Gene Wilder dies

The Candyman could. … oks-comedy

He took many, many people to a world of Pure Imagination.

R.I.P. :cry:

I finished work last night and checked my phone and this was the first thing I saw across social media. I am devastated :frowning:

Yeah. I’m guessing that there were loads of memes around, then…? :-\

There were. He was such a great actor, he wil be missed.

Speaking of Gene Wilder and his role in the movie as Willy Wonka, has anyone watched that Pixar tribute video with the song “Pure Imagination” playing in the background? There’s also a popular Willy Wonka meme that’s been going around the Internet for quite some time now. Not that I’m trying to get us off-topic or anything, but I just wanted to point those out…okay?

Yeah, that’s cool.

Going to pop in the 40th anniversary edition of Young Frankenstein that’s in my Blu-ray collection later this weekend as tribute.

Here’s what turned out to be the last late-night talk show appearance by Wilder on Conan O’Brien’s Late Night: … interview/