybe after a week after the release of Ratatouille, then

posting it on should be availible.

lizardgirl: Ahh…I see. Curse me for not asking what the whole

deal was about before joining the site. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’ll give it a try! No harm is good harm… (That’s a

weird saying. I wonder where I thought that up? sniggers)

[b]The Star

Swordsman[/b]: And wait a whole year? I want to post it now! :laughing:

Thanks for the

information, though. :wink:

Upon browsing this fanfiction section, I noticed this post. I know it’s very very late, but…

Mitch, what is your username on Just so I can find your stories and review. :slight_smile:

Colette Linguini - Although I registered, I completely forgot my username and never did submit any stories, thankfully. Now that I think about it, I’m glad that none of my concoctions were posted up…since I wouldn’t want any random user to steal it.

You can try typing in “Mitch”, “Remy”, or “lovearat”, but that is the maximum assitance I can give you (excluding the fact that I could look it up myself, but don’t wish to at the moment – eheh).

Sorry about that. :blush:

– Mitch

The Ratatouille category is still not there yet? This is strange since the Tin Man section showed up after just about five fanfictions were produced, and they even had a drop-down to sort which couples the reader would like to read about.

I think people should create a group on the Misc. section if it hasn’t been created already. Or constantly email the people that run the place. If bugged enough perhaps they’ll get the picture. :smiley:

Just put your Ratatouille fanfic in the “Disney” category, that’s what I did with “Ratatouille 2” and I’m fine with that.

Geez, I thought there was a Ratatouille category up there already.