Frozen (The Snow Queen)

This is the second time they have done this. First Rapunzel into Tangled and now The Snow Queen into Frozen. I don’t think PATG failed because it had the word “Princess” in it. I think it was because it was 2D.

Just to clear things up, it didn’t bomb. It did ok at the box office grossing $269 million out of a $105 million budget. But like you said I also think the word “Princess” may have turned off a lot of boys from seeing the movie. That and also the film was released a week before avatar, which as we all know would go on to be the highest grossing film of all time.

I mean it failed in Disney’s eyes.

Frozen. Really? The Snow Queen is a great title!

I wonder if I can come up with one word, gender neutral titles for other Disney films. Chicken Little is Cluck, The Emperor’s New Groove is Kuzco, Beauty and the Beast is Beastly (oops, already been done!), The Little Mermaid is Fin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is Quasi, The Princess and the Frog is Bayou, Lilo & Stitch is Ohana or some other common Hawaiian word, Sleeping Beauty is Slumber, 101 Dalmatians is Woof… I could keep going.

Also, wasn’t there a recently released horror thriller named Frozen?

The Little Mermaid could of been called Beached, as a Disney exect said.

They would say Snow White is Apple and Tarzan is In ther Jungle.

Those would all be horrible titles!

Were you guys more excited for PATF or this?

Defintely tPatF.

Mainly because it was set in New Orleans and had a score by Randy Newman. Also I’m not too excited for tSQ- yet. Once there’s more concept art and details I probably will be more stoaked.

I wonder whether this will be hand drawn or in CGI.

I like this story, but I’ve seen so many versions I feel this has been done already.

At least it has lots of potential for beautiful artwork. I hope they don’t waste it.

I haven’t seen any version of it. I would prefer if Disney did hand-drawn animation for this. It’d be nice if they just went back and forth between the two types of animation. Personally, I would have preferred to see Tangled traditionally animated, especially since the painterly look didn’t really turn out. Flipping through Glen Keane’s sketches for The Art of Tangled, I’m amazed at the character that comes through, and yet that same feeling isn’t achieved through computer animation.

Here’s a list of adaptations: … television

I particularly remember the one with a white hared Bridget Fonda, but I saw a lot of foreign ones when I was a child.

I was excited for PATF because 2D was coming back. Now it is back and I’m getting used to it again.

Though PATF was good, I don’t like it’s main plot, so I wasn’t exited about it.

I admit the plot wan’t the best. But I was still happy about 2D, Brother Bear was the last film I saw in theaters because Home on the Range is when I started to lose faith in Disney. I think that’s the main reason I swithed to Pixar.

I really hope they use Hand Drawn animation for this. If they do, this could end up being one of the most gorgeous looking films that the studio has ever produced.

According to this article, Frozen will be CG, not hand-drawn: … handdrawn/

FFFFFFFFF…. Oh well at least if it has the feel of hand drawn like Tangled did I’ll be fine.