The Dark Droid Trailer 2 [Reupload]


WALL•E may be the most swingin’ trash-bot of his time back in the 2100s (in fact, he’s the only surviving one), but when he encounters another female of his kind 700 years later, he’s about to discover mankind has become less sexier and more boring. Tasked to stop a mad megalomaniacal machine named Dr Auto, he must show the world how life can be a whole lot more groovier with just a little more Mojo, baby!

Back last year when I released my most popular music video “Wall-E: You Know My Name”, a Pixar Planet forum member suggested I do one to the Austin Powers theme song. I thought it a fantastic idea, but shelved it aside to concentrate on more pressing fanwork. But upon realising her birthday was coming up, I figured this would be as good an occasion as any to try my hand at an MV sycnhed to an instrumental with no lyrics. Needless to say, it was the fastest MV I have ever done (in three nights) and the most fun. Here’s my interpretation of Wall-E and Eve’s romantic journey to one of my favourite numbers from Quincy Jones, Soul Bossa Nova.

Soul-Bot Is Eva

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great work TDIT, really fun vid! dances

The timing in the whole thing is really nifty, you’ve got a knack for vids, keep it up!

Dude, that was one of the coolest fan made videos I’ve ever seen! Everything was just about perfect. The way that the video and sound went together was great!
Can’t wait to see more! :smiley:

And also, I subscribed to your account on youtube. I’m outsidetheblocks

Good work! You’ve really mastered the ability to sync actions to cues in the music, which makes a composition feel more unified as a whole.

I do have a little critique, however. I really think you ought to experiment with transitions a little. It works sometimes to have no transition between clips, but sometimes a big jump in colors and scenery can be really uncomfortable without some sort of fade, however slight. There was a little of it in the beginning of the musical section and it worked very well.

But as always, I was pretty impressed. Thumbs up!

Hehe, a reaction vid, I might have to do one of the trailer since I cant see the movie now, or me listening to Up With End Credits, I go insane!

I agree with Castoro, his vids are a bit better, but mostly because of how diverse the transitions are. I loved this video, really clever, and hilarious.

Thanks for the compliments, ffdude1906! I’m glad you like it! Soul Bossa Nova is one of my favourite opening themes of all time and was perfect for the Austin Powers film series. :slight_smile:

Thanks mo! I make an effort to get the timing down to the 1/30th of a second (is that a millisecond? It’s the smallest division available on iMovie, I think that’s practically each frame of the movie). And thanks for the sub!

Thanks for the constructive criticisms Castoro Chiaro (nice alliteration). I see what you mean by the constant cutting being a bit jarring, but I went with that because of the staccato tempo of the main chorus. In the more relaxed bits when the trombone were playing, I returned to the fade-in/fade-outs to emphasize the pacing (watch the part where Wall-E journeys from the Earth to the Axiom). But I’m glad you liked the beginning, I used the fade ins/outs here too just to set up the scene. I’ll take your advice though for future MVs, just to create a little variety. I’m very thankful for your suggestions for improvement, as I appreciate those more than praises, really. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, I thought Soul Bossa Nova sounded like a cheeky song, and when juxtaposed against Wall-E’s clumsy antics to impress Eve, should make for a hilarious MV, so I’m glad of the outcome! The MV took me three nights (the quickest I’ve ever done for one!) and a little over the weekend to get it out on time.

I’ve seen reaction videos for the Beverly HIlls Chihuahua trailer, some of them were really funny (and not to mention the girl who cried watching Wall-E’s). It’s up to you and your sis, if you’re both comfortable with it, and the vid can provoke the same reaction as it did the first time (which would prove that it works even on repeat viewings! :stuck_out_tongue:), then go ahead and post a response vid. I’m very flattered by your sis’ comments, so please thank her for me. And thanks for the Fave!

Woah, a new favourite? Aw, shucks! :blush:


In honour of the passing of Gidget, the famous Taco Bell chihuahua, here’s the reupload of the last of my classic mash-up trailers in the “Where’s Wall-E” series. Read the synopsis below, and enjoy!

Chloe, a pampered pooch from the most overrated neighbourhood in the U.S.A., finds herself lost in the mean streets of Mehico, where she meets an assortment of Latino stereotypes from other movies (including a trio who suspiciously sound like Cheech Marin). Her not-so-secret-admirer, Papi, embarks on an Incredible Journey to rescue his one true love. If only he can stop endorsing a certain fast-food chain that sells tacos first…

Keep an eye out for a Ratatouille cameo, as well as other various Disney dog flicks and Latino movies! And Cheech Marin fans will get the running joke throughout this trailer!

Beverly Hills Ninja Cop Chiwhawhat reupload

Your Soul-Bot Is Eva vid is really well done! Your editing is just wonderful, everything syncs to the music/sound really well!

I also enjoyed watching your Beverly Hills Ninja Cop Chiwhawhat mash up! Very fun!

Thank for your kind comments, Hannahmation. I’m super-duper happy you like 'em. :smiley:

Wow! :laughing:

I can’t believe I never got around to watching the Austin Powers/Wall•E mash-up until now! That was great! Spot on editing as usual.

Edit: Been out of the loop for awhile now I guess - I just saw your Transformulaic: Revenge of the Fanboy trailer. I have got to say, it had tons of great moments in it, but Bumblebee with Put on Your Sunday Clothes is just PRICELESS!

I also watched a bunch of others… your sneak peek for your upcoming Summer videos, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen TV Spot - 'I’m So Excited", Mission: Incredible, Pixar vs. Dreamworks, and Wallenator Salvation again. They’re all great.

  • C-3PO

Your creative ideas, sense of humor, and impressive editing strikes again! :smiley:
What do I have to say about Soul-Bot Is Eva? First of all, it’s a hysterical crossover, unforgettably fun to watch! 8D Second, wow, the clips just went with it so well in sync! I never would’ve thought of that kind of video! It just impressed me even more with your work (did I phrase that right…?)

As for Beverly Hills Cop Ninja Chiwawhat- oh, man, where do I start with this mashup? Well, I’m glad you reuploaded it! It’s soooo funny! :laugh: All those cameos actually made sense with the trailer at the same time they were random! The added clips at very, very first glance seemed like they popped outta nowhere- but in no time flat, you see how they tied in with the trailer! I don’t know how to explain it, but I hope you get what I meant. :wink: The Spongebob, Oliver and Company, and Bolt cameos were the most funny, in my opinion. Stupendous way of pointing out how the film isn’t the most original.

Sorry for the late comments, thedriveintheatre!

C3-PO: Thank you for your compliments! I thought Bumblebee sounded a little like Wall-E in terms of his silent miming, so I just had to use POYSC! :slight_smile:

BDD: Thanks! That’s my style; I always like to point out the fact that most stuff nowadays are derived from their predecessors. That’s not to say you can’t be inspired by other works, but the fact is, most films/book/TV shows aren’t very creative nowadays. And I’m glad that you caught the meaning beneath the surface of my videos, ya know, my parody vids are like onions… okay, I’ll spare you the Shrek quote. :slight_smile: Thanks for the comments, again!

To commemorate Singapore’s 44th anniversary, I have reuploaded my first music video ever, and one I’m sure is a crowd favourite at Pixar Planet, for y’all to enjoy over again. It’s my ultimate tribute to what I think is one of the most inspiring and empowering films of all-time, Ratatouille. Here’s the original description I posted last year:

"Welcome, one and all, to the Grand Opening of the Drive-In Theatre’s first and latest Film Music Video! To celebrate Singapore’s 43rd Birthday, I am proud to present to you: “We Will Get There” - A Music Video Tribute to Ratatouille.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the song this video is set to is, yes, “We Will Get There”, an inspirational number sung by the lovely local artiste, Stephanie Sun Yan Zi. The lyrics of the song sum up the life lessons to be learnt from one of my favourite animated films of all time, and in theme with tonight’s NDP celebrations, this piece was Singapore’s 2002 NDP Theme Song.

I’m quite happy with the result, and that I got it out just in time on the eve of this special day for all S’poreans. Though I may hail from the other side of the Causeway, I would like to take the opportunity to wish my ‘neighbours’ a happy NDP and good luck in the Olympics! Pixar Planet forum members, it is my pleasure to give you my very first Pixar music video. I hope you like it! If you did, please rate and comment beneath the video, and subscribe to my channel. Alternatively, you could write your thoughts in this post. There’s many more music videos for other Pixar movies in the pipeline, but in the meantime, I’ve got to get ready for my Wall-E marketing blitz…"

Thanks for being an inspiration, Little Chef! And Happy birthday, Little Red Dot!

“We Will Get There” A Ratatouille MV Tribute

Really nice video. I remember the first time I saw Ratatouille. It was at a special showing two weeks early. (They did early showings for one night at a couple hundred theatres across North America.) It just blew me away… Such an amazing and powerful movie. I am happy to say that your video does the film justice. Great job, and Happy 44th anniversary to Singapore!

  • C-3PO

I think you remember the first thing I said when I saw this video? It made me cry and it was one of the most powerful, moving videos I have ever seen. This is still one of my favorites from you thedriveintheatre.

I found this music video beautiful and moving. The inspirational song (Singapore’s 2002 NPD Theme Song, you say? Good choice for an MV to celebrate Singapore’s birthday) is a wonderful flow with Ratatouille, and the clips you chose to fit the lyrics were just right. I really love it, thedriveintheatre! Way to bring out the morals and inpirational points of Ratatouille that can apply to real life.

Thanks C-3PO! Wow, cool that you caught an advanced screening. I agree, Ratatouille is probably Pixar’s most inspiring and ‘feel-good’ movie (ie It’s the one that makes you want to get up and just cook, or paint, or take on the world in general). :smiley:

Haha, I still remember your post from last year, TSS. I was amazed my vid could evoke such emotions from someone I’ve never met, and that’s when I realised the power of music videos (in general). Gosh, I didn’t expect my video to be that moving! :laughing: And thanks for the comments! :smiley:

Yup, BDD, every year Singapore releases a new music video to that year’s NDP theme (which is sort of the song they sing to celebrate the nation’s independence and get the citizens into an uplifting, sort of patriotic mood). It’s the only country I know which has a new government-produced Independence Day song, if you will, every year (well, since 1999 thereabouts, and maybe one/two years they just repeated the previous year’s one). Some cynics see this as a propaganda exercise, but I don’t see anything wrong with a little patriotism every now and then, even if it’s only once a year. But yeah, when I was first thinking of how to produce my first fan MV, I thought Singapore’s NDP would be a suitable occasion to celebrate. I listened to all the previous years’ NDP themes, and I instantly thought of Ratatouille’s message of perserverance and ‘succeeding against all odds’ when I heard Stefanie Sun’s lyrics. Remy’s journey also paralleled S’pore’s history in that they started off small and went on to greater things, so yeah, that was an epiphany for me.

Sorry, I blabbered. :blush: But I’m really glad you liked it, BDD! :smiley:

For anyone who wants to see Stefanie Sun’s music video in its original context, here’s the official MV (with better-quality stereo than vids posted earlier, I used this video’s audio to replace my music video’s older one before the reupload).

And on a related note, you might want to hear me simultaneously sing karaoke in Singlish for my first Literal Music Video. :wink:

Then again, maybe not. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fall in love again with a classic TDIT YTP in this reupload of a 2008 trailer spoof released to coincide with Wall-E’s Australian theatrical debut. After 700 years of banning ‘copyright-infringing’ videos on Youtube, a lone trash-bot named Wall-E will discover the meaning of life, love and lotsa’ spaghetti after a beautiful Mac appliance descends from the heavens and into his world. He follows her on an intergalactic quest across the stars and Internet Memes, while encountering ‘Mama Luigi’ the sanitary worker, an amnesiac Pixar voice actor, and countless robot movie references.


Rate, comment and- SILENCE! I KISS YOU! :smiley:

Ha, I was wondering when you were going post this, TDIT! I saw it like a week ago and I’m still laughing. Especially at the Ratatoing part, that was the most random thing ever!

All of your videos are amazing! I hope I’m not coming off as creepy or anything, but as an aspiring video editing-person (whatever the official term is, haha), I really look up to your work because it’s just so professional and I want to be as good as you are someday. I’m think about making a Wall-E fan trailer also (if you don’t mind, I’m not trying to steal your thunder or anything!) but it won’t be even close to being as good as your’s. I think one of the most amazing things about your videos is that they were made before the movie in question actually came out, so you only limited trailer footage to work with and a very rudimentary understanding what it’s actually about.

Btw, I saw your Legends of the Guardians trailer, and all I have is one word to say: EPIC.

Thank you very much for the kind compliments, Ding! And as I have said on the chat, no, you don’t come off as creepy or anything… it’s an honour to inspire others (and I, in turn, am inspired by other people). Some of my videos are indeed made entirely with trailer footage like ‘Quantum of Bolt’ and ‘Transformulaic: Revenge of the Fanboy’ (insert shameless plug), but the rest are made with existing movies I already have.

I don’t really think I’m quite professional yet- I make all my videos using iMovie 2006 and I want to ‘level-up’ to Sony Vegas (but I don’t have enough hard disk space on my MacBook Pro), and I really want to learn advanced techniques like masking and 3D titles, so yeah… if you want to be as ‘good’ as me, all you need is patience and an obsessive attention to detail, nothing to it! :wink:

And thank you for the kudos on the Legend of the Guardians trailer. I’m very proud of it! :slight_smile:


Revisit a TDIT classic in this 2008 fan trailer released to coincide with Wall•E’s theatrical debut. Featuring Brand X’s “Forgotten World” soundtrack used in the Blood Diamond trailer, and footage from the various TV spots and “Cities” trailer, TDIT creates a spellbinding promotional ad worthy of Pixar’s greatest masterpiece.

Rate, comment and subscribe! And Happy 2nd-Anniversary to our favourite robot! :slight_smile:

“Forgotten World” - A Wall•E Fan Trailer

I saw your trailer to your WALLE Forgotten World trailer. And I can say that your trailers is the definition of the word EPIC! THis is one of my favorite videos from you. If I were to see this trailer for the first time without seeing WALL-E, I swear that I would believe that it was an action movie!

Very nice job. Keep up the amazing work.

I can’t believe it’s exactly two years since the last post in this thread! :open_mouth:

TSS: Well, this reply is long overdue, but thank you for watching! You’ve always been one of my favourite reviewers, and though you don’t hang around on the forums as often as anymore, Michael, I’ll always remember your kind words and critiques. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises in cinemas today, here’s a reupload of one of my most popular trailer mash-ups from 3 years ago. I noticed that the video froze at certain points in the original upload, but I was too lazy to reupload it as I had already promoted it in the various forums I participated in.

So I’ve re-exported this in HD and am reuploading it to mark the occassion of the sequel to one of my favourite films of all-time, and I’m very excited to see the final installment in cinemas. Here’s to the Bat and the 'Bot, as well as the legendary vision of Nolan and Stanton for their respective masterpieces.


From the maker of Quantum of Bolt, comes a mash-up of the two greatest pop-culture phenomenons of 2008. When the binocular-eyed crusader against crime, Wall-E arrives on the Axiom, he discovers a self-sustaining metropolis of apathy and greed. Although he has been quite successful in his quest against sloth and lack of real human interaction, it comes at the cost of his robotic girlfriend Eve, who is now with the Captain of the ship. His attempts to change the lazy humans and their unquestioning robot servants with the help of Hygiene Commissioner M-O and District Attorney B. McCrea results in the rise of a dangerous and dominating robot called AUTO. The autopilot’s inability to deviate from his directive and to achieve his purpose at all costs makes him Wall-E’s most challenging adversary yet. When the ruthless robot stages a mutiny and seizes control of the Axiom, it is up to the Dark Droid to put an end to the steering wheel’s seven centuries reign of terror once and for all.

CAST (in order of appearance):

WALL-E - The Batman
Captain McCrea - Harvey Dent
AUTO - The Joker
M-O - James Gordon
Hal - Alfred Pennyworth
EVE - Rachel Dawes
VN-GO - Lucius Fox

The Dark Droid Trailer 2 [Reupload]