Finding Nemo coming to Blu-ray in September 2009

According to an inlay that comes with the Monsters, Inc. Blu-ray Disc that was released last week in France, although the same inlay suggests that Monsters, Inc. should have been released in May. Also, now lists the Finding Nemo Blu-ray Disc with September 8, 2009 as release date for the UK.

Why isn’t this out in the US? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Oh, okay, so not so long to wait then. Thanks for the information, markjochems!

I will be surprised if we see Nemo on Blu anywhere in the world in 2009. I’m thinking Spring 2010 is more likely…

Interesting - I wonder when it will be out in the USA or Australia, either way, i can’t wait.

Not happening. 8th September @ is a random date…

Seeing Disney animation on Blu-ray would be awesome! The resolution would kick %$# ! Too bad im not to big on spending $30 on a dvd. Ill stick to traditional dvd’s until i have to convert.

I see that you can no longer pre-order this on and the May Release date has been removed. I’m gutted. Anyone know what’s happening with this?

I’m probably being hopeful, but I see a big chance of this being the blu release that coincides with Toy Story 3’s release.

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were earlier than last years at any rate, and Cars and the shorts were released to coincide with Ratatouille’s dvd release. Wall-E didn’t have anything.

Personally, I’m not surprised, '09 had A Bug’s Life and Monster’s Inc, plus Up’s release, but this year already has TS and TS2, I’m almost shocked they didn’t release one with the theatrical release and another with the DVD, but it did include promotional material for Toy Story 3.

I would love to be surprised with an Incredibles and Finding Nemo blu ray release (I’m eagerly anticipating both, as well as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, BatB coming to blu in October!) I’m leaning more towards Finding Nemo. It’s a big enough movie to be a good holiday seller and a good companion to Toy Story 3. Then just one more to complete my hi-def Pixar collection!

Yeah, basically, I love blu-ray disc. And Disney is one of the best blu-ray producers right now.

According to Jerrod Maruyama on his Twitter, Nemo is coming out on Blu-Ray November 9, 2010 along with the Toy Story 3 DVD/Blu-Ray!

Last night I was looking on the forums and as far as what I’ve found, Ultimate Disney/ also backs up the release date that was said on the previous post.

The site states that it supposedly will come out as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

I personally believe this is a probable release date since Disney or Pixar might’ve been waiting for blu-ray technology to get better over the last few years before bringing Finding Nemo on blu-ray since the movie was really financially successful and well-liked by many out there.
But who knows 100% for sure on this North American release. Because there’s no confirmation yet from Disney on the November 9th, 2010 release date. Although it has been said that the Ultimate Disney site is found to be a usually reliable source, concerning this topic.

Wooo! Been a long while now since the last time I logged onto PP

Why doesn’t this exist yet? sobs

If The Incredibles has been announced for early 2011, that gives me the feeling that Nemo blu-ray won’t be released until fall 2011 at the earliest, perhaps with Cars 2.

Same as The Inncredibles Blu-Ray to me. Neat that it’s coming out, but it doesn’t affect me. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t afford this stuff.

I don’t own Finding Nemo, and I love it so I’m going to save up and get this!

I think it’s good that it’s been announced, especially since everyone here seems to have Blu-Ray. I almost wish I could afford BR discs and player.

I’m telling you, I ONLY bought one for the sake of watching Pixar movies on it. It’s completely gorgeous, and plus there are a lot of bonus features that aren’t on the DVDs (this goes for other animated films as well).

I really want a player just so I can access the features on The Incredibles BR. But it’s just out of the question for me. :frowning:

I know what you mean Virginia. We only have a Blu Ray because it came free with the DVD player, and we dont’ really use it bc we don’t have any Blu Rays. Just Night at the Museum II and Cars (which came for free with my brother’s PS3)

Ah, I see. I entered the TS3 sweepstakes to get the BR player and TV, but…yeah. Talk about unlikely. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember getting excited when I found out the laptop my mom bought was compatible with blu-rays. Little did I know that I needed to purchase software for $100 in order to play anything. I might as well buy a player for that much! :unamused:

But yeah… I held off on buying one for a while, but I’m really glad I got one. However, the benefits for me might not apply to others if they’re not obsessed with bonus features. Also, if you have a Netflix account, you can upgrade to receive blu-rays for a very small amount ($2 per month, and you could just do it for one month) to watch some of the special features and exclusive commentaries. I was practically peeing in my pants when I could finally experience the Ratatouille commentary. :smiley: