FOA's Non-Pixar Art

Hey guys!
I’ve been thinking of making a thread to show my art for a while, but I never had the time til now. I will warn you though, I am VERY bad at drawing. Like, bad on an epic level. Don’t expect anything special. Now we’ve got that out the way, let’s start off with two Lana Del Rey signatures…

I also have a rough 10 minute drawing of Rouge the Bat from Sonic the Hedgehog. I can do much better than this. It didn’t turn out great, so be gentle! I might add colour, I don’t know!

Just a quick update. Here’s a cute little scene between my OTP of Total Drama, Leshawna and Alejandro!
I’m actually (mostly) happy with how this one turned out…

All comments and critiques are really appreciated. Thanks! :nerd: