Favourite Traditionally Animated Disney Movie

… not counting any Pixar movies at all in this of course.

Just random question time- use this template it you can! One movie per post. This is all of course a matter of opinion. I do have more I could use, I just decided on this one (though Mulan and Treasure Planet could have got in there too).

Movie: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Best song (if any) in movie/soundtrack: Hellfire? The opening song? (Clopin’s got some great pipes after all). Yeah I’ll go with Hellfire.

Best/most powerful character : I usually love protaganists more but got to go with Frollo. “And he saw corruption everywhere… except within.” How many people in real life who do terrible things could this apply to? Frollo is terrifying and for a good reason. Love Esmerelda and Quasimodo though.

Read the story this movie is based on if any? Opinions? Yes, I’ve looked at a bit of it… yikes is all I can say. I think this is one of those instances where I prefer the Disney version

Has your opinion on the movie changed since you first saw it? Has it heck. I actually HATED this movie as a kid, it made me feel not at all comfortable, though that’s mainly because I was kind of screwed up by religion for a while as a kid. Now I can appreciate the movie more I feel. Plus while the more adult hints are pretty obvious too, I don’t remember getting them as a kid. XD.

Symbolism/Depth in my Disney? I like to think that the red cloaked individuals in Hell Fire who Frollo is singing with represent cardinals and perhaps the Church in general. Frollo perhaps is not only driven mad by the idea of the afterlife but also earthly concerns. He is also putting a lot of stake perhaps into his reputation and standing and the fact he does not wish to look like a fool or ‘not so above it all’ like the ‘others’ he condemns. He’s not only an extremist, but also technically a hypocrite, but can’t deal with that. He doesn’t want to be ‘weak’ or seen as such by the crowds themselves (OR the church), and let them see this woman get the better of him. Hence another reason he goes completely overboard… or maybe I’m thinking too much on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

One annoying aspect? The gargoyles. Blech.

I… I have something in my eye… -sniffs-: Thinking Esmerelda is dead, Quasimodo chained up and at first thinking its hopeless, seeing Phoebus and Esmerelda kiss etc. Oh Quasi, I want to hug you.

Well… I’m scarred for life: Frollo… just Frollo. Good grief do I even have to say why? For some reason the fact he implies to Phebus his predecessor is being TORTURED for simply being a disappointment really gets to me. (And even gives tips to the torturer)! Before that we see he chased a woman and killed her on a horse and wanted to kill a baby just because it was UGLY. He’s horrible to Quasimodo making him feel lower than an worm. And he’s willing to ‘burn down all of Paris’ to molest a woman… all while claiming he is a pious figure and better than other people and he’s on some crazed religious mission and blames the object of lust for the fact he just has NO SELF CONTROL and… oh my freakin’ god Frollo is just nightmare fuel!

(Even worse since of course people like this exist today and you know some would do the same things if in his position believing they are doing the right thing or whatever).

Favourite jokes/gags?
Phoebus is actually the best for this I think, when he’s sort of fighting with Esmerelda or going “Yes sir!” to Frollo about witnessing such a display after raising his helmet to see her better as she dances. -snorts-

Awesome quote/moment?:
Quasimodo getting Esmerelda back and saving her. And I have to admit, his realisation over his master is kind of great, though I’m glad he didn’t give the killing blow:

“No, you listen! All my life, you have told me that the world is a dark, cruel place. But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you…”

Also Phoebus for refusing to burn the cottage down. And Esmerelda… being Esmerelda I guess. She’s just great all over.

And the people rising up and not taking Frollo any more and freeing the gypsies.

Does this movie have a sequel/midquel/prequel? If so… opinions. Good or bad?
What? What sequel? It’s not like they threw together a half baked plot straight to video movie with animation which practically insults the original masterpiece just to let Quasimodo have a girl this time round or anything.

No that didn’t happen.

No, I am totally not in denial! Why should you say that? IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST. :open_mouth:

Fandom? Are you in it? Nope. But I wouldn’t be opposed to reading some fic if anyone has any recommendations. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean as long as it doesn’t acknowledge that complete and utter MYTH about there being some sequel. (Honestly some people are crazy aren’t they?)

So yeah, feel free to answer this or also comment on peoples answers, but of course, be civil.

I love HoND!! :smiley: I don’t get why people don’t… :confused:

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Best Song: Gaston
Why do the villains always get the best song? :stuck_out_tongue:

Best character: …Belle? Duh!! I just love her. She’s so relatable to me, and I think she’s wonderful. Also love Beast(Adam?)

Read the story this movie is based on if any? Opinions?
Yes, a kiddie version. Movie wins.

Has your opinion on the movie changed since you first saw it?
Well, no. I’ve only seen it twice. I couldn’t see it when I was little because my dad said it was too Feminist… :unamused:

Symbolism/Depth in my Disney?
Actually, same as HoND. See people for who they are, not what.

One annoying aspect?
YES!! When the beast turns human. He was more attractive as a beast, you know. :stuck_out_tongue: And they never said his name… :unamused: Oh!! And that I couldn’t see the movie as a kid.

I… I have something in my eye… -sniffs-:
“I love you!!”
And when he givess her the mirror and sends her off. :smiley:

Well… I’m scarred for life:
No, not really… :laughing:

Favourite jokes/gags?
"Well, there’s the usual things: flowers… chocolates… promises you don’t intend to keep… "

Awesome quote/moment?:
When Beast almost dies. :cry:

Does this movie have a sequel/midquel/prequel? If so… opinions. Good or bad?
Not that I know of…

Fandom? Are you in it?
Heck yes!! :smiley:

I think it’s the religious elements partially really. It makes people whether religious or not uncomfortable maybe for various reasons. Either way, I watched it a couple of years ago and realised it was actually great. It’s quite fantastic. It’s also one of Disney’s darker movies. (And dare I say it, most realistic? Take away the gargoyles etc. and it certainly would be). Perhaps parents feared for the kids in some areas but… well some of the risque elements flew over my head completely.

Perhaps some are like me, disliked it as a smaller kid or a kid generally but if they saw it again they might like it more now they’re a bit older? It’s a more… adult film I think than Disney usually produces. It’s pretty serious. I think that’s why I’m not keen on the gargoyles- the movie already had decent humour without them which actually fit the tone. I’m not sure they really fit. But then I guess they wanted Quasi to talk to someone else -shrugs-.

And your father thinks Beauty and the Beast is too… feminist? Why? Because Belle has more than two brain cells to rub together? Because she talks back to the beast ?(um… someone has to, the servants are kind of bad at it). Because she won’t marry Gaston? Sacre bleu!

(Would hate to hear what he thinks about Mulan then… o_0… I love that movie.)

Ah yes, Beauty and the Beast is interesting. In terms of songs I quite like ‘Be our guest’ as well as the song when Gaston and the villagers are singing about the beast and going to the castle- it’s pretty powerful. Actually this movie has a lot of good songs in general.

But I kind of think HoND has the best songs overall.


Probably 101 Dalmations for me.

I know. I should probably explain why.

Well, that’s the funny part. Mulan and Aladdin are his faves. :confused: My dad’s crazy; you’d have to talk to him to get it. :unamused:

I agree that the Gargoyles(mostly Hugo) took away from what is possibly Disney’s least “silly” animated film, but I think they were there to show how mentally and emotionally unstable Quasimodo was. I don’t know, it just seems that way, since other than Frollo, they’re the only “friends” around…

Toss-up between Dumbo and Pinocchio…I think Pinocchio is better liked, so I’ll stick with the underdog.

Movie: Dumbo.

Best Song: When I See an Elephant Fly
Oh, screw any racist implications! :slight_smile: This is one awesome song! The clever puns (which of course you appreciate more as you get older) and wonderful harmonies are what keep it going, for me.

Best character: Timothy. Dumbo himself is such an excellent character because we really sympathyze with him without him needing to speak at all (sign of great storytelling ability!), but I really love Timothy. He brings in a level of humor and heart into the film. And I can’t get enough of his voice… :laughing:

Read the story this movie is based on if any? Opinions?
Considering the short picture book that inspired it was out-of-print even in '41, I think you can guess what my answer is.

Has your opinion on the movie changed since you first saw it?
I don’t remember what my first time seeing the movie was like…I pretty much just liked it like any other Disney movie. Not my favorite at the time, though I did enjoy it.

Symbolism/Depth in my Disney?
As a child with Aspergers I think Dumbo kind of proves something for misfits and being able to use our “faults” to our advantage.

One annoying aspect?
Can’t really think of much. Well, as much as I love the Pink Elephants “Disney acid sequence”, it kind of halts the pace and more childlike tone of the movie. Another thing older kids appreciate more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I… I have something in my eye… -sniffs-:
“Baby mine, dry your eyes…”
How can anyone not cry during that scene? I feel so stifled every time I watch it. The peaceful images of child animals with their mothers is also very touching.

Well… I’m scarred for life:
Pink Elephants, and in the best way possible!! 8D

Favourite jokes/gags?
Dumboooo the great! The great what?”

Awesome quote/moment?: Oh wow. I know there was a good one I really liked, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment… :confused: Will come back to later

Does this movie have a sequel/midquel/prequel? If so… opinions. Good or bad?
I think it almost got made, but I’d rather not. Sequels, especially those by Disney are… sometimes mildly enjoyable, but for the most part distill the original. (coughcough JAWS)

Fandom? Are you in it?
There is none. :frowning:

Geoff, I adore 101 Dalmatians :smiley:

Is this survey suppose to be on one movie alone and not our favorite song, favorite joke, etc, out of all the films?

Yeah, I more so made it with sticking to questions related to the movie you pick in mind really.

But hey unless I get to it first, feel free to set up a thread with various questions for Disney in general! You might think of better questions. But feel free to take any isnpiration from the ones asked here!

…You know in relation to Dumbo, isn’t there a general Disney page? Of course, that makes things harder to navigate, which is one of ff.nets major benefits…

But maybe you could write one and hook people up!

There is an ‘other art’ thread. It wouldn’t be so bad if someone did an Animated Disney fanfic master list eventually.

Wow, Leirin. You’re so insightful!! I never thought of Dumbo relating to Asperger’s, but now that you say it, I see what you mean.

Hehe, thank you. :slight_smile: I love to overthink little things in movies… xD

Well, that’s common around here. We’re in the Looney Bin. XD

As a youngster, my favorite Disney animated films that I used to watch a lot were “Robin Hood”, the “Winnie-the-Pooh” featurettes, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Rescuers” and its sequel “The Rescuers Down Under”, “The Jungle Book”, and “101 Dalmatians”. Lately, I’ve been watching “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and it’s actually pretty good. Such an underrated Disney classic if you ask me.