Gemini's Graphics

There’s a story behind this first signature I post in Pixar Planet forums. Heck, there’s an entire fan fiction.

“I despise my childhood. I have immense hatred for the fiends who hurt the innocents. I swear, I must eliminate every single one of them.”

“The only way to defeat them is to strengthen yourself. Upon becoming an official Super, in everyone’s eyes, I became a cold, ruthless crusader.”

“Justice requires courage… and the blood of many.”

“Do you believe in justice?”

  • Violet Parr, NSA Major Crime Unit Chief Officer.

Expect more promos and more introductory speeches to come soon.

Only here at Pixar Planet forums, your No. 1 place for adventure, suspense and justice.

Wow! Looks like you’re off to a good start! :slight_smile:

Thanks, woody. :slight_smile: I do hope to do better in the future, but in the end, it’s all in the name of fun… and justice.

Do you believe in justice? :wink: