The Dark Droid Trailer 2 [Reupload]

Hi fellow Pixar fans! This is Andre AKA The Drive-In Theatre here.
I’d like to extend a warm welcome to my YT channel, thedriveintheatre89(Because I forgot the password to my first: thedriveintheatre). Here are some vids that my interest you Wall-E and Ratatouille fans:

Wall-E Trailer “Forgotten World”
I’ve just completed my first fan trailer, and what better film to start with than one of my most anticipated this year, Wall-E. Some of you may recognise the background song from one of my fave movies, Blood Diamond. I put a lot of effort searching for all the featurettes and trailers and synching them into a cohesive whole in time to the beat, so I hope you enjoy it!

The Ultimate 2008 Summer Movies Music Video
I know, it’s a pompous title, but I just wanted to make it sound attractive. Usually a movie’s clips’ length are in direct proportion to my excitement for it, so I devote more screentime to Wall-E and Eve throughout the video. And watch the part where the singers ‘bop’ to hand claps 3/4 through the music video, I’ve matched Wall-E’s vignettes to the rhythmn of the song.

Kung Fu Parody
Here I do a little jab at Pixar’s competitor, Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the movies I make fun of are the ones I love most, and KCP is no exception. Keep your eyes peeled for Wall-E and Eve cameos!

The Dark 'C**k
Sorry if the title sounds vulgar, but it really isn’t, I just shortened Hancock’s name to a ruder sounding version (note the use of the apostrophe). Again, look out for our robot couple as they meet a tongue-in-cheek ‘gruesome fate’ in this trailer mash of The Dark Knight, Hancock, and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

2007 in Film
Another music video compilation I did at the beginnning of this year. Ratatouille gets prominently featured throughout the video, due to my aformentioned subconscious habit.

I hope to get some rips from my DVDs so I can make more ‘stricter’ music vids and fan trailers of other Pixar movies. Do rate, comment, sub and friend me if you like what you’ve seen, it would really make my day! If you didn’t, well that’s just tough luck. (Naw, I’m kidding, just gimme some constructive criticism)


The firat part about your self would probably be good to post in your profile and in the Hi, My Name is… forum.

But welcome to Pixar Planet.

Your WALL-E trailer was amazing! Some of the pictures were a little dark, but other than that it was pretty good!!! I loved the Cars music video too!!
How do you put these together? I’ve seen these a lot and I want to try it myself.
WOW!! again!! just saw ur Balto vid!!! amazing!!

oh hey just realized Balto vid wasn’t yours. hehe :laughing:
it is really good tho!! and a lot like your style

You have made the best Cars MV I have seen in my whole life. It told a story about choosing 2 worlds, and the scenes were chosen perfectly. Nice work. Keep it up. And welcome to PIxar Planet.

I make music videos too. Incredibles ones. Check it out. You and I got similar styles.

Woah, woah, woah, woah! (MO-style)
TSS (could I call you that for short?) and wallerat, the Balto and Cars vid ain’t mine! They’re LeonSakau and DinoGirl10’s respectively. I just faved their vids as playlists in my channel because I’m deeply inspired by their works and it’s a way of doing them a favour by advertising their masterpieces. But yes, I try to emulate their styles. Another guy I admire is oyguvaltshappy, I try to imitate his style of non-sequitur trailer parodies, you may want to check out his Cars/Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift/Talladega Nights mash.
All vids made by me have been listed in my first post. Sorry for the confusion, I hope not to steal the thunder from other great film editors! You can get an idea of my influences from my Favourites and Subscriptions, though.
TSS, what’s your YT channel again? I remember seeing it on one of the posts somewhere but I’ve since forgotten.
Hey Rac, whoops, my bad, I wasn’t aware there was an Introduction thread under another category. I’ll cut out the first few paragraphs and post them under the Intro thread pronto!

thedriveintheater: Here is a link to my profile.


Please enjoy and comment.

o. haha! great WALL-E vid tho!

Very cool WALL-E trailer! I really like how it sort of ended on a cliff-hanger.

I’ve seen your profile and your first vid, TSS. You’ll find my comments in your TSS’ music videos thread. Needless to say, I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your compliments, wallerat! They’re much appreciated! Do look out for more Wall-E vids in the pipeline, as I’m gonna try to make a couple more fan trailers and/or TV spots in the build-up to the film’s release in Sydney come September. I’m sooo excited!
Glad you noticed the suspenseful touch at the end, lennonlurv9. I was aiming for a kinda action-packed thriller feel, which I’m sure Wall-E will be, along with possibly taking the title of Best Romantic Comedy this year (which goes to say a lot for this tired genre nowadays). That shot of poor Eve in particular, when she thought Wall-E had perished in the explosion, is so heartbreaking I just had to include it as the parting shot in the trailer (which usually tends to be the most dramatic and powerful to, you know, fire up the audience’s excitement and get them wanting to see the movie). Thanks for the comments!

Hey there, everybody! Just like to give you guys a heads-up on a new music video I’m working on. It will be the very first Film Music Video Tribute I’ve ever done. All I can say now, is it’s a tribute to last year’s Best Animated Film and current second favourite Pixar film, Ratatouille.

Just a little background info, it’s just 3 more days to Singapore’s (my second ‘home’) National Day (it’s their way of saying “Independence Day”). Those S’poreans really pull out all the stops when it comes to this special day, there’s month-long celebrations and the ‘piece de resistance’ is their National Day Parade (NDP for short) with vehicular stunts, live dance routines, and fancy pyrotechnics. And almost every year, they will release one NDP song usually sung by a local artiste. Check out their site to have a listen! Although some may claim the lyrics are simply thinly-veiled propaganda, I’m inclined to disagree, as IMO they’re neutral enough to be as good as other inspirational tunes out there.

Anyway, you can see where I’m going here. The song will be from one of the theme songs from previous years’ NDPs, I’ve picked it because it best sums up Ratatouille’s message and because this idea has been percolating in my head ever since last year’s NDP and release of Rat in theatres. Seeing as this is the Year of the Rat, I guess it’s now or never. I’ll leave it for you guys to guess the title before I unveil it this Saturday. If you’d like a clue, just check out my Youtube profile page!

I’m trying my hardest to release the vid in time (I began last Saturday). Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m very obssesive when it comes to vid-editing, so it’s gonna be a (as of now, tough) challenge!

Stay tuned, everybody! :smiley:

i have a question:
how did u get that clip from WALL-E w/ Eve at the end? is it from the movie site?

Thanks for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all day! :laughing:

You’re welcome, rachelcakes1985. That title is just wrong on so many levels! Be sure to check out that particular vid for a little Wall-E cameo!
wallerat, if you mean the parting shot of [spoil]Eve’s reaction of disbelief when she thought Wall-E had died in the explosion[/spoil] (first time I’ve used spoiler tags in my life, neat! I haven’t watched the movie yet, though, just that particular clip) from the “Forgotten World” Wall-E trailer, I just plucked it from the "Wall-E Extended Clip ‘Space Walk’ " preview that’s being aired on the official website and posted many times on Youtube. I can’t wait to see their subsequent zero-gravity dance sequence, I hope it’s as awesome as others have said.
Anyway, nobody has commented on my upcoming Ratatouille vid! :confused: I’m almost done, just have to push through the last chorus line (which is like another minute’s worth of the song), I think I can just make it in time for Saturday.
I’m so excited, I’ve done two music videos before, but as I’ve mentioned, this is my first dedication/tribute to a single film, and one which I’ve actually imposed a strict time limit, instead of the others’ laissez-faire approach. Just less than two more days to go!

ok. I can’t wait for the Ratatouille vid! I’ve seen lots of other ones on Youtube but the sound and picture quality isn’t that great.

When [spoil]Eve had a reaction of disbelief, do you think it was for WALL-E, or for the plant? Because at the time she was telling WALL-E to go back to earth.[/spoil] Interesting question don’t you think?

Welcome, one and all, to the Grand Opening of the Drive-In Theatre’s first and latest Film Music Video! To celebrate Singapore’s 43rd Birthday, I am proud to present to you: “We Will Get There” - A Music Video Tribute to Ratatouille.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the song this video is set to is, yes, “We Will Get There”, an inspirational number sung by the lovely local artiste, Stephanie Sun Yan Zi. The lyrics of the song sum up the life lessons to be learnt from one of my favourite animated films of all time, and in theme with tonight’s NDP celebrations, this piece was Singapore’s 2002 NDP Theme Song.

I’m quite happy with the result, and that I got it out just in time on the eve of this special day for all S’poreans. Though I may hail from the other side of the Causeway, I would like to take the opportunity to wish my ‘neighbours’ a happy NDP and good luck in the Olympics! Pixar Planet forum members, it is my pleasure to give you my very first Pixar music video. I hope you like it! If you did, please rate and comment beneath the video, and subscribe to my channel. Alternatively, you could write your thoughts in this post. There’s many more music videos for other Pixar movies in the pipeline, but in the meantime, I’ve got to get ready for my Wall-E marketing blitz… :smiley:


Hang on, let me get a tissue.

(cries in another room)

Okay, I’m back. Well, I just saw your MV, and I will tell you that it was by far the best Ratatouille MV I have ever seen. Timing was perfect, and the clips were matched up. The one thing that probably stood out was the song. It was so beautiful and so perfect. You really got me in tears after that. And the ending, now that is as great an ending as you can get.

Overall, I have not seen a Ratatouille MV done this perfectly in all my life. Keep it up. I can’t wait to see more.

i’ll have to agree! That…was…AMAZING! wow! you captured the true spirit of Ratatouille!! Awesome! can not wait to see future vids!

Aw, come now, pull yourself together, TSS! :smiley:

Seriously though, I’m amazed I moved you to tears. It is indeed one of the more poignant and beautiful NDP theme songs. Although watching my own video doesn’t really make me bawl, it kinda stirred something inside me and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If I have tugged at your hearstrings or elicited some kind of response, then my job is done. Thank you for the kudos!

I’m deeply honoured by your compliments, wallerat! I noticed you posted a comment on the video itself in YT, so thanks for that too! Do check out my other vids on my channel, there’s a couple of Wall-E cameos in the latest ones if you keep your eyes peeled. I’ll post the direct links to them at a later date.

If you guys are interested, I’m thinking of doing Cars for my next music video. But first I’ll be doing a couple of Pineapple Express spoofs before moving on to my little Wall-E ‘marketing campaign’ in conjunction with its imminent release in Oz…

Wow! 50 views! Not too shabby…anyone else would like to give their opinion?

HAHA! I really liked your Wall•E trailer, and Kung Fu Parody was pretty great too!
Keep up the cool videos :slight_smile:

By the way, when does Wall•E come out in Australia?