General "WALL-E" BOOM! Comic discussion thread

Since there’s only two threads dealing with the first two issues of the WALL•E comic series released by BOOM!, I’ve decided to make a general thread for all eight of the comics, and the paperback bound editions, “Recharge” and “Out There”.

So the question is now… has anyone read the full comic series? I’m not going to post any spoilers right now, but it was really well done. Especially the second volume (the last 4 comics). I’d like to hear your thoughts. :wink:

Aw man, I want to read the WALL-E graphic novels so crazy bad!! But I want to read at least one from the library before I buy one. Though knowing that you enjoyed them is good to know! Because I see myself very easily giving into buying all the Pixar graphic novels anyway :slight_smile:

WALL-E’s comics were fun! All of the Pixar ones are.

I never did get to read any of the Pixar comic series but I occasionally passed by them…
I am particularly interested in this series though. I just wish comic book stores were less scarce around here :frowning:

My advice on the older Pixar comics, get them before they’re gone. BOOM’s not publishing Pixar franchises anymore. Marvel is, and who knows if Marvel will redo these.

hoards every single issue and trade paperback of this series

Oooh, Marvel took over? Makes sense. Any news on a new WALL-E series?

Haven’t seen any Marvel WALL-E news. Or any Marvel Pixar. Last set was Toy Story.