The Dark Droid Trailer 2 [Reupload]

Loved the Ratatouille MV ! Keep it up just like the others said :wink:

Thanks for your comments, directive! Wall-E is ‘landing’ in Oz on 18th September, which is less than 2 weeks away! If you liked those vids, be sure to check out the Dark 'C**k (trust me, it’s not vulgar. You’ll see why I named it, it’s a double entendre) and of course, the latest Ratatouille music video tribute.

Thank you for your kind compliments, I’ll take every video I make to the max, for my audience’s viewing pleasure. Check out my other vids if you’re up for it.

Anyway, I’d like to take the opportunity to make a special announcement. Ahem

The ‘Drive-In Theatre’, in celebration of Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E’s impending bow in Australia, is proud to present a special pre-release event entitled, “Where’s Wall·E?

Inspired from the “Where’s Waldo?” series of ‘Look & Find’ books and Rachelcake’s comment on the Oz version in the “Wall-E’s Australian Release” thread (along with the fact that our owner/theatre manager is suffering from Wall-E fever, hence the increased prominence of that robot in his videos), the Drive-In Theatre is airing its usual series of spoof videos, but with a difference. Wall-E (and Eve) will be making several guest appearances (or you could say cameos) at various points throughout the parody trailers. The first two, Kung Fu Parody and The Dark 'C**k (both approved for all audiences, by the way) are now showing, with two more in the pipeline, culminating in the unveiling of Wall-E’s very own parody trailer!

In the lead-up to the premiere, and the following weeks after, subject to time availability and idea inspirations, the Drive-In Theatre may release more “Where Wall-E” vids, in addition to a few Wall-E fan trailer and TV spots.

This ‘marketing campaign’ is the Drive-In Theatre’s small contribution for promoting online awareness of one of the best films of the year, and it is our wish that Andrew Stanton and Co. will get that Best Picture Oscar which had been denied so long to animated films.

The Drive-In Theatre would like to thank its patrons for their continued support. Stay tuned for the next “Where’s Wall-E” vid, “Parody Express.”


thedriveintheatre - I must admit that you’re very good with timing – you’ve effectively planned out each video so as the music is in harmony with the clips.

Nice job! :wink:

– Mitch

Your idea for an online Australian WALL•E promotion is fantastic, thedriveintheatre! I’m really looking forward to the parody trailer and Where’s WALL•E?. We’re all hoping that it gets a Best Picture nom, too. =)

The Dark 'C**k was really funny. [spoil]WALL•E exploded! Nooooo! Heh.[/spoil]

You have seriously gotta be one of the best Video Editor/MV maker we have got on Pixar Planet. ALl of your videos are simply phenominal. Keep it up. Nice job.

Very good job with a Ratatouille one! It looks almost professional!

Thanks Mitch, it’s great to get a compliment from you, although I’m not quite sure which vid you’re commenting on? Anyhoo, I’ve seen your works on DeviantArt before I came upon PP, and they’re fantastic, too. Do you have a YT channel and/or create MVs as well?

Glad you liked the idea of the ad campaign, rachelcakes. ‘Where’s Wall-E’ is not so much a single video, but any of my parody trailers which feature a Wall-E cameo in someway or another. Earlier ones before I caught the Wall-E mania, like CJ7 & Stitch and Hoodwinked Point (both featuring a mash-up of a live-action and animated film of similar themes), didn’t have Wall-E ‘appearances’, but ever since I got hooked from the beginning of the summer season, he’s been creeping into my vids, with Eve in tow! So you’ll have to ask ‘them’ why they’re constantly crashing my trailers! :wink: Glad you ‘found’ Wall-E in the second vid, now try to find him in Kung Fu Parody, he’s very, very easy to spot! :smiley:

Thank you for the kind words, TSS! It’s folks like you that keep giving me a reason to make this vids! It’s be totally awesome, when you have the time, to individually review each Pixar-related video I’ve posted, I always seek suggestions on how to improve my future endeavours. But as it is, I’m very happy you enjoyed my creations.

Thanks, lennonlurv9! That was the look I was going for, with the opening exchange between Linguini and Remy (one of my favourite scenes for truly evocative facial expressions and body language!) and the ID tags at the beginning and the end. I like to watch music videos, both professional and fan-made and try to emulate the aspects of good ones. If I have impressed you, I have achieved my desired effect.

Anyway, it’s time for an update. Ahem The Drive-In Theatre is now proud to announce the third parody trailer in the Where’s Wall-E series: Parody Express! Lampooning the latest Judd Apatow action-thriller buddy comedy, this trailer mash-up promises the ultimate ‘high’ in laughs and excitement!
Keep your eyes peeled for our usual robot pair, as well as a surprise guest from another Pixar movie (if you know the voice actor’s previous films, you’ll see the significance of this cameo). Other stoner and action flicks are referenced, along with a couple of YouTube P**p memes, and two Seth Rogen animated characters!
The Drive-In Theatre would like to warn viewers that the trailer contains drug references, mild language (although many of the stronger ones have been censored to humorous effect :wink:), two scientific references to human anatomy, and medium violence. Therefore, we strongly suggest that if you are below 12, uptight, or sensitive to tasteless humour (this, is after all, a stoner flick) that you refrain from watching this vid. We have adopted professional trailer practices (we do have standards, you know :smiley:) and like Street Klowns, have given it the Redband disclaimer at the beginning, but it should be suitable for most of the demographic on this forum (about a PG-13 or Teen rating).
So hop aboard the Parody Express. We promise it’ll be one ‘trip’ you’ll never remember!

Whoa, I had to check your past posts to find this thread again after watching Parody Express. Dang, that was the bomb. A little rugged here and there, but for a fan parody, it ain’t too shabby, either. Nice work, thedriveintheatre.

Your Wall-e trailer is amazing ! Wow, i had a tears coming to my eyes… :smiley:

This it it, everyone! The parody trailer you’ve all been waiting for! To celebrate the Australian of premiere of Pixar’s latest masterpiece, the Drive-In Theatre is proud to present to you: PAROD·E!

700 years into the future, one robot will teach mankind what it means to live…and to love. But before he can do that, he has to deal with a murderous femme-bot bent on terminating him, angry Pixar character voiceover cameos, Celine Dion, one annoying Space Chimp, the Joker, various sci-fi and robot films all screaming “Rip-Off!”, and a totally forgetful John Ratzenberger. All in a day’s work for the friendliest loner, bravest coward, and liveliest machine of all time!

Yes, it’s all very tongue-in-cheek, what you gonna do about it? Like I’ve mentioned before, I only make fun of the films that I’m interested in. Just because I love a movie and its characters to death, doesn’t mean they’re above a little self-depreciation. I hope you enjoy my take on the best film of the year!

Oh, and it’s been two weeks and no one has yet to comment on Parody Express! I’m sure not everyone is underaged or got scared away by my disclaimer. I too don’t like vulgarity and adult content in my videos unless it’s absolutely necessary or part of a quote, but as it is, this parody trailer is already heavily censored by Yours Truly! And as I’ve mentioned, there’s a cameo of another Pixar character as well as our usual robot pair, so I really hope you guys check it out and tell me what you think. :wink:

If you loved any of these vids, drop a comment under the vid, say Hi, send me a Friend request, and Subscribe! If you didn’t and think I have an appalling sense of humour, then that’s just the way the cookie crumbles… :smiley:

I’m going to be honest with you thedriveintheatre. This Parod-e trailer is indeed pretty clever. I loved how you incorporate other movies with WALL-E so cleverly. I love the song selections too. My favorites were the Star Wars opening song and “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. I love her voice.

HOwever, there are some parts I didn’t like. I think that the voices in the begining of the trailer were either too random or too annoying for me.

But just because I was bothered by that, that doesn’t mean that it is a bad video. It is actually pretty good. It is hard to combine many movies into one good fan-made trailer. Nice work though.

Yeah i’ll also be honest the voices at the beggining are a little “too much” but the video’s great so i woudn’t worry about it… :smiley: :wink:

Thank you for your frank and truthful opinion, TSS. I’d rather hear constructive criticisms so that I know how to improve my future vids. Glad you liked the Star Wars and Celine Dion numbers. I just realised that the climax of Wall-E kinda resembled Titanic’s one, so that was an unexpected movie reference right there!
I kinda agreed on the muddled feel. The Wall-E trailer was one of the more difficult ones to mash, because some of the background score and voiceovers carried over the next scene, so it was difficult to isolate certain sequences as they were not clearly defined. Did you ‘spot’ the two Pixar movie voices in the beginning though? My trailer mash-ups may seem random upon first viewing, but if you know other films that are similar in theme and plot (or feature the same actors) as the main film I’m sending up, you’d be able to ‘get’ a lot of the in-jokes I’ve sneaked in. Thanks for the detailed review, though, I really appreciate your thoughts on the video!

And merci beacoup for the feedback, Which Wall-E trailer had you watering at the eyes? The “Forgotten World” fan trailer or the PAROD-E spoof trailer? Were they tears of awe or from laughing? Anyway, thanks for the honest comment, I’ll reduce the clutter for my future parody vids next time!

And I’m really happy you liked Parody Express WBoon. Aiyah, you’re the only one here who’s commented on the forum about it! Were your following praises with regards to Parody Express or PAROD-E? Sorry, I’m just confused, but I’m still happy whichever one it is, so thank you, thank you ah. :smiley:

thedriveintheatre: No, actually, I didn’t recognize the Pixar voices in the begining. You are totally welcome as well. I can’t wait for more videos from you. May I ask what is next?

I almost rofl’d! XD

Actually, I got interested into looking at Parody Express after you posted this post as a double post… before deleting it. Yeah. That’s why I had to search for the thread again because it wasn’t part of the “posts made since your last visit.” :laughing:

Anyway, I shared my experience of watching Parody Express with my classmates. They laughed, too. They didn’t watch it (one of them has no Internet access; the other has a virus attack), but they laughed after hearing about what it contains. :wink:

That was awesome, thedriveintheatre! That trailer is my favourite in the world, but I love how you poked fun at it. My favourite was the “ta-dah” Windows sound effect, the sound when WALL•E bumped his head and the Mac start-up sound. It was really funny, and made me smile. You should do more parodies of Pixar trailers! Well done. =)

Well TSS, if you didn’t get the voices, I can tell you which movies they’re from. [spoil]The “Stop That!” quote from 00:35 to 00:36 is from Collette in the Ratatouille trailer, while the one from 1:02 to 1:03 is from the scene in Cars where The King praises Lightning after the first race only to call him “stupid”. [/spoil]And if you’re curious what I’m have in store, check out my channel description and wallpaper! Irregardless of whether you liked the trailer or the movie itself, I really hope that people will have a laugh over my send-up of it. And this time, it’s for real, not because I truly respect it or anything (although I’ll give it a chance on DVD), laugh out loud.

Almost rofl’d, A113? Almost? :confused: Never mind, I’ll try harder next time…naw, I’m just kidding, thanks for the kudos! :slight_smile:

Yeah WBoon, I deleted the first post because I posted it prematurely when it hadn’t even finished uploading on YT, so I was afraid someone would be asking why I was advertising a non-existent video! Heh. I’m very thankful that you’re helping to spread the word, that’s a huge compliment to me, when you actually recommend my work to other people who have yet to hear of it. Thank you so much, really glad to hear your friends like the sound of it. So have you seen PAROD·E? Do have a look at the other vids too, there’s one I did on Hoodwinked and another on Lilo & Stitch.

Glad to make you smile, rachelcakes! I thought no one would spot the Windows/Mac analogy I made between Wall-E and Eve, but sounds to me like you did! The sound Wall-E makes when he bumps his head was taken from from koolaidmonkeys who did another great Wall-E spoof (although his had one or two vulgarities in it, but I highly recommend it if you understand and appreciate the whole YTP**p business). To be honest, this is not one of my best trailer mash-ups, but if you think of it that way, then I’m deeply flattered (in a good sense). I made a more serious one to Brand X’s “Forgotten World”, not sure whether you seen it, if you haven’t, check it out and tell me what you think. I’ll take the opportunity in November during the summer break to crank out more Wall-E fan trailers in the lead-up to its DVD release, but right now I’m busy working on another Disney trailer spoof and on my assignments. Stay tuned, and thanks for watching! :smiley:

Almost, ya rly. :laughing: Yes, try harder next time! Yeah!

Andre - I actually didn’t notice the Mac/Windows thing - guess I’m not that observant. That’s very clever! I disagree - it’s my favourite trailer mash-up of yours so far. You should do the same for other Pixar trailers, like the long Ratatouille one, for example.