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When was the last time the “Upcoming Events” thing was updated?

I have no clue…it was like that when i arrived last year. :laughing:

I have no idea.

I was also wondering why they haven’t added the new films and shorts in the Feature Films, Short Films part.

I was going to create a thread for the following matter, but I think I’ll post here since it’s related.

You know the banner that cycles through the various Pixar movies and feature a related tagline/quote that starts with “Because…”? (Like “Because we found Nemo”, “Because we got fancy with the spices”, etc.) How come there isn’t one for Wall-E? :question:

If any admin/mod is reading this, I’m interested in suggesting a few taglines. :wink:

The last time it was updated was obviously around Halloween, because it still displays an announcement of the winner of a Pumpkin Carving contest! :unamused: Someone should really stay on top of that page … and if the people previously assigned to do so are incapable, they should pass on the responsibility to someone who will. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s my humble opinion, anyways…

TDIT: Taglines sound like fun! Don’t take all the ideas… I have a few up my sleeve, lol. :wink: Maybe we could do it together…? Just an idea, anyhow… :unamused:

little chef

Really sorry about this guys.

Don’t worry, we know of the issue and are working hard on getting this fixed.