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Put on your helmets and ready your swords, cos’ TDIT is about to take Viking jokes to new heights! Born loser Quiff always wanted to run with the ‘big boys’ and fight Ikrans, but it turns out he lacks some major cajones. When he brings down one of the most dreaded species of Ikrans, The Night Furry, he couldn’t bring himself to kill it (again, because of the absence of cajones). So he nicknames it ‘Doofus’ and begins a dangerous liason, unbeknownst to his requisite love interest, Asswit. When his clan launches a ‘preemptive strike’ to rival Avatar’s finale, Quiff has to choose between the people who have mocked him his entire life, or his newfound buddy that suspiciously sounds like a Disney character.

Well, this is my first trailer dub. I’ve been inspired by folks like stry0kr and LordPhillock8 (go check out those videos now!), and decided to give this a shot. I apologise for the horrible Scottish accent, but at least I tried. :slight_smile:

For the record, I’m actually quite excited for HTTYD. I think it’ll be Dreamworks’ best since KFP, but I guess I’ll find out when I eventually see it. And no, I don’t advocate bestiality. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys like this, I may try other trailers down the road. If not, well, we can arrange a meeting and fight to the death on top of dragons in aerial combat.

TDIT’s Dreadful Trailer Dub - How To Drain Your Human [Rated PG for minor coarse language and adult themes]

Music used:
I’m Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Up Is Down - Hans Zimmer
Marry Me - Hans Zimmer
Disco Inferno - The Trammps

The video footage is copyright of Chris Sanders and Dreamworks Animation, and the music is the property of the artistes listed. I only own the character audio track and sound-effects.

Interesting Fact: Other than the trailer narrator, Stoick the Vast, and the Goofy Holler, the other voices are unmodulated! And all sound effects are done by me (other than the ‘whoosh’ and ‘boom’ trailer effects).

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I seem to be getting a lot of views, but very few comments. :confused: Either I’ve got many ‘lurkers’, or this trailer’s really a turkey!

Anyway, after an hour or two of transcribing, it now has SUBTITLES! So now you can read the cheesy script in its full glory!

And do check out my HTTYD Fan TV Spot - “Vikings Fight Dragons”.

One thing I’m annoyed with Dreamworks’ marketing campaign for Dragons was that they didn’t emphasize the epic battle sequences enough in the previous teasers, only reserving it till the last trailer, and then releasing it only a month before its theatrical debut. So here’s my effort to ‘rectify’ the situation, and what better way than to use the trailer soundtrack from the competition! :slight_smile:


The master of mangled mash-up malarkeys is proud to present you the ultimate music video of all of 2010’s summer blockbuster hits coming your way. From men in iron suits to women in designer threads, secret agent animals to not-so-secret mercenaries, toys that come alive to the ogre that refuses to die, it’s all here, and it’s all invading your cinemas this year. So get ready the popcorn, whip out those annoying 3D glasses and sit back as TDIT takes you through all the movies you should really bother with this summer. :slight_smile:

2010 Summer Movies

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TDIT is very excited about the upcoming Warner Bros/Animal Logic animated motion picture ‘Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’. He has heard stories about it from animators who has visited his college, and has read the first book in anticipation and immensely enjoyed it. And now with the release of two trailers and a featurette, what better way to celebrate its impending cinematic debut in IMAX 3D than creating the first LotG fan-trailer on Youtube? And all done in one four-hour night!

Oh, and he doesn’t dig the ‘30 Second to Mars’ teenybopper-friendly song, so when he heard Brand X and X-Ray Dog’s amazing orchestral music from ‘The Karate Kid’ trailers, he decided to use those instead. :slight_smile:

Music Used:
‘Hope Always’ - X-Ray Dog
‘Dogs of War’ - Brand X Music

Video footage copyright of Warner Bros. and Animal Logic. Audio soundtrack copyright of X-Ray Dog and Brand X Music. I only own the editing style of this non-for-profit trailer, covered under the ‘Fair Use’ Act.

Legend of the Guardians Fan Trailer

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Inspired by the TV spot for NBC’s Chase after I discovered they use the same trailer music as I did for my fan trailer:

I’m so glad to see that they’ve included Otulissa! And I just came back from the movie! It’s so frinkin’ awesome. :smiley:

Music Used: Dogs of War - Brand X

Clips copyright of Animal Logic and Warner Bros. I do not own the video or audio, only the editing of the clips. This is legal under the Fair Use Act for educational and parody purposes.

Legend of the Guardians “Danger” Fan TV Spot

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BOLT! :smiley:

totally diggs this

Uh… thanks, Czarine? :laughing:


The master of the mangled mash-up attempts his second terrible trailer dub, and this time he’s taking you to the “Cicade Maravihosa” of Rio. Neil the “legendary” macaw has lived all his life as a domesticated macaw from a less prominent animation studio. Always in the shadows of Pixar and Dreamworks, he never really believed he could fly with the big boys. Until he meets the bird of his dreams, the free-spirited and fiercely independent Anne. Together with a toucan who keeps changing his accent, Neil will discover what it takes to believe in himself, and that it doesn’t matter if the story has been told before, but that you tell it with your heart.

Please forgive my poor attempts at giving George’s character a Brazilian accent. And the recordings were done before I knew the characters’ names, or that Jesse Eisenberg is voicing Blu. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am really looking forward to this film, partly because Blu and Jewel’s love-hate relationship intrigues me, and also because I’m tired of the comparisons to Newt and Alpha & Omega. It’s difficult to tell an original story nowadays, especially with the pantheon of tales before you. Avatar wasn’t original, but it was awesome. Inception wasn’t original (watch ‘The Science of Sleep’ or any James Bond film), but it was awesome. Toy Story 3 wasn’t original (its themes have been covered in Toy Story 2), but it was awesome. And I believe that Rio will be awesome. What matters is that you tell an old story in a different way, and with a lot of heart and soul. And from what I’ve seen from the trailers, Rio comes with oodles of that. Here’s to the lovebirds of 2011, and what will hopefully be a surprise spring success.

Music used:
Drink Up Me Hearties - Hans Zimmer
Run Free - Hans Zimmer
This Town (Radio Express remix) - Frank Sinatra

I do not own the copyright of the video footage and musical soundtrack, only the voice dub audio.

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Rio - The Terrible TDIT Trailer Dub (Watch in 720p HD!)

I like your Rio trailer dub! The last line made me laugh, but I can’t repost it here! Good job.

Haha, thanks EJE! :wink: Was it Rafael’s ‘Neil, that was so…’ or Blu’s ‘Well, you kept changing your accent…’?

Anyway, this dub was recorded back when NPH was first announced as the voice of Blu, so by the time I finally got down to editing it, the correction to Jesse Eisenberg had already been made.

Fun fact. Glad you enjoyed it! :smiley:


Here’s my first-attempt at a 5-second video, inspired by theguywithglasses. And yes, the actual summary IS 5 seconds, you don’t count the opening and closing credits.

I’m really looking forward to Rio BTW! :slight_smile: Rate, comment, and subscribe, please! And be sure to catch the film when it opens in Australia on April 7th and USA on April 15th!

RIO in 5 Seconds

The “Neil that was so…” line! 8D

And good job with the Rio in 5 seconds! Nigel’s laugh at the end made that video! And don’t worry, I’ll be seeing Rio the day it comes out here in the States (on my birthday actually!)

Thanks EJE! I was thinking how to ‘soften’ the twist ending and decided Nigel’s hilarious laugh would be a non-sequitur juxtaposition! :slight_smile:


So I’ve watched my most highly-anticipated movie this year, ‘Rio’ and it met all my expectations and even exceeded it some! There were some bits they could improve like more screentime to Luis (without his drooling condition) and leaving out the marmosets (who didn’t advance the plot in any way) but other than that, it’s a very, very good movie. Probably as awesome as Rango IMO, although they can’t be compared like-for-like. I feel Rango appeals to my ‘adult ego’ searching for grown-up jokes and an intricate existential plot, while Rio speaks to my ‘inner child’ who likes adorable characters and wacky action sequences. But both are magnificent films, and Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 really have their work cut out for me if they are to impress me this year!

Here’s a little TV spot I did set to Audiomachine’s ‘City of Hope’. You might have heard in ‘The King’s Speech’ trailer. Rio bears remarkable similarities to TKS in terms of themes like finding inner strength, facing your fears, and the redemptive power of love and friendship.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to a great P. Planeteer and a good friend, Kenzie/ellie-jessie-eve! Hope you enjoyed the movie and this vid! :slight_smile:

Rio Fan TV Spot - ‘Set Yourself Free’

Thank you tdit, I enjoyed both!

I already told you my thoughts on your newest video, but I’ll say also on this thread, since it’s appropriate and others my want to know, for some reason.

This is probably my fav of your videos (that I’ve seen). And with all honesty, I liked it better than the offical TV spots.

“But, he’s a bird!”


Anyways, another great job!

Thanks EJE! Wow - how the months flew by since I last posted here! :open_mouth:

Anyway, here’s the trailer mashup I’ve been plugging and which (hopefully) y’all have been waiting for! Remember to comment and tell me if you enjoyed it or uh… didn’t enjoy it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Fasten your seatbelts for the ride of your life - the Wheelman of Destructive Deconstruction returns with his next adrenaline-fueled trailer mashup. Former FBI agent Blu (Paul Walker) and professional criminal Jewel (Vin Diesel) are on the run. Now cornered in the Marvelous City of Rio De Janerio, the duo have to take on one last job to earn their freedom. Together they assemble a motley crew of their former associates; illegal bookie Rafael (Ludacris), demolitions expert Pedro (Tyrese Gibson) and street racer Nico (Sung Kang) to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But they will encounter a formidable enemy in the form of relentless DSS Agent Nigel (Dwayne Johnson) who will stop at nothing to bring the macaws in - dead or alive. Packed with high speed vehicular pursuits, unforgettable one-liners, and family-friendly musical numbers, ‘Fast & Feathered 5’ will convince you take the tram in the most magical and dangerous place on Earth.

So at long last, after many months of hiatus, I have finally completed a mashup of two of my favourite live-action and animated films of the year. Seeing as how I will be busy in the coming months searching for a job and ‘leaving the nest’, so to speak, this might be my final trailer parody for the year. But never fear, I have a couple of trailer dubs and music videos in the pipeline, and of course, you can follow my other fanwork endeavours on deviantART and Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you missed these films in cinemas… well, I feel bad for you. Oh well, at least Rio’s out on home video, and Fast Five will arrive soon enough!

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Video and audio footage is property of 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky, and Universal.
I only own copyright over the editing of this mashup trailer and my fake subtitles under the ‘Fair Use’ Act.

Fast & Feathered 5 (Fast Five/Rio Mashup)

Oh. My. Cod.

I fricken’ loved it! I really liked both of these movies, and seeing them mashed together is awesome!

You choose the perfect moments from the movie and matched them to the words and characters, extremely well.

I also loved the cameos from Carla and Jose! That made me so happy!

So yeah, this is my favorite of your videos!

Thanks you so much for commenting, EJE! You really made my day.

I had a feeling you would totally dig this, I actually had this idea gestating for months after watching both movies in theatres (as you could probably tell from my promo sigs a few months back). It was a stop-and-start project, I was sourcing for good Rio clips from the official promos 'cos I felt I couldn’t count on bootlegs. I managed to get up to 75% done before I ‘mothballed’ the project because I couldn’t find suitable clips for the scenes like the smack-up between Vin and Dwayne or Paul falling out of the train, etc. Eventually, I gave in to some decent cinema-cams to fill in the remaining gaps and finally finished it the week before I released it on Youtube! :slight_smile:

Glad you spotted the cameos! I just knew I had to pop 'em in. FYI, the other clips in the ‘climax-montage’ are from Brazilian movies like Cicade de Deus and Tropa Elite, and a French spy movie set in Rio called OSS 117: Lost in Rio (which I also used for the after-credit scene). I really mean to watch the latter, I’m a Francophile and as you would know, espionage and parodies are two of my favourite film genres! :wink:

Thanks again for your feedback, if you have a Youtube account, I would appreciate a Fave or Rating, but yeah, thanks again! :mrgreen:

You got that right, sister!

Hey, hey, hey, everybody! Looks like I was real lazy in 2012, cos’ I only uploaded three videos to my YouTube channel last year. One of them was a reupload of The Dark Droid, a trailer mash-up I did of Wall-E and The Dark Knight that was well-received on the forums back in the day. The other is me gloating about being invited to the Singapore premiere of Skyfall.

The one new original video I did last year was a literal music video of the National Day Parade theme for 2012. For those who aren’t familiar with this Singaporean tradition, every year, the government will release a theme song for National Day, which is sort of like Independence Day for Singapore except it was really an “ejection” from the Malayan Federation (you could say it was more of a divorce). A well-renowned artist would usually sing the song, and last year it was performed by the lovely Olivia Ong and the adorable squirt Natanya Tan.

Naturally, a guy like me couldn’t resist making a literal music video parody a la Total Eclipse of the Heart. It wasn’t the first NDP song I spoofed, that would be Stefanie Sun’s 2002 classic We Will Get There. This time, though, because I am a member of the brony community, I couldn’t help sneaking in a few pony references. There are also a lot of colloquial Singlish quips - Singlish is like the pidgin English that locals here communicate in.

I’m posting it here to qualify for the Pixar Planet Awards, do consider it if you like it! And, as always, please rate, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching! :mrgreen:

NDP 2012 Love At First Light Literal Music Video

Strap in and take the wheel, here is your sneak preview of TDIT’s first trailer mash-up in almost two years!

Yes, folks, it has been that long, and not only is this going to be my first pony parody, but this will also likely be my longest trailer spoof ever (since most trailers are 2:30 minutes long, and this is the extended trailer of Fast & Furious 6, which is 3:20).

There will be a few surprises in store, so stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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Fast & Harmonious 6 (Fast 6/My Little Pony Mashup)


Saddle up and hold on to your horses - the Prince of Parody is back for his first trailer mash-up in almost two years!

After their 100-million-bits heist in Rio de Ja-neigh-ro, underworld ringleader Twilight Sparkle (Vin Diesel), former Wonderbolts officer Rainbow Dash (Paul Walker) and their motley crew of ponies have scattered across the globe, rich beyond their wildest dreams. Sadly, all that gold can’t buy them freedom from being pursued as international fugitives.

The Great and Powerful Federal Agent Trixie returns with an olive branch: full pardons for their crimes and the “chance to make their family whole again”. In return, our heroes have to take down a ruthless cabal of changelings led by former special-forces soldier Queen Chrysalis (Luke Evans).

To sweeten the deal, Trixie reveals that a former member of their team, Applejack, may be Chrysalis’ second-in-command. Embarking on a turbocharged quest that will take them from the city streets of Canterlot to the desert dunes of Dodge Junction, the five Elements of Harmony will do whatever it takes to save Equestria and bring the sixth one home. Because no pony turns their back on family - even when they do.

How time has flown! In the space since my last trailer mash-up, Fast & Feathered 5, I have become a brony, had my first job and left Sydney soon after, and started work as a sub-editor at one of my ideal companies in Singapore. It’s been an incredible journey when I made my first online parody back in 2007, and this video marks a new chapter in my life.

For one thing, it is the first pony video I’ve made. For another, it’s my longest trailer mash-up - coming in at 3 minutes and 20 seconds! It is also the first time I have used Adobe Effects to create the video composites during the “Tank” sequences; it was a huge pain because my archaic Dell Studio 15 couldn’t handle the strain on rendering. But oh man, it’s worth it, and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in two weekends - probably a 48-hour job in total, as I had to pick through pony episodes and do a few things for the first time!

Please, rate, comment and subscribe. I love receiving constructive feedback, and if you like my work, do check out my Channel and add me as a Friend for more laughs and excitement! Remember: Friendship is magic, my little bronies!

Video and audio footage is property of 20th Hasbro, The Hub, and Universal and Bad Meets Evil. Vectors from Bronyvectors, Silentmatten, Ninga-bob, Kraysee and AxemGR. Explosion green screen by bestgreenscreen. I only own copyright over the editing of this mashup trailer and my credits under the ‘Fair Use’ Act.

YouTube channel

Awesome work, TDIT! I just saw your MLP/Fast 6 trailer and I am totes impressed by the editing and choice of clips! There’s not exactly a whole lot of similarity between the two, but you absolutely made it work and you made it work epicly! Keep it up! :smiley:
“…They’ve got a tank…” That was perfect 8D