Four Harry Potter actors set to star in Brave!

OK, so I was just snooping around some random websites when I came across this: [url][/url]
This should get interesting. This is probably the first piece of Brave news I have actually even paid attention to, because usually I’m like, “Meh, okay…”

There always seems to be a Harry Potter reunion going on! :smiley: I can’t wait to see them in this, it combines two of my favorite things!

Great! + Patrick Doyle (Harry Potter and the goblet of fire) I can’t wait to see this movie!

There are so many famous actors in the Harry Potter series, that this has happened a lot of times.

Watch movies like Sense and Sensibility and Sweeney Todd, just to name a couple.

I hate for them to be typecasted as Harry Potter actors though. They’re more than that, they’re fantastic actors.

I love Emma Thompson, and Robbie Coltrane should be a delight as usual.

Exactly, they’re all legendary actors, so they usually pop in most movies, specially when set in Britain.

Well, I knew there were 2, but 4 is a lot. That’s pretty coll I guess. Coincidences for the win! Or maybe one recommended the others.

Well, most of them knew each other from before, mostly from theater.

So, maybe one was cast, then recommended the others for roles that suited them. :slight_smile:

My favorite is Hadrig’s actor.

Wow, that’s awesome news! I can’t wait to hear their voices in Brave! Come on Summer 2012!

Oh come on guys, the series had about every notable British actor of our time in it… :unamused:
Not that I aint excited!

Yeah, that’s what I said 8D

I’m just happy we have so many British actors in Brave, rather than Americans using accents. Makes it feel more authentic. I’m sure all of them will do a lovely job.

I was watching Topsy Turvy, another of those films I mentioned that, for having a distinguished British cast, shares several of its actors with Harry Potter.

It’s probably easier to write a list of notable Brit actors who weren’t in the films. And the ones I can think of are either fairly niche actors (Simon Pegg or Benedict Cumberbatch, for example), or fairly new actors.
I’m actually most interested in hearing Craig Ferguson. How many people voice characters in both a Pixar and a DreamWorks film in the space of 3 years? I actually can’t think of any other actors to voice for both studios but I’m sure there are actors and i’m not thinking hard enough :mrgreen:

^ John Goodman was in Bee movie.

I can’t wait to see how well we see Emma Thompson, i’ve seen her in many films and always enjoy her work. She has such a cheerful and yet gloomy English accent. It really sticks out at you. If that makes sense :neutral_face:

From the trailers ,her scottish accent doen’t sound that great IMO