Has anyone else seen the new movie Frankenweenie? It’s kind of like the Frankenstein movies, but it’s about a boy and his dog. I really liked it.

If you saw it, what were your favorite characters and scenes?

I liked the teacher Mr. Ryzkruski the best, my favorite parts were [spoil]when one of the boys gets rolled into cloth and falls in that coffin thing, and when one of them (I think the same one) goes into the big tomb to find his pet, and it ends up being this tiny little animal. 8D[/spoil]

I haven’t seen this film yet. But it has been nominated for a BAFTA for Best Animated Film. Anyone who’s seen it think it will be nominated for an Oscar?

Does anybody know how many movies will be nominated for best animated picture this year? I think this movie has a chance. I think Brave and Wreck-It Ralph with also be nominated. I still haven’t seen this movie. It came out on home video yesterday. If I had some extra money I would buy it.

I was in the newsroom, and I overheard Wreck-It-Ralph and Brave being nominated on the TV (but the screen wasn’t facing me and I was busy subbing stories). Didn’t hear Frankenweenie, though? I haven’t watched the film, but I’d be terribly disappointed if it didn’t get a nod.

I bought mine last night. I’m really excited to see it again.

The entertainment editor at my paper gave me a Frankenweenie shirt, it’s freakin’ adorable. I’ll see if I have a pic.

Also, I’ve reached home and I discovered that Weenie did indeed get a Best Animated Ghetto nod! Well, well, well, Academy, colour me impressed. Now I really want to see it (I’m still kicking myself for not supporting it in cinemas).

I didn’t know that the Oscar nominations were announced! I haven’t seen one article on the Internet about them.

They were announced this morning, I believe.

How that it’s nominated, I’m definitely going to seek this film out.

I liked this movie. It wasn’t my favorite animated film of 2012 but I am glad it’s getting critical acclaim and award nods!