The Dark Droid Trailer 2 [Reupload]

The Dark Droid Trailer 2 is about almost complete (I know I’ve been saying that for a long time), I just need to do the fade-in and out transitions. But I’m putting off the release date further, because I’ve got another project I’m rushing to finish in time for (or if not, by sometime next week), for the Oscars. If you’ve seen my very first music video, 2007 in Film done to ‘Ready to Go’ or The 2008 Summer Movies Music Video done to ‘Hip Hop A Lula’ (which I will both re-upload when I find the source files), this is something similar in nature.

The history behind this video is interesting. Back then, I had the idea to make a tribute video to as many of 2008’s movies as I can (which makes it different from The Ultimate 2008 Summer Movies… video, which only focused on summer releases) to the Kate Perry number ‘Hot and Cold’ alongside ‘Hoppipulla’ and a few others. Then oyguvaltshappy and another video editor used Hoppi, so I didn’t want to ape them. I was still considering Kate Perry’s number with the rest when I saw Jarinabigbox’s excellent tribute video using the song I was thinking of! And it turns out that he/she was in turn inspired by my 2008 Summer Movies Music Vid! So I kindly asked his/her permission to use this number and borrow the concept, but I promised to produce my own interpretation of the lyrics. Anyway, the link is at the bottom, and here’s the usual ‘promotional pitch’ (I like writing this stuff, please humour me, heheh). Bear in mind this is the trailer to the actual video, which will be released sometime later. So… enjoy!

"From the video editor of “2007 in Film” and “The Ultimate 2008 Summer Movies Music Video” comes another mega-tribute to the films of 2008, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. In celebration of the Oscars season, The Drive-In Theatre is proud to present to you: “2008 in Film”!

Topping the previous MV’s record 43 trailers with 60 movies (which ends up with 60+ trailers cos’ some films have more than one), and condensed from 2007’s length of 5 minutes into 3.5 minutes, it’s the ultimate tribute to last year’s cinematic masterpieces and duds. From blockbusters to indies, arthouse to lowbrow, live-action to animated, European to Asian and everything else in between, there’s sure to be something for everyone! All synched to the annoying but infectious tune of Kate Perry’s chart-topper, ‘Hot and Cold’, this is one massive movie event not to be missed!"

2008 in Film Trailer

Rated PG for one mild swear word and reference to a female bodily function in the lyrics. :wink:

A excellent year in review for movies TDIT. Very well done. I was hoping for an extended one, like as you put a collection of good movies, then bads, then ones that don’t really fit into any category.

Anyays, on an editing note, her name is Katy Perry, not Kate Perry. I know, I had a hard time spelling her name too.

Really funky song choice, thedriveintheatre, and that’s a pretty impressive challenge of having over 60 different movies featured in one trailer that only goes for a few minutes. I like how you represented a broad genre of films, too. My favourite part of this trailer was the tumbleweeds rolling by with the perplexed looks on people’s faces. :slight_smile:

Very cool trailer. As usually, exceptional editing skills. Hope to see the full tribute soon!

  • C-3PO

Sorry for the late reply, everyone!

TSS - My bad. Thanks for the spelling correction. The one you just saw was a trailer, so the actual music video will be released later. I guess I coulda gone that way for the trailer itself, but I don’t think I followed your format, it’s more of a matching to the lyrics kinda thing. Thanks for the comments!

Rachel - The entire song is about 3 minutes, 40 seconds, so yeah, plenty of time, heheh. I try to give an even representation of all the films. The awkward silence after Melman’s confession was one of the fun bits to edit too.

C-3PO - Thanks! I’m afraid it’s gonna be on the backburner though, I’ve got inundated with other projects lining up…

I’m going to set the release date of The Dark Droid for next weekend. This project has been in gestation for ages and I need to set myself a target. Expect a modified sig sometime mid next week, I’ll wear the Wall-E fan commentary sig a little longer for more exposure.

Other (tentative) projects on the horizon include a Monsters Vs Aliens spoof, a possible Cars trailer mash, a Happy Feet trailer mash, and maybe another music video either from Cars or Wall-E. Problem is I’ve got so many ideas floating in my head and so little time (Then again, I spend way too much time procrastinating) Sigh

Sorry for the double post, but I’m pushing The Dark Droid’s release date (again! :unamused:) to next Thursday to give more time for an “awareness buiild-up” (I came up with that term myself, cool huh?), and to time it with the premiere of Monsters Vs Aliens in Australia. Just for kicks. And to give me more time for post-production. Not that I need it, cos’ it’s not as technically difficult as AtomicGreymon’s Watchmen mash.

But yeah, I’ll debut a new and improved (hopefully) sig of my previous Batman/Wall-E combo. It’s my most difficult one yet, it took many layers and a little more than an hour to do, but I hope it’s worth it!

So yeah, mark your calendars for April 2 and I’ll be crossing my fingers that something doesn’t come up on that day that would delay it further.

I have begun sourcing my clips for the Monsters Vs Aliens spoof, so expect it to be done soon after TDD’s release.

In the meantime, why not take a look at 2009 Akan Datang (Coming Soon)? It’s a little preview of upcoming blockbusters. :wink:

The final trailer for The Dark Droid has gone live and in High-Definition! :smiley:

This has been many weeks in the planning and promoting, so I hope you like it! To be honest, I could probably finish it in a day, but I’ve been doing it in short bursts, and actually finished it last week, but I procrastinated the release to build up awareness and do some minor tweaks (even down to matching the length of the fade-in and fade-out transitions of the actual trailer!). So here it is, the meeting of two of the greatest motion pictures of 2008: The Dark Droid Trailer 2!

Whew! :slight_smile:

I recommend you watch the original trailer first, so you can compare the similarities in my interpretation. Be sure to watch it in HD (I’m trying to upload all my videos in HD from now on, so look out!)

The Dark Knight Trailer 2

The Dark Droid Trailer 2

Ha-ha! Awesome work, thedriveintheatre. Just awesome. The timing; the editing; the suspense; the humor – everything blended in so well, and the transition from one scene to the next was smooth and complimentary to the moment, be it a subtle fade-in/fade-out or a sudden jump. I love how you managed to match up the personalities of the characters in WALL-E to those in The Dark Knight by way of carefully choosing just the right clips to suit their unique traits – very nice. The humor was also well-timed (some of my favorite bits included the “Here’s my card”, “Lamborghini”, and “Well hello, beautiful” sequences). Personally, I think that the best section of the video was sometime after the 1:40 mark – the action really started to kick off and the drama was amped up considerably. On the whole, however, I was captivated from start to finish.

Great work, man! I love it. :smiley:

– Mitch

Awesome work TDIT. This is one of the best trailer re-cuts I have ever seen. It all worked and each scene flowed beautifully. I love how you portrayed AUTO as the Joker. That character seemed to convinced me more than all of the others. Very nicely done TDIT. You always continue to impress me. Keep it up.

Just watched it…man, that was so fantastic!!! :smiley: You really pulled it off magnificently. I really like how you thought of the just right clips and characters, and I love how it’s similar (but also at the same time unique) to the original trailer! Applause is deserved for this! :smiley:

Great job! Glad to finally see this. Keep on editing - I would love to see more movie related videos done like this.

  • C-3PO

Well, it’s been one week since its ‘theatrical bow’, and The Dark Droid Trailer 2 has had 133 views. So far, so good…

Mitch - Thanks for your detailed review! Yeah, I try to match up corresponding characters in my trailer mash-ups, I’ve seen other editors simply matching the dialogue to a matching action without consideration for who’s speaking it or character continuity… but I try not to. :slight_smile: I liked those particular scenes too, they were a blast to edit. I also loved the climax (“And here we… go!”), lots of clips cut fast to the beats, it was tough to line up the clips, but very satisfying to pull it off. Thanks again, glad you liked it!

TSS - Thanks TSS! Yeah, AUTO was pretty much the only villain in Wall-E, so he was a natural choice, and he was one of my favourites to edit to. You might want to know I’m considering doing an Incredibles mash-up sometime in the future, just to pique your interest… :wink:

BDD - Thank you, I tried to keep as close as possible to the original trailer, although I took some liberties like not fading out after “You either die a hero…”, instead using the motion of the rocket to cut to a swivel of the Captains’ portraits, and cutting off “Subtle” and replacing it with an audio track of Hal being squished. But again, I’m very happy you enjoyed it. :smiley:

C-3PO - Thankee! You might enjoy my first and earlier effort; Quantum of Bolt. I’m going to do a conventional nonsense mash-up next, then probably embark on another full-on ‘footage-replacement’ mash-up trailer after that (The difference between the two is that the former just juxtaposes random clips and various pop-culture references related to the film, while the latter actually takes an entire trailer’s audio, and synch another movie’s footage to it).

Here’s an example of a nonsense mash-up:
Hoodwinked Point

And a trailer audio synch:
Quantum of Bolt

I’ll reupload some of my old classics over the next few weeks if youre interested. :wink:

A TI mash-up huh TDIT? Oh boy. I have seen a lot of TI Mash-ups before, all of which have impresed me. But I am sure you can raise the bar up a whole new level. I can’t wait to see it.

Man, I can’t belive I didn’t check this out earlier. :stuck_out_tongue: This definitely tops Quantum of Bolt and the first Dark Droid trailer (both of which are some of the best fan videos I’ve ever seen). The editing is absolutely perfect throughout, and seeing Wall-E quickly nod his head while saying “Middle of the day, Alfred? Not very subtle” was just hilarious. Fantastic job, thedriveintheatre! :smiley:

thedriveintheatre - You’re most welcome!

Yes, this is exactly what makes your creations all the more authentic: Attention to detail, even when it comes to dialogue.

Once again, great work. All of your efforts definitely paid off! :wink:

– Mitch

TSS - Oh, you’re gonna love it. :mrgreen: Let’s just say it’s a recent action movie from 2006. I’m not telling any more until I release my sneak peeks preview vid (I’ve done the clips arrangement and about to start post-editing) sometime soon. :wink:

Rare Addict - Wow, that’s a huge compliment, to have beaten my previous efforts. I guess I’m on the right track. :slight_smile: The last bit with Hal was one of the inspired bits I was proud of, so thanks!

Mitch - Thanksalot! Again, this may sound overly ambitious, but I’m also thinking of a mash-up of Ratatouille with another movie. It’s crazier than the one I have for the Incredibles, so we’ll see how it goes… :wink:

I’m going through every 2006 action movie in my head, but I can’t seem to figure it out. But this makes it all too exciting. I can’t wait.

Sorry for the delay… you know what I’m like.

Who knew that those two movies would sync so well, especially with the characters. So excellent choice and foresight there. You make WALL•E seem so serious and intense. And, as usual, the way you pick out the appropriate parts of the movie you are tribut-ing is fantastic, like when you showed AUTO/The Joker saying “Well, hello beautiful” and then EVE being scanned, because it seemed as if she was being violated. Hal at the end was genius! All 'round another top job and perfect video from you.

Oooh, I can’t wait to watch your Incredibles mash-up. I’m already wondering what the other movie could be… The Incredibles has a lot of explosions, of which you’ll probably put to good use, I’m sure. :smiley:

Take a wild guess TSS… if you give up, have a look at my new sneak peek video (just click the signature) and tell me what you think. :wink:

That’s okay, Rachel. Look how late I’m replying this. :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t have to feel obligated to drop a comment, though I always look forward to your very detailed reviews.

Yeah, I usually like to pick two disparate movies from two different genres and try to make the trailer dub look as convincing as possible. Even better if I can make an animated film look like a mature audiences-only action flick like what I did with Quantum and Bolt, and what I’m gonna repeat with the upcoming Incredibles mash-up.
Glad you liked the flirty Joker/AUTO joker bits. I always thought that if Wall-E didn’t come into the picture, AUTO would make a move on Eve. :laughing:
Hal came naturally as Wall-E’s ‘butler’ since he parallels Bruce Wayne’s faithful servant, Alfred. Both are loyal friends who serve as our heroes’ confidante, and keep the house in order when they’re away.
Again, I’d suggest you take a look at my newly posted preview vid if you can’t guess which trailer I’m gonna mix with the Incredibles. And yes, that particular movie had lots of explosions. :wink:

Anyway, on to our feature presentation! :smiley: Or rather, extended trailer for my upcoming videos! Here’s the promo blurb:

“Want to know what TDIT has up his sleeve this summer season? Well, get ready, cos’ you’re about to find out!
Here’s an exclusive sneak peek into the wacky projects TDIT has in store for the coming months. Whether it’s the ultimate showdown between two rival studios, the most Incredible action trailer mash-up ever attempted, or yet another James Bond/Wall-E music video, you can be sure that there’ll never be a dull moment when you’re at the Drive-In Theatre!”

The inspiration for this video was a channel promo ad run by Ten (an Australian network) that offered a teaser of upcoming shows this year. The background track proved irresistible for me (The last time this happened was with their 2008 channel theme ‘Hip Hop A Lula’. Seems like they have good taste in music, IMO) and I searched forums and trailer soundtrack websites looking for this elusive song.

To anyone who’s interested, it’s Mr Smith (aka Ultimatum) from the electronic music group Hybrid. Besides the Channel Ten promo ad, this number has also been featured on a Top Gear episode where Clarkson reviews an Aston Martin, and the Ford Focus ST minisite. Interestingly, this band has also composed the soundtrack for the recently released Wolverine movie. :open_mouth:

This preview video marks my first attempt at masking a video footage onto a still frame, as well as dynamic motion-tracking words for the titles. It is also my first project using Sony Vegas as post-production after editing the raw footage in iMovie.

So go on, comment and subscribe! I’d be ever so grateful. :slight_smile:

Available in HD.

Stay tuned for Pixar vs Dreamworks this weekend!

:open_mouth: Man, I’ve never seen this video (now I should! :wink:), but dang… that little snippet right there sounds like a bit from my music vid…! :open_mouth:

And yes, he does seem to give WALL•E a rather dark tone, especially when he puts it in contrast with The Dark Knight. :slight_smile: It’s seriously amazing stuff, though… holy cow…

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