Fish Tank Gang Or Ray's Student?

What would you rather be, a member of the Tank Gang or a Student Of Ray’s and why? I would rather be a student of Ray’s because I have a fear of being with Darla XP

I’d like to be one of Ray’s students because

  1. I love knowledge! And school (nerd!)
  2. I like to sing! Singing is fun, and he makes his lessons interesting
  3. You get to explore the ocean with a Ray! How chill is that? Way more awesome than being stuck in a tank.

As much as the Tank Gang are very cool, I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a fish tank all the time. Being a student of Mr. Ray’s would mean learning lots about the ocean and being free to see the sights!

I like Gill’s gang, but at least when I’m with Mr Ray, I am free to explore.

I would like to be in the Tank Gang better because I like the characters better.

The Tank Gang are pretty cool, and it would be funny to see the dentist working away at the screaming patients :laughing:

But I’d prefer being one of Mr Ray’s students as:

  1. You get to glide through the open ocean freely while singing songs to your heart’s content
  2. You can make friends of your age and share secrets with them
  3. You get to see all the wonderful colours of the coral reef/ sea life
  4. I’d feel a lot safer with a teacher and other students, whereas in the fish tank there’d be this fear of Darla killing you.

In the wild, there’s always the fear of a barracuda (among other things) killing you. So the question is, what do you fear more…Darla or a barracuda? Me, I’d be half-tempted to take my chances with the barracuda. :laughing:

But I think the Tank Gang are just adorable, particularly Bubbles, and to be honest, I think I’d fit in a lot better with their neurotic ilk than I would any of the wild fishes. I suppose it all depends on where you came from. Since most of the Tank Gang were born in captivity, Gill and Nemo are the only ones who can truly appreciate the loss of freedom.

As awesome as exploring the open ocean with Mr. Ray sounds, I would actually rather be with the Tank Gang. Even though I would be confined with no freedom, the characters are just awesome! They’re the type people—er, aquatic creatures—that you could hang out with for hours on end without getting even the slightest bit bored.

Tank gang before or after they escape?

If before, definitely I’d wanna be with Mr. Ray’s school. They are in such a pretty area and it’d be so fun to explore it!

After the escape, though… probably still with Mr. Ray.

I would defiantly prefer to be a member of the Tank Gang. It seems to me that they have alot more fun. Although Mr. Rays classroom is free roaming, it is a school. The Tank Gang has no rules, so they would have more fun.

Wow you guys are so interesting, you’re giving good ideas that can help someone reading this topic persuade you go with Ray or the Tank Gang lol :L

I’d choose the Tank Gang if that includes after the escape… and after finding out how to get out of the plastic bags. If not including this, than Mr. Ray’s class, because:

  1. I’d be afraid of Darla
  2. his lessons seem to be fun
  3. I like learning new things

But then again I couldn’t really decide because I think both are fun to hang out with. Maybe the Tank Gang should hang out with Mr. Ray’s class? I would like see that^^

Spend the day with Bob Peterson, or live an eternity in a claustrophobic glass jar with the never-ending fear of being murdered by a demented little girl and with only Gil to keep my sanity intact… Tank it is! :unamused: sarcasm

I think I’d rather be part of the Tank Gang. I wouldn’t really wanna spend my mornings listening to that confusing yet awesome song all morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather be with the Tank Gang, they’re going to get out anyway (if you catch them at the right time), and it would be interesting for me to talk to Gill, he’s so full of wisdom and understanding!

I’m still with the tank gang. I don’t really like Mr. Ray’s students…

K9girl, I <3 your signature!!

Probably one of the Tank Gang. But its not totally a fair assessment since the Tank Gang had more screen time and more fleshed out characters. But it just seems like I’d have a better time with them. Plus the Tank Gang are all adults and Ray’s class are all children.

Tough call.
Mr. Ray is pretty awesome, and he kind of reminds me of my current homeroom teacher. So that would be fun.
On the other hand, I think I would fit in better as part of the fish tank gang, because I find it hard to make and keep friends my own age, and the gang is all adults. Neurotic adults. 8D

So I’m not totally sure.

Hmm… the fishtank members are really cool! but i think i wanna be a Student of Mr. Ray.
I love the part of the ocean where Mr. Ray is swimming, it’s a better view than a dentist chair :laughing:

Ooh, this really is a tough question. Mr. Ray seems like a pretty fun teacher, and it would be nice being surrounded by kids of your same age- I love how goofy and varied The Tank Gang is, though. They kinda remind me of the more immature college students you sometimes meet. 8D