For the Birds

Yea, it pretty much depends on whose point-of-view you

see it from. :mrgreen:

[size=92]Hey, have you ever noticed that the birds in this short film are in the movie Cars? You can

see them during Life Is A Highway, when the camera is passing the telephone lines and you momentarily see those

same birds sitting on the wire and cheeping. I paused it at that point, and they’re definitely the same birds.


Yeah. I noticed that. In fact, when that part in Life Is

A Highway chapter, when I first saw the birds, they automaticly popped into my mind.

Heheh – yeah, I saw the birds the second time I watched

Cars. My sister had to point them out to me, as all I heard were these weird,

high-pitched “squeaks” when the camera flashed by. :laughing:

What instruments/tools did they use to get the bird


As far as I’m aware, they just used normal dog toys with

squeakers in them. :laughing: Cheap, but effective.

Heheh – that’s what I thought they were. Squeaky toys

just seemed like the best solution. :smiley:

I know this is rather off-topic, but in the second disc of the

A Bug’s Life dvd, there is a clip/video in there somewhere in which the animators

explain the different types of sounds they used for the film – they ranged anywhere from kazoos for the queen’s

pet aphid…to helicopters for the beat of the grasshoppers’ wings. It’s really quite interesting.

Each bird had a different squeaking sound. I

would imagine they would have to get and use a variety of squeaking toys.

Tweakin a squeak wouldn’t be too hard wit

all the tech toys Pixar have at hand. :wink: :mrgreen:

I lvoe

this Short! It’s right up there with One Man Band and Geri’s Game…I just can’t choose!!!
I like their

millisecond cameo in Cars, too. :smiley:

Also, same here

I don’t think it was supposed to have a moral. But I love this short! LOL every time. I’ve heard one person say that the big dopey bird was too dopey for his liking. :laughing:

For The Birds is my favourite Pixar short, just love to watch it every time.

I can see. You got it for a siggy. Any detailed reason why you love it?

I bet the birds in it are somehow related to those pesky gulls in Nemo :wink:

zada: You see it too? :wink: Well, maybe not exactly related, but just put them together and you got an annoying bird sound mix.

As for the moral, I think it represents real life in a way. After all, people have been made fun of just because they’re different. And if you don’t let them get to you, and act like they’re just “squeaking” ( :laughing: ) you might be in a better mood.

That short is one of my favorites. It makes me laugh all the time.

I agree with bright dot-dasher on this one- the moral is simply, don’t make fun of those that are different to you, because what goes around comes around. Or something like that.

I was watching the Incredibles second disc DVD last night, and I noticed that one of the tiny “For the Birds” birdies makes an appearance. In the Incredibles sock puppets, the birdie plays the role of the omnidroid.

Basically, I just like the short.
I also like the meaning in it aswell and the animation.

Best Pixar short to date. Funny as heck. I almost passed out from laughing. They even made a brief cameo in Cars.

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