Finding Emo? No.

Omg…whenever I search something on Finding Nemo, i always find something that invovles “Finding Emo”. I do not like it at all. It’s like it makes fun of or just completely kills the movie. I just do not like it when people completely trash such good movies like Finding Nemo. If I were Andrew Stanton and everyone in Pixar who help make this movie, I think I would be offended in some way that their creation is completely trashed by these jerks. :angry: Haven’t you seen these before? And do you think it’s wrong to do so? Or do you think it’s just a so called ‘joke’ for popularity and entertainment for others?

I think it’s wrong. What about you?

I’ve seen them. Thing is, I find them kinda funny.

It is a good pun, and they aren’t trashing it at all. Making a little satire isn’t trashing, it’s just…making a little satire. If we’re going to get all defensive and offended whenever someone makes satire of something we love, we might as well be Twilight fans.

(No offense to Twilight fans)

I kind of agree with Rac_Rules. However, I don’t like when people get too stupid about Pixar.

Oh, I detest that joke. Not because it destroys the integrity of the film…but because it’s so grossly overused.

I swear, I ran a search for ‘Finding Nemo’ on dA and every other page had at least one of them. I just don’t find it amusing.

In my opinion, and no offense to anyone out there involved in that video, it’s a bad example of what we videomakers do.

But what’s a little spoof once in a while? This one’s not that funny, but I watch Disney spoofs now and then and get a good laugh. And you should know me well enough by now that I love Disney.

There will always be haters in this world for every last thing. The best thing is to just ignore those people. I’m pretty sure Andrew Stanton or others at Pixar would not be offended. They’re obviously not directing their films towards these people, so I don’t see why it would matter.

I’d never actually heard that pun 'til now. :laughing: I’ve just done a quick Google search and I can see what you mean- there does seem to be a lot of stuff on ‘Finding Emo’. It’s pretty funny, though what about Captain Nemo? Does he become Captain Emo? :laughing:

Mreh, it doesn’t seem like an attack on Finding Nemo or the people who made it. Rather it’s more an attack on ‘emos’. You have to admit, this urban dictionary definition is pretty funny-

'group of people who are trying to find the emo within-

those guys are finding emo


HHAHAA lizardgirl, the pun about captain emo made me crack up.

It really depends on the context of the joke in my opinion. I hate it when people tottally trash pixar movie’s because they view them as “kids movies”. They are so much more than just a kids movie, they are a work of art and I don’t find that funny.

I honestly dont care. It’s just because there’s a one letter difference between Nemo and emo. I dont think anyone had the intent to trash the movie or whatever. But even if they did, I do see it as a harmless pun. I cant say I’m offended by it.

I actually find it a bit funny, but if I saw the joke a lot while searching for Finding Nemo stuff, it would get old fast.

I don’t mind making fun of Pixar movies (something I do on a regular basis with my parody vids), as I believe as a true fan, you would be confident enough not to have your opinion of your favourite studio be affected by others. I don’t understand why people can’t have a little fun at the expense of Pixar, as long as it’s in good nature and not malicious or anything.
That said, however, that pun does get pathetic pretty fast. It’s about as cool as calling people who actually express their displeasure at something as “emo”. :wink:

I will admit, it’s kinda funny seeing recolors of Marlin titled Finding Emo. Obviously some people haven’t bothered to pay much attention to the move :stuck_out_tongue:

It is only a joke D: There is no need to be angry about that, i don´t think that joke was made to make fun of the movie, though…

Haha, I remember when that joke was floating around. Memories…

It doesn’t bother me so. I don’t think it’s hilarious, but I don’t hate it. It’s just kind of there.

It doesn’t really affect me, so I just leave it alone.

I’m surprised this hurt some people’s feelings.

I know, seriously.

It seems more like a simple play on words to cause a reaction than really racy stuff anyway. 8D

I sometimes get disappointed that so many people find harmless humor offensive.

I’m pretty sure neither Stanton nor anyone involved in the film felt attacked by jokes like that, or this one, by the way:

Probably when they see them they get a good laugh.

I agree with you. That ones actually sort of funny.