Finding Nemo drawing in paint

Hi, my fellow Pixar fan artists.

This is a drawing I painted in the basic Paint program you’ll find on any computer. I made it this week to show you, and I just want to say that I think there are so many talented artists here, and I think that by posting our art, we inspire each other. Just keep on drawing! Draw every day!!! Hope you like my picture.

Rebosso (Thomas R.) … 48f0_o.jpg

Hey, it really looks good. I can’t believe you did it with the Paint program, it’s too difficult to do that. But you did a great job. Please post more!

Thanks a lot. It’s not that difficult if you use the right tools. I drew after a picture I found on the web of course, but only as reference.

That’s brilliant, Rebosso, especially on such a basic programme! The colours are beautiful, and you’ve been very accurate. Nice work!

Very nice work you’ve done there. The paint work is incredible. :wink:

Thank you.

I guess I’m no longer the Paint King, but that’s okay, because this BMP is amazing! You’re sure this was done [b]entirely[/i] in MS Paint? :open_mouth:

Thanks. Yes, it was done entirely in MS Paint.

If you can draw by hand, you can do exactly the same in paint (almost). Just use the right tools, in other words, NOT THE PAINT BRUSH, which I know a lot of people use, but that’s impossible with a mouse. Use the line thingy which you can bend and bow. Find a picture, draw a quick sketch of it in grey, and then go into detail once you have nailed the shape of the characters and background.


Oh, the Curve tool! I’ll have to try that sometime with a Ratatouille screenshot.

Thanks, Rebasso! :wink:

Dude, that was all in paint? I swore that i thought it was from the movie! Excellent job dude!

My word. You composed that magnificent piece by way of the Paint program? I am astounded…

Wonderful craftsmanship, Rebosso! I applaude you. :smiley:

– Mitch

Wow, someone’s a master of the dreaded Paint program! Well done! I would never have the patience for that. I like how Marlin turned out, especially.

I was happy with Marlin, as well. I put more effort in making his shadows and such than I did on Dory’s, so I guess that was the key. Thanks.


Dude, you should seriously draw somemore Nemo drawings in paint! That would be so cool.