Female Dogs

So we all know Charle’s has dog’s and quite a lot. But it looks like he only has male dogs. All their voices are too deep for a girl dog unless the collor dosen’t go high for some reason. If he does only have boy dogs, how does he have new dogs? He would need a boy and girl dog to have puppies of course. They can’t be the same dogs he had when he left, that was in the 30s, I also wonder what he does with the dogs that pass away. From the looks of it, he only has male dogs. What do you think?

I’m theorizing that there is a compartment on the ship where he keeps female dogs, but exclusively for breeding purposes.

I guess that sould happen. But girl dogs can fight too.

Well, yeah. But it makes sense that he’d need them only for breeding purposes, because it’s more convenient to just keep them stored in a single room on the zeppelin.

Wonder if they would have talking collors.

They would probably need to so they could communicate Muntz about their duties.

They should had some of them in the movie.

I’m sure some of them are female. And as for the voices, it doesn’t matter I think, it doesn’t prove or disprove they’re female, since the voices are determined by the collar, doesn’t necessarily prove which gender they are.

Come to think of it, I’m sure we saw some of the female dogs, they just didn’t talk/had too minor of appearances for us to really notice them. I mean, there are plenty of shots in the movie with just crowds and crowds of Muntz’s dogs, I wouldn’t be so surprised if a few female dogs were mixed in the bunch.

I wish they would of least confromed it. Like have a dog that has a crush on Dug or something.

Such an added character would be pointless to the story. And the story made it clear that Dug was an outcast, a fellow dog having a crush on him would be against that point.

Much like how Muntz’s dogs were pointless to the story (not that it matter when the story is so bad).