Favorite film genres

My personal favorites are Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Romance, and Science Fiction.

What are yours?

Great idea for a thread! I like Animation, Comedy, and Sci-Fi.

For me, it’s mostly what I’ll call the “Animated Family” genre (since as we all know, calling animation a genre will encite the wrath of Brad Bird…). Aside from that, I love family, sci-fi, fantasy, and musicals. And as my I mean, really, I enjoy most genres one way or the other; just depends on the film. And I must admit… they’re aren’t too many movies I love that don’t use animation or special effects of some sort… but bottom line, for me, the litmus test for great movies is that it has to make me laugh at least once and have a good heart :slight_smile:

Oh man, I have a lot

Westerns. Gangsters/Crime. Psychological Thrillers. Musicals. Historical epics.

I also love Silent Film and Animated films, however I’m hesitant to call them genres, because they’re not genres. We all know that here. :slight_smile: I’ll instead say they’re mediums I particularly enjoy.

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Would family films be considered a genre?

If were talking either animated or live action films with either a G rating or PG rating, I would probably say “yes”. (G stands for General Audiences; PG stands for Parental Guidance Suggested.)

I tend to watch the Super Hero genre, but I love action/adventure movies, family movies, and animation.

Pretty much ditto with TSS. I also enjoy bio pics, good book adaptations, and the “Disney Princess genre”, if we play by Doug Walker’s rules(I know I do). I like some romance, but not like Nicolas Sparks or Titanic. Ew. Basically it has to be light hearted, or animated, or it becomes too sappy and over bearing.

Jesus, I love Disney movies but now I am living in China and I can`t watch it…