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Hey hey hey everyone! I’m aware there are a couple of Bolt fans here, so I’m posting this in the Off-Topic Fan Works section. Hope you guys like this! If you did, drop me a comment on this thread or on the video itself. I’m entering this as a video response to an Animated Trailer Mash-Up contest, so wish me luck! :smiley:

“THE NAME’S BOLT…” Kickstart the new year with a Bang! To celebrate the theatrical release of Bolt in Australia, The Drive-In Theatre is proud to bring you his first trailer dub mash-up of two recent November blockbusters. Presenting… Quantum of Bolt!

Fresh from the apprehending of Mr. White, secret canine agent Bolt and his handler E uncover a mysterious organisation called FEATHER, which was behind the recent blackmail and murder of his ‘person’, Penny. On a mission that takes him across America from New York to Los Angeles, with Ohio and Las Vegas in between, Bolt discovers one of the most ruthless members of the mysterious society: Businessman-environmentalist Dove-inic Green. The terrorist leader plots to seize control of a Bolivia’s most precious resource: styrofoam packing peanuts. Together with Mittens, a shady Russian-Italian feline with a shattered past, and the help of Felix Hamster, an American operative, Bolt sets out to stop the sinister bird and his henchmen from holding an entire country hostage. Along the way, he would learn what it means to be a hero, and what it takes to love again.

I’ve tried as much as possible to synch the clips and transitions to the original second Quantum of Solace trailer. I’ve also assigned each character from Bolt to his/her respective counterpart from Quantum of Solace, based on the role and personality. This has been my Christmas break project, and I hope it’s good for a first effort.

Oh, and I’m proud to say that ALL clips were taken from the various promotional trailers, featurettes and TV spots that were released to the general public. None of them were taken from illegal copies of the movie. Also, I don’t own Bolt or its characters, who remain the sole property of Disney.


Cast list
Bolt - James Bond
Mittens - Camille Montes
Vinnie (green pigeon) - Dominic Greene
Rhino - Felix Leiter
Ester (animal control officer) - M
Louie (brown pigeon) - Mr. White
Veteran Cat - Gregg Beam
Himalayan Cat - Rene Mathis

Watch the most ridonkulous mash-up of the New Year HERE. Or click the sig and check out the featured vid. :smiley:

Talk about serious skills TDIT. I really liked the flow of the video. The clips matched really well with the voices. It was really marvelously editted and well thought up. I really liked it. Especially the ending where you put in the words “Quantum of” above Bolt. Really nice.

Thanks for your feedback, TSS! You’re one of my favourite reviewers.

If you’re curious about how I did it, the end title card was done in Photoshop and was imported as a picture into iMovie, before adding of transition effects.

I’m proud of the lip-synching in this one too. Each character in Bolt corresponds to his/her respective counterpart in Quantum, unlike other mash-ups where a character says another’s lines, so I’m happy to have pulled that off! I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for your comments again! :smiley:

Anyone else care to comment? :wink:

Oooh, Bolt and Quantum of Solace - there’s two movies that you wouldn’t automatically think of mashing together. The syncing and matching up of the characters from both movies was very well thought-out. I have never watched a trailer dub before, but that was very enjoyable. My only constructive criticism would be that you used the pidgeons a little bit too much (and I love pidgeons.) The part when you did use them was used to a great effect (like when one of them tilted their head, I lol’d, and also when you had the scooter scene in Bolt matched up with the motorbike scene from QOS), I’d just like less of the same thing. Maybe it would have been better to replace the excess footage with something else. But that’s it for any criticism. A very cool trailer, and really funny. I like to laugh so this gets two paws up from me. :slight_smile:

Wow! That was amazing! You did a great job syncing up the sounds. Your editing job is superb! Like TSS said, it flowed really well. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one of the best mash-ups I’ve seen!

I’m amazed at how you actually managed to match up the lip synching like that. That must’ve taken ages to get it just right! Very funny, and very well done.

Again, the more disparate the genres, the more fun a challenge to mash! :wink:

Wow, you haven’t? :open_mouth: There’s tons of great mashes (some by truly amazing talents) out there. Just click my Favourites under the Trailer Parodies/Spoofs playlist. There was a wicked Ratatouille/Departed mash that I regrettably didn’t download before it was removed, but there’s a Cars/Talladega mash that I liked. There are Finding Nemo, Toy Story (I’m sure you’ve seen the Toy Story/Dark Knight), and KFP mashes too, just search around. :wink: These masters are the ones that inspire me.

I accept your criticism of the pigeon clips. The reason why it seemed so repetitive was because I only had the one promo clip called “Pigeon Talks” where they featured only one scene, and that was the only publicly released one of Vinnie (the green pigeon who I chose to represent Dominic Greene) that I have to work with. Hence the identical shot framing throughout. I tried not to repeat the clips though, and matched his different expressions to Greene’s different lines. Or, as you suggested, I could have replaced those with different clips, but I was following the trailer closely (it helps if you’ve seen the 2nd QoS trailer and then watched this one). But thank you for your critique. I’ll bear that in mind next time I do a mash-up. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your compliments, Hannahmation! “One of the best mash-ups I’ve seen!” Now that’s a huge accolade! Thanks again! :sunglasses:

Well, not really, lizardgirl. I just happen to be lucky, I picked the clips which had the Bolt character’s expression that matched their counterparts in QoS when the lines were uttered, and the lip-synching happened to fall into place (of course, I had to nudge the clip here and there, trim it a bit, but it wasn’t too difficult). Thank you, thank you very much! :wink:

I was originally going to post this in my usual Videos link under the Fan Videos section, but since I only feature a few shots from Up and the majority are from other trailers, I thought I’d post it here. Maybe I’ll post future parody vids which are not of Pixar movies here instead.

Anyway, in between putting the finishing touches on The Dark Droid and contemplating what to do next, I started this project in the meantime. It’s sort of like a mega-trailer of all the upcoming 2009 films I’m looking forward to. Bear in mind this was started on the 1st of March, so Watchmen, 12 Rounds and The International were not out in SIngapore yet. Coraline won’t reach Singapore or Australia for a good time yet, so that’s why it’s in here too. So enjoy my usual PR talk and tell me your honest thoughts of the trailer. Please explain your opinion so I can improve myself. It’d also be fun if you told me how many films you can identify. :wink:

Oh, by the way, “Akan Datang” is a Malay term used in Singlish, or Pidgin Singaporean/Malaysian English to mean “Coming Soon” and is generally used for events like movie releases. Not very common, but it exists. :slight_smile:

“No idea what’s there to look forward to this year? Well, this trailer might change your mind! From blockbuster live-action to arthouse animation, prehistoric times to an apocalyptic future, with all manners of genres in between, this is the one preview with all the movies you cannot miss this year!”

2009 Akan Datang

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Bar Pixar movies, I can’t say I’m a cinema-goer, but this has made me excited for the upcoming releases this year. What a moody and suspenseful video. Really good. Which movie out of the ones featured in your trailer are you looking forward to the most? For me it would have to be Star Trek and Up, but after seeing some intriguing footage used in your trailer, some others look like they would be worth seeing, too. In your video, what movie are those two green Sea Monkey-looking things from?

My only constructive criticism would be towards the end when a lot of dialogue is edited in, would be to keep the background music level because it seemed a bit up and down which was a bit distracting. That’s all I can think of.

Oh, and thanks for the explanation of “Akan Datang”. I saw it in one of your text signatures and was wondering what it meant. :wink:

I’d say I’m stoked for Up and Princess & the Frog, with Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2 as side attractions.

The green 'sea monkey’s are from a Spanish animated film to be released by Sony called Planet 51. It comes out this fall.

Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, I also felt that was the weakest part. Some of the trailer audio like John Connor whispering “You will not kill me” from Termintaor was too soft, even at max volume, so I had to modulate the background music for the quote to be heard above the din. I guess I’ve could’ve put the ‘softer’ quotes at the front, and the ‘louder’ quotes towards the climax. Thanks for pointing that out!

We don’t use the phrase “Akan Datang” a lot, but if you say it in Singapore/Malaysia, the locals would pretty much understand what you mean. It’s pronounced “Ah-kahn Dah-Tung”, if you’re interested.

Anyone else has comments? It’s a little lonely out here… :neutral_face:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present to you a special double-bill of fanvideos to celebrate the release of the biggest movie event of the summer; one is my biggest nonsense mash-up parody yet (I must have used over 30+ film and pop culture references, see if you can spot them all!) and the other is my very first attempt at creating a fan TV spot.

Here’s the requisite plot synopsis for the mash-up trailer:


Get ready for TDIT’s wackiest nonsense mash-up trailer parody yet, as he takes on the blockbuster movie event of the summer in Transformulaic: Revenge of the Fanboy!

College geek Sam WItwicky thought he had it easy now that he has defeated Hugo Weaving with the help of Peter Cullen, and gets ready for a mundane existence as a university freshman. But fate has other plans, as he is thrust into another world war, this time brought upon by a mysterious clown from Gotham City. As he and Peter race around the globe to stop the deranged psychopath, they encounter characters from previous Michael Bay films, ghosts from Shia’s thespian past, as well as a multitude of common pop culture tropes and Internet memes. Together with other popular movie robots and summer competitors, they must face the greatest fanboy of all: the Joker."

Keep your eyes peeled for Pixar cameos! :wink:

As usual, a comment, whether it’s a one-sentence compliment or a full-length review, anything you say at all would be great. I’m very glad that I managed to fix the “boxed-in” problem I had with my earlier videos (I had been outputting my widescreen projects in 4:3, which was why YT added pillar columns. I finally managed to get my output in 16:9 dimensions. It’s still not HD though, because YT freezes the frame for some reason whenever it cuts to black). So yeah… thanks for watching, and I look forward to “Constructicon”-criticisms! :slight_smile:

P.S. Oh, and a kind Youtuber pointed out my channel doesn’t have a Subscribe button… Why? Because I haven’t uploaded a video yet! D’oh! :angry:
But you should be able to sub now, I uploaded a token video just to make the button appear.

Transformulaic: Revenge of the Fanboy

“I’m So Excited” Fan TV Spot

I absolutely love them TDIT! You pretty much took all my favorite movies and put them in one awesome mash-up trailer! (excluding Pirates :stuck_out_tongue: ) I know I said this also on youtube but are you planning on making any Transformers graphics for idiots like me who can’t figure out how to make any graphics?

Well, my last two avatars here and on Wall-E Forum respectively were TF-related, so you can lend them. :wink: I’ll post them up later. I don’t think I’ll make any new ones since I’m pretty burned out on TF-obsession, and I’m on ‘Ice-Age mode’ now.

Thanks for the comments here and on YT. Glad you likee! :slight_smile:

Wow, that “I’m So Excited” video was neat! It’s a wonder how much a music track can change the tone of a trailer so much, but for some reason, this works! Really catchy.

lol, Mario YouTube poop! 8D And Kevin, yay! That was really clever how you weaved in references to other Shia LaBeuof movies. The Surf’s Up reference was very funny. It’s good to see you put in footage of the old cartoon, and those people in costumes duking it out (?). I half-expected to see footage from the Transmorphers rip-off movie. :stuck_out_tongue: Another nice parody!

Just a heads-up: your YouTube channel still says that your Transformers videos are coming soon. :wink: Have you considered making a list of exactly what you have referenced in your videos, or would that be too much like a magician revealing his magic tricks?

Thanks Rachel, that Pointer Sisters number is my current earworm (along with “Didn’t You See The Movie” by Kari Kimmel :wink:), so I decided to see if I could condense a 3 minute music track into a mere 30 seconds (which is the average length of a TV spot, besides the 15-seconds variety). It was quite difficult, but fun all the same since I don’t mind listening to it over and over again. There’s a lot you can fit into one minute, and I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved, part of the challenge in summarising a movie to the audience in the quickest time possible. But yeah, thanks for the comments. I went for a light-hearted feel instead of the original spots’ action-oriented vibe.

Good on ya for noticing the various in-jokes I snuck into the mash-up trailer, I’m sure you spotted the other Pixar ones. I think whereas for last year, Wall-E did ‘guest appearances’ in my videos, this year it seems to be Kevin, heh heh.

The cartoon version of Optimus is actually from the new Transformers Animated show, the footage of people in costumes is from EvilIguana’s live-action parody. It’s quite a laugh. :slight_smile:

I guess I did draw some inspirations from YTP… they’re one of my big time-wasters, but provided they’re ‘intelligent’ enough to self-reference or create humour out of the arrangements of clips, I’m happy. I guess they’re one of the few pieces of postmodern satire I actually ‘get’.

I half-expected to see footage from the Transmorphers rip-off movie.
So you predicted it was coming? Cos’ I did use a one-two second shot from the trailer in the climatic ‘flash-cuts’. :wink:

Thanks for reminding me. I updated my channel’s ‘billboard’. As for including a list of references, that’s a good idea, but I’m far too lazy to write it out (I used to write ‘scripts’ for the trailers, but nowadays I have them all in my head, and I tweak it as I go along), and I’d rather the audience discover the in-jokes themselves or ask me or each other in the comments box. I guess you can say my reason is the second (reading that line reminded me of Presto for some reason).

Here’s another TV spot I’ve put together for Ice Age 3 starring Scrat and Scratte. It features one of my favourite songs ever since I heard it in the Godfather 2 video game trailer, If you liked this, please drop me a comment and subscribe!

Ice Age 3 Fan TV Spot - “Meet Your Match”

Oh, and BIG announcement:

I’m uploading videos on my main channel again from now on!

I’ve been giving it some thought lately, and I thought, what the heck. I have far too many accounts for different videos to keep track of, not to mention that any new videos I upload won’t show up on my subscriber’s homepage’s list of new videos (because I only favourite them). And if Youtube wants to delete me again, I’ll just start all over (but the more videos I post, the longer it would take me to upload all my videos and build my subscriber base from scratch again, which was part of the reason why I did the ‘Favouriting’ system). Regardless, I figure it’s worth the risk, if only to gain more viewership.

Anyway, long story short, you can watch any new videos from now on under the ‘Videos’ section again! I’ll still keep the old ones under the ‘Favourites’ section. If you want to access my actual list of Favourited vids I like from other Ytubers, it’s on a separate account included in the link on the description (you’ll know you’re viewing it if it’s the channel with the wallpaper of my favourite Wall-E poster :wink:). If YT deletes my main account, at least I’ll have my ‘Favourites’ account where I’ll still have all the videos I admire from fellow fanvid makers!

If you got that explanation, congratulations! You’ve won a year’s supply of Grape Soda as seen in the motion picture Up! Just mail the delivery charges with your home address to The Drive-In Theatre, Interstate 89, Carburetor Canyon, and we’ll send the first month’s package straight away! :smiley:

“The Wilderness Must be Abhorred!”

Join TDIT on an adventure for the Ice Ages as he embarks on his trippiest trip-of-a-lifetime yet! When Dr Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is sucked into a space time vortex with his attractive assistant (Anna Friel) and an annoying redneck (Danny McBride), they find themselves trapped in an alternate universe of 2009. In this “Land of the Dinosaurs”, they will encounter CGI raptors, two comedians dressed in caveman costumes, and a very strange bird who likes chocolates. Together, the intrepid trio must find a way out of this mysterious world, before they are doomed to critical and box-office mediocrity.

If you liked this, rate, comment and subscribe! And if you find Buck, tell him Rudy wants to meet him for dinner. :wink:

Year of the Dinosaurs

Hm… besides BDD’s comment on the YT itself, response rate for ‘Year of the Dinosaurs’ has been pretty low… :confused: goes in a corner and cries :smiley: Nah, just kiddin’. Maybe people haven’t visited this board often yet.

Anyhoo, here’s a fan TV spot to celebrate the return of Aussie police drama Rush tonight at 8:30. I used the theme song ‘September Storm’ from New Police Story, sung by none other than the awesome Mr Jackie Chan! Besides being a lot cooler than the current music they’re playing (IMHO), the lyrics and vibe is also similar to Rush’s theme of gritty urban law enforcement. I couldn’t isolate Jackie’s voice from the chorus line, but I figured, what the heck, just keep it, Jackie’s a great singer anyway. Yeah, it may sound weird hearing Cantonese lyrics for a 'Stralian production, but just imagine that it got syndicated for a release in the Hong Kong market or something. I tried to edit it down to the usual 30 second spot, so I’m interested to hear how I did for this one. :wink:

Rush Season 2 Fan TV Spot - “Get Ready”

I hesitated putting this up, but I figured, what the heck, most of you would know how my voice sounds like by now. This is my attempt at singing ‘karaoke’ to my first LIteral Music Video. For the uninitiated a literal music video attempts to parody a song by changing its lyrics to actually describe the on-screen visuals. So the song will quite literally sing what just happens in the video! The greatest one I know (and by far the most famous) is dascottjr’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, which was what actually inspired me to make this. Here’s the blurb, link’s provided below. Please go easy on me, I know I’m not exactly the best singer around… :stuck_out_tongue:

" In commemoration of Singapore’s 44th National Day, I have pulled out all the stops to deliver you my first Literal Music Video, with vocals sung by Yours Truly. You may want to plug your eardrums.

Stefanie Sun’s classic NDP number takes on a whole new meaning when TDIT remixes the lyrics to describe what is actually happening in the music video. Incorporating the local pidgin English otherwise infamously known as Singlish, TDIT simultaneously questions and humiliates the seemingly disconnected visual on-screen imageries, while paying tribute to the second home he loves so much. At times, funny, sometimes outrageous, but always endearing, this LMV will warm the hearts of any Singaporean or Singaporean-at-heart (like moi).

Subtitle translations and annotations are included for those ‘donch’ know Singlish. Please excused my terrible singing. Rate, comment and subscribe, lah! :slight_smile: "

We Will Get There - Literal Music Video

Heheh. Last year you were shy about sharing your voice with the commentaries, and look at you now! :stuck_out_tongue: That video was cool. Have you ever seen Pop-Up Video? It was really similar to that. I like how you made what you were singing about easy for English speakers to understand. “Kopi” - lol! It was really fun to watch and to also learn a few Singlish words to boot! The video expressed equal parts of loving derision, like I think you said one time, you like to make fun of the things you love, and that came through here. That’s kinda neat how Singapore released a music video to celebrate their National Day. Your singing voice isn’t too bad, either. =)

That Jack Chan song (who knew he was a singer?) matched up really well with the Rush TV spot, and I think you edited the music down to 30 secs great. And judging from your YouTube description, you’ve got the Aussie slang down pat, cobber! :smiley:

Keep up those creative videos, thedriveintheatre!

Oh my gosh, was my last video really back in August? Time really flies! :open_mouth:

Yeah, I think I have on MTV or Channel V. Neat little factoids about the singer and video appear in bumpers along the bottom. I never thought of that, interesting analogy.

Thanks, I think I do this to disguise my fandoms in a way. Passionate enthusiasm for anything besides the popular zeitgeist in society is usually treated with disdain (and I’m not talking about weird fetishes or anything, but interests that are deemed not ‘cool’, like animated films, stamp collecting, or patriotism for a host country). So I guess this is my way of maintaining my ‘cool quotient’ while quietly sharing the stuff I admire or like. It’s quite pathetic… but that’s my style.

And thanks for the compliment on my singing ability. I still need work on the ‘frog voice’ though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, he is. Didja know he sang the Chinese version of ‘Be a Man’ from the Disney film Mulan? It’s one of his side gigs besides kicking *ss on-screen.

Thanks! Comes with the territory. :slight_smile:

To celebrate the spectacular comeback of Disney and Nicholas Cage to making films that don’t suck, The Drive-In Theatre returns to his traditional roots of the two-film dub-and-juxtaposition mash-up. Using the same approach he used to make his first two trailer parodies ‘CJ7 & Stitch’ and ‘Hoodwinked Point’ two years ago, he is proud to present a classic fairy tale remix that’s so bad- it’s good.

Nicholas Cage plays New Orleans detective Terence McDonagh, a corrupted cop who plays both sides of the law. A respected lieutenant with a badge and a crack addict with a gun, he rules the streets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, dispatching crooked criminals and imaginary amphibians in his drug-addled haze. But when he gets on the wrong side of a Cajun firefly, he must enlist the help of the very man he’s suppose to apprehend: a smooth-talking witch doctor (Keith David) with his army of ‘shadowmen’. Together with his frog-and-human-again girlfriend (Anita Noni Rose), Terence will descend into a world of hypocrisy, deceit, and gumbo stew. The Big Easy has never this been this funny, with TDIT at his most subversive, outrageous and laconic best.

Bad Amphibian: Princess of New Orleans mash-up trailer

I may not be making as much fan videos as in the past as I may have other commitments in the future (though I’ll try my best!), and I’m very grateful for all the support from my friends and subscribers these past two years. It’s been a great pleasure, indulging all the nonsensical combinations that I conjure, and reading all your awesome comments and feedbacks. They’re what keeps me going, so if you liked this at all, do let me know. Drop a comment, rate, sub, tell your friends, yada yada yada. If you didn’t … well, tell me anyway. And then go kiss a frog.

Until the next video! :slight_smile: